Journal Entry 3

Does Eve 6's song convey a positive or negative mood?

Eve 6's song "Here's to the Nigh" conveys a negative mood. They were talking about leaving everything that ever seemed really important to them. The person clearly didn't want to go anywhere, but they had no choice in the matter in the end. They even said that people who knew them really well knew that they were against everything that was being forced upon them. Though they didn't like what was happening, they were trying to remember happier times, but in the end the sadness returned. "Here's to goodbye tomorrow's gonna come too soon." They definitely wanted to make the little bit of time that they had left last as long as possible. Another thing that gives the song a negative mood was the slower tempo in the beginning. The instruments used made it almost sound more rough. Over time, the tempo increased, but the negative mood remained. The sting instruments used part way through also made the song sound more sad. They were played very slow and at some points in a lower key. The fact that they kept repeating certain facts also set the particular mood. One particular line that helped set the mood was "Too soon." In a very simple way it portrayed exactly how they felt about the situation and how they just wanted more time than they knew they could get.


A/N: Okay, I just want everyone to know that I did have the lyrics for notes with this chapter. The other two entries were written without any notes, but we had more to use for this. Okay, here's today's question. If it isn't too much work at least. Listen to the song and say your opinion on the matter. Is this song positive or negative? Why or why not? Sorry that this question is going to end up taking more of your time, I just want other opinions on this.