Journal Entry 1

Explicate the term "tunnel vision" and discuss its benefits or its hindrances.

Tunnel vision is when a person has one specific path that they want to take, and they won't let anything get in their way. If a person has a goal that they wish to achieve, being so determined can help them get there. If something happens to get in the way of that, it can cause a problem. A person could do something wrong along the way, but they may not be willing to change the way that they do something. For example, if somebody wants a specific job, they may make a mistake during their interview. If they apply for the same type of job at another place, they'll most likely make the same mistake once again. Since they are unwilling to change the way that they do thing, they will never succeed with their main goal. If another person is simply trying to pass a test, they may not study in a way that will help them in the end, and they will end up failing the test. If they are so set on studying in a specific way, there is no way that they'll pass the test.


A/N: Well, there's the first entry. I hope that you liked it. I wish it could have been longer but we only have ten minutes per entry. Okay, I am stealing this idea from Don Silvernow. I just liked it in general. So, I should probably actually get to the idea. I am going to ask a question regarding each chapter in every author's note. Here's the first one. Do you believe that you are affected by tunnel vision and why? Okay, that's all I have to say. I'll post more as soon as possible.