12. Insanity

I don't know who I am anymore; I've spent so long as everybody else. I see things I shouldn't know, things I have no way of knowing. I haven't known my name in a very long time, but I think the other people call me the Dreamer. It makes sense, I suppose. I spend more time Dreaming than I do Awake. I've seen the lives of those on the shores of distant oceans, the deaths in the building next to mine.

I remember bits of my own life, but every piece begins to fade the longer I dream. I used to be a normal child, I guess. Wavy blonde hair, blue eyes wide with the innocence of childhood. Brief glimpses of other places while I slept, but nothing to be concerned about. As I got older, those glimpses came more and more often, more real than my own life.

Some people think I'm insane, that maybe with some kind of medication, I'll be 'normal.' They don't know that to me, this is normal. People think because I don't see things the same way they do, there's something wrong with me. Something fixable.

I make people nervous, afraid. I used to be afraid, but I've Seen what comes. I'm not afraid any more.