Raccoon's Big Night

The raccoon realized all he had got from the garbage cans was a old orange and a half-eaten strawberry, he was just looking at them in his hand when he felt somebody watching him and he looked up and saw that it was the boy. He felt warm when the boy looked at him but then…he saw the boy move his head to look at something and the raccoon quickly realized that somebody else was coming into the room and he knew that he better get out of there fast! He became so sad because everybody said it was his fault that the garbage got spread all over the yard but it wasn't! That, that amphibian and the cold-blooded reptile was always there hiding in the entrance of the house, they were the deceitful ones! It was funny, he was just a vertebrate who was a mammal but they all blamed him!

All he wanted to do was play his instrument, just that very morning, he had got a postcard from 'Mammal and Vertebrate school of Music' accepting him! But now his throat was hurting him and he just wanted something to drink! He was so sad…but then a idea came to him, he ran over and got out a old 'juice squeezer' he had heard someone

call it. With his long claws, he cut open the orange and put one side on and squeezed!! He did the same thing to the other side and juice came out! He was SO happy! He poured all the juice in a old child's cup he had found and drank it all!

His throat felt so much better, he even wanted to play his instrument (it was a beautiful blue flute) but he became so sleepy, he then st-re-eched, yawned and he went and snuggled in his very own bed.