stetching fingertips to reach what they desire
and it's you they have a hankering for
you, laying with your wrinkled attire
faultless you are, because i adore

and though our eyelids may be shut
i can still feel them looking, illuminating
strand by strand your hair shades your face
curse of a light sleeper, i can feel everything

twitching limbs drowsy and paranoid
we don't even know what goes on
i'm aware of everything but myself

soon the sleep will be gone from my eyes
soon the feeling will return to my toes
slide your shoes back on
return to the warm outdoor sun

wait a week,
do it again

the light skim of my nails over your skin
i have the gift of a feather's touch
i can't keep them to myself
our time is short, but your stare still lingers

don't let me walk away so easily.