Mainstream of Normalcy


Watch the mountains float away, feel my hills fade to grey

Not a care left, not an interest sparked

Watch out for a boy who dreams. He's a hazard to our ways.

This life is enough. The world is dull. My world if rough.

Feel the rocks, shift away, see the men, die in pain.

Watch disease spread from everywhere, watch out for yourself, it seems.

No one cares. No one dares, break the fear and apathy. Grey has become, the only song.

Life isn't as tough as it seems. Just follow the flow, where everyone goes, pretend there's no other way. Just put down your head, act like your dead, there's no point fighting the world.

So when chaos reigns at last. When people fear no one but themselves. As paranoia sweeps the land.

Should we begin our endless sleep? The pointless grey monotone.

As our tears fall to the ground. As we forget where we stand. Numbness confusion. It's a disorientated state.

My life is over, yet some say it's only just begun. But how can that be? When it's all the same. Then won't end blur in with the start. And we can just fall. Float like them all, no one cares. Not even you. Not even me.

Can't you see? This is how, it's meant to be.


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