I got up early the next morning, wanting to make an effort with my appearance for the first time in a while. I took the time to curl my hair and put makeup on. The bubbly feeling from the day before hadn't passed, and I found myself walking with a grin plastered on my face.

At 8:30 exactly, someone knocked on the door. I answered it and all but jumped into Kiyoshi's arms. I heard his laugh, the sound travelled straight to my heart and making my smile grow even bigger, if that was possible.

We left the house in silence, there was no need for conversation, being together in silence was enough. We got to the crossing, not an official crossing, but people knew to slow down there.

I stepped off the pavement and onto the road. In just a tenth of a second, everything slowed down. I could see everything: a fly buzzing past my face: the first drop of water as a cloud burst, and a car coming towards me.

I tried to run, move from the spot that would probably be where I would fall, the life knocked from me. I was stuck; totally paralysed. My heart pounding in my chest, the blood rushing loudly through my ears, the breath frozen in my lungs.

I braced myself for the impact I was about to feel. When it came, I wasn't ready. The car was still a few feet away, and it came from the wrong direction. I fell sideways and landed on the hard road.

I remained there until I could feel someone shaking me.

As I opened my eyes and sat up, I realised that I felt no pain. Was I dead? No, that couldn't be right; people were looking at me and speaking to me. I was trying so hard to work out what happened, when I saw a group of people standing around something.

I got up and pushed through the growing crowd, freezing when I saw the centre of attention. I ran forward and fell onto my knees next to Kiyoshi.

Tears rolled quickly from my eyes and over my cheeks as I took in his appearance. A trickle of blood ran down his chin from his parted lips, more covered my hands where I held his head on my lap.

My knees stung from where I had fallen against the road, I didn't care. Kiyoshi now lay in my arms and, if not for the blood, I would have believed him to be asleep, but I knew he wasn't going to wake up. I would never see his warm chocolate eyes again, or feel his fingers lightly caress my skin.

The screech of sirens nearby caused a path to form in the sea of people around us. Someone's hands on my arms forced me to stand. I turned and looked at my Uncle's face.

He knelt down, next to Kiyoshi, with his partner. A minute later, he stood up and turned to me. His expression told me everything and, even though the outcome was not a surprise to me, fresh tears stung my eyes and the sobs echoing through my chest, shook my whole body. I felt empty.

I fell next to Kiyoshi, pulling him into my arms and holing him against my chest, rocking backwards and forwards. "No," I screamed, "you can't leave me, not know." In a second, my voice dropped to a whisper, "please, please…not now."

Someone wrapped their arms around my shoulders. I shrugged them off and lay Kiyoshi back on the ground. With one final kiss, I got up and ran.

When I reached my destination, I ran up the path to the front door. I started banging on it until someone answered. When Iruka saw me, worry instantly flooded his features.

I stepped over the threshold and fell into his arms. The tears wouldn't stop coming as I tried to tell him what happened. When he finally understood me, tears rolled silently over his cheeks. I allowed him to lead me into the front room.

I sat on the sofa, Iruka next to me, his arm around my shoulders. He held my tight against him as I sobbed into his chest.

When there were no tears left, he cleaned up my knees and covered me with a blanket on the sofa, before leaving to call Claire and tell her where I was.

About ten minutes, the doorbell rang. From what I could hear, it was the police.

I closed my eyes; wishing death would come claim me instead. The front door closed and I heard Iruka come into the room. He came over to me and kissed my cheek, his skin was damp from tears, and silent sobs shook his body.

Tiredness overwhelmed me, and I gave into it, hoping that when I woke up, I'd realise this was all just some twisted nightmare my consciousness had created. I fell into the darkness, wishing I could forget…