Chapter 1:

"Welcome to Audrey High. 105 years ago Audrey Elizabeth Bank founded this beautiful school for smart, privileged kids, like you."

I sat hunched on the wooden benches listening to my new principle joyfully tell us, the students, the history of this school. My fellow student body, which consists of around 360 kids from grade seven to twelve, sit around me listening to the same speech.

"Audrey was a smart women that didn't need a mans help. She was a teacher, dentist, ballerina, horseback rider, and a mom. We hope that we can raise you all to accomplish great things, like Audrey did." Mrs. Newton continues.

"This school has few rules, which are to be followed without fault. Here at Audrey High we expect you all to respect this property, the teachers and fellow students. You must attend all class, arriving on time is mandatory. Your curfew every weeknight is 11 pm. You are to be in your dorm by then." Everyone groans, although I don't think much of this. Back at home my parents made me come home by nine-thirty. "Breakfast is at seven-thirty on weekdays, nine on weekends. Lunch is at twelve everyday, while dinner is at six 'o clock. Your class schedules are in your mailboxes, located in front of your dorms."

I look to my right and see a boy, who looks at least 300 pounds, strangling himself for his friends amusement. The two, skinnier boys, surrounding him laugh like it's the funniest thing in the world. "Something funny, Patrick?" Mrs. Newton stops and asks. The boy's - to the right of fatty - face turns bright red and he shakes his head.

"Good. Now, like I was saying, attending meals is not mandatory, there is a snack room beside the cafeteria, where you can get snacks at any time. Well, I think that's everything. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, or any other staff member of this school."

Everyone starts to get up to leave, but then Mrs. Newton puts up her hand, to stop us. "Oh! Wait, I'm sure you all want to here about the annual 'Back to School' dance!" She squeals in excitement, you would think she was the one going to the dance.

Everyone hoots and hollers, while the new kids wait patiently for an explanation. "Its this Saturday at seven, it will end at eleven." Mrs. Newton announces, "So boys, hurry and ask the girl you want, you've only got five days!" Now I start to panic. We have to get a boy to ask us? Oh man, oh man, oh man. I don't even know if I will have friends by then! How can I guarantee I can get a guy to ask me? I better start to mingle.

Audrey High looks like a very snobby, spoiled, rich school. It pretty much is. All the teachers wear suits and the women have their hair in buns. The men carry briefcases and have stripped ties. The lawn is perfectly mowed and the flowers are delicately pruned.

I feel intimidated yet, at the same time, excited.

I feel intimidated because I feel as if I don't fit in. I'm not spoiled or rich and I sure hope I'm not snobby. I don't have all the expensive name brands and my parents aren't business people, or actors. My dad is a garbage man and my mom works at McDonalds.

I am excited because I got to leave my stupid, clingy, ex-boyfriend, who wont stop calling me. I got to leave the school bitch, Tanya. She thinks she's better than everyone. She is not. I'm also excited I got to leave my annoying, self-centred, bad excuse of a father. I hope he got hit by a car. Better yet a truck. A 5,000 semi truck going 100 miles per hour. Twice.

Jim Stanley, my dad, cheated on my mom for three whole years before she even found out. Of course, my mom filed for divorce that day. It was fine by me, I mean; he deserves consequences for his actions, right? Then one day, about six months ago, at the end of the divorce, my dad came up to me. "Look, Isabelle. Now that your mom and I are officially divorced I realized how tied down I was with you and her before. I don't really want that anymore. I think from now on, your just going to stay with your mother. Don't bother visiting, or calling. I won't answer." He said.

A part of me died. He was a great dad, before. He was nice, and funny, and sweet and full of love. We were really close. I don't know what happened to him since then, but it isn't good.

Him telling me that wasn't even the worst part. The worst part is that I had to walk away from my own father, for the last time, and see the satisfied smile on his face as he realized I wasn't going to beg him for another chance.

So for the whole summer I lived with my mom. It was really tough. My mom and I are kinda close. I mean we talk, but not like I did with my dad.

Plus, my mom lost everything in the divorce, so that made it extremely hard to not wish I were with my father. My dad got a good lawyer, which helped him take everything from my mom. Even though he had no right to any of it.

It was his fault that this divorce was happening anyways.

So my mom was low on cash, she could hardly pay for her food and apartment, let alone me.

My aunt offered to pay for my stay here, so that my mom wouldn't have the burden, I guess.

I'm not one of those kids that have no self-esteem, the ones that think nobody loves them. I know my mom loves me. Maybe even my dad, deep down. I have aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins. They love me. I have a few friends back at home, who love me. Alex, my ex-boyfriend, still loves me. Unfortunately.

I just hope that people, at this school, will love me to.