"Alice! Pay attention" Alice jerked her head up as she felt the teachers glare attempting to singe her to brave the teacher's daggers, she lifted her gaze from her note book, to stare at her history teacher.

Miss Knuckles was a scary woman.

Extremely short, Alice only had to lift her eyes about a foot before she could look her teacher in the face. Even though she was short, she could strike fear into the tallest mans heart. She had a sharp bob haircut, which was a badly coloured blonde and her half moon glasses looked innocent enough. Except when she took them off to hit her students.

Like Alice.

A sharp pain hit her head as the evil woman struck her with the pointy glasses which she claimed she needed for reading. Every pupil who she had ever taught knew this was a blatant lie. After a few second with her eyes closed, expecting another hit, Alice opened them. Miss knuckles had one hand on her hip, the other swinging her weapon carelessly. "Yes?" Alice asked innocently. A clawed hand reached forward and grabbed the note book which Alice had been quietly scribbling in. Figuring it would be best to not fight back against this particular teacher, she didn't argue. It wouldn't surprise her is miss knuckles decided to bite her head off and spit it out again. "Ew…" Alice murmured; pulling a face.

"I would appreciate it, Miss Lloyd, if you did not write poetry in my lessons." Miss knuckles said, throwing the notebook back onto the desk.

Her room could have been any teenager's room. Anyone who lived alone. Plan white walls, light beach floor boards and a simple bed. Alice sighed as she dropped her bag onto the floor with a heavy clunk. A normal person would do homework, then eat, perhaps go on msn or watch TV. However Alice wasn't normal, she blamed her parents for screwing her up.

"Mom! Dad! I'm home" Alice called though the small family home. Her parents were both famous English detectives, who prided themselves in their work. Headlines screamed from picture framed along the walls. "Detective duo solves decapitation disaster!"

"Secret service smash drug ring"

"Detective Lloyds deeply in love"

Alice taw her eyes away from the newspaper cuttings on the wall as she heard and thud upstairs. Quickly she followed the source of the noise and stopped in front of her parent's room. Here was a heavy metallic smell in the air, lingering like the smell of rotting flesh. Cautiously she twisted the brass doorknob. The image that burned her eyes haunted her. Her parent's light and airy room was stained crimson. The white lacy curtains were ripped and soaked in the scarlet liquid, which coated every surface. The metallic stench now mixed with sweat stirred in the room like a carnivorous animal. Alice was transfixed, unable to look away from the sight of gore. That's when she noticed them.


Bits of them.

Her parents lay scattered across the floor. A leg lay here, a hand there, every piece had blood blossoming from the severed end, like some sort of grotesque flower. Alice felt bile rise in her throat and she forced herself to not throw up her lunch. "Please" Alice murmured quietly. "Please let this be a dream" Feeling tears scold her skin, Alice let out a small sob as her hand came to cover her mouth. There was a noise from behind her and she turned, feeling dizzy as she span. A man was walking away from her, down the hall. His boots leaving bloody footprints on the white carpet. That's not what caught Alice's attention. Their mouths stretched in silent screams, their eyes hooded, all bodily actions lost from them. The man swung her parent's lifeless heads from his hands.