Luke led a normal life up until he got into a fight with a school bully. the bully got a number of good hits in ,but for some reason, Luke mostly shrugged off the blows. he also seemed to be able to hit the bully back more than twice as hard as he took it. This was very strange because, Luke had never worked out a day in his life. it was now six years since then, and for some reason Luke was even tougher and stronger than he'd ever been before.

Rose had led a pretty a normal life, but one day she found she had a certain ability The ability to heal, but it came at a price, whatever wounds she healed, she would manage to acquire the wounds she would heal, but along with this gift she would be able to heal at a faster than the average human could. She had lately healed a man that a wound to the belly, and now she had the stab wound, but it would be healed very soon, sooner than the average person. She tried to stay away from people as a whole, because she knew this ability could be taken advantage of by many. Her life was about to change in more ways than she expected.

Luke had become very full of himself and a little too brave for his own good, he would often pick fights just to show that he was stronger than everyone else. one day, he'd gotten in a fight with a gang member who stabbed him multiple times with a knife. while the cuts were not nearly as deep as they would've been for a normal person, they were still bad. When Luke hit the ground, the gang member walked away to let Luke bleed to death.

Rose had been around the corner, when she witnessed the man being stabbed, when the assailants fled the scene, she went over to him. She never could walk away from someone who needed help after all. A bright light emanated from her hands as she placed it just about the wound, she began to absorb the wound, healing the man. However, now his wound had become her wound. She grabbed at the sight of it, feeling the pain, she ran off in the opposite direction in pain, even though she knew the wound would be healed in a short amount of time.

Luke got up in a slight daze, he could've sworn that someone had just taken his wounds and ran off. Still slightly dizzy, Luke ran in the direction that the gang member went. Luke got the drop on him, and knocked him cold.

"Nobody hurts me and gets away with it!" he shouted. He then walked back to see if he'd actually dreamed being wounded or not.
Rose was holding her wound, but as she looked down it began to heal as if it had never been there. "Man, that hurts every time." she said to herself.

Thinking to herself she walked away seeming to be ungrateful. She walked away, hoping no one else saw what she had done, but she would soon find out someone did.

Luke managed to catch up with someone who looked like the person he thought he'd seen. Never having much of the social graces of others, he grabbed her by the shoulder and forced her to turn around. he was holding her much harder than he needed to. "Who the hell are you? and why did you..." He trailed off as he noticed that her shirt was stained, but the stains were much too small for the wounds to still be open.

"My name is Rose, and let me go, you dunderhead neanderthal!" she said as she tried to walk away, but something compelled her to stay. Rose was concerned, she tried to help and he just seemed so ungrateful for what she had done.
"Rose' is it? Why did you interfere with *my* fight? Did you want some glory or something? What makes you think I wanted your help?" Luke shouted, he'd never had to thank anyone, and didn't really know how.
"Did you ever stop to think I was trying to help, you don't even know what I did, I should have known better." Rose grumbled and refused to make eye contact.
"Help? You wanted to help? You stole my honor! I could've died in peace, but you had to save my life! What did you hope to gain?"
"I wasn't trying to steal anything, now let me go before I scream, and believe me I can scream. If it hadn't been for me, you would have bleed to death." Rose said angrily.
"I know that! nobody ever gives something away, nobody. There had to be something you wanted. don't deny it!"
"I have always done something without giving anything away, there is nothing I want more than to not be here." Rose said as she tried to push him away.
"...Why would you do something without wanting something in return? It doesn't make sense."
"Because I have the ability to do something far better than punch someone in the face!" Rose said
"If you have it, why not use it? What else is being strong and tough good for?" Luke had loosened his grip considerably.
"Forget it, you just won't get it." she said as she managed to get free from his grip as she began to run off in the opposite direction.
"Hey, wait a minute! come back here!" Luke said, giving chase. "Nobody runs from me!"

She continued running as fast as she could, she had been running for several miles. Finally, she had to stop, panting out of breath, trying to catch her breath. Luke had a high endurance, and kept up with Rose easily, and after she stopped, he was just getting warmed up.

"Is that all you got?" he asked, watching her panting from exhaustion. "What's the matter? can't run any further?" Luke wanted to apologize, but he didn't know how.
She had stopped for a reason, a woman on the side of the road, was unconscious with many wounds to show. Running over, she placed her hands over the wounds and light again began to emanate from her hands as she healed the woman. The wounds begin to echo in her once again...
"AAH!" she said as she held her side, as blood began to pour out.

Luke just stood there, shocked beyond words. she'd done it again! It blew his mind how someone could do something like that and not expect anything. He tried to speak, but he couldn't form words.