I live it the land of difference

Where 'god' and 'ala'

Seem to be synonymous with hatred

Cuz I'm fighting wars with serpents

And eating my own tail

I have been caught into this cycle

Grinding up this bible

To lace my cigarettes with it

Sacred smoke, believing I can speak

With ashes falling out of my mouth

Ashes of angel wings,

But I am god's advocate

And I fight holy wars because of it.

I look across borders

And it appears that I'm looking in the mirror.

We spend hours like this

Trying to find some sort of distinction

None, so we kill for freedom anyway.

And I died shamefully at the mercy of my own god

While you laughed

While you laughed and said you were a martyr

Killing to the tee

Uninspired by your Father's law

Persecution our own lives

Sacrificing myself for sitting in a bus station

At 2 am and hearing gun shots in ym head

Making my way through the sphinx riddle streets of my brain

And whoring myself out

To whatever god who comes along

That has bullets with him

Dripping in my own blood

Willing to sacrifice myself for the

Words I heard in opium dens

Words like salvation

And freedom

Words that come second nature to me

In Ireland, Berlin, Palestine, Iraq.

I become the willing victim

Of every holy land ever written

On my spine

This body, murdering itself into sainthood

Killing my children because they pray eastward.

And blowing up Eden

With bombs made out of hatred and hymns

My war basks in my own religion

Toppling columns of sand onto sinners

You lock up virtue in your heart.

While I revel in my own sins

Staring at portraits of myself on crosses

And wishing I was torn apart.