A little sleep.

Verse 1:

If sometimes your phone rings…
You know who crosses the line,
well, can you hear the silence?

It's creepy and maybe pathetic,
I put down before making a sound,
you know the voice of my heartbeat.


You better know this right now,
last night and every fucking night,
I can't give me a little sleep cos
I always think of you as much as
if you aren't real how in my mind.

Verse 2:

You're a bitch that kills me softly,
why do you think I need you?
To be honest I don't care if you
leave me here bleeding away,
I put down my feels and tears,
I SAY happy birthday TO ME.

Chorus: ……….


I just started dating you in order to forget him,
I can say, you can know, you're a substitute,
I mean, not even he knows but….
Nobody's loved like he did, that's why
………………. I'm sorry.

Chorus: ………….