The Closet
By: Megan R. Riffey

Author Note: This short (and I mean short) story was created in 2004 for a contest for Project XL (for Imagination). Unfortunately by the time the deadline had come around, the story was incomplete. However, even after the contest I continued to work on it until I thought it was finished. Please don't ask for it to be continued as this a short story. It's just a little snippet of someone's imagination running wild.


She stood in the middle of the room looking around the dark, secluded area until she faced the closet. The constant "thump" warned her to run; however, she was frozen to the cold damp floor. She knew she should turn away, but her knowledge was overwhelming.

She reached out to turn the door handle, letting slivers of rays of light into the room. After deciding it was safe, she opened it more where inside an entire solar system moved freely. The planets swirled around the sun, enlarging the light, filling the room. The stars twinkled barely beneath the light as they danced with a violent glow against the increasing abyss.

A small black hole appeared, engulfing the light, consuming the planets in a rage. The look in her eyes beamed at a new found curiosity as she reached out and touched the blackness. In an instant the solar system disappeared, leaving her facing her empty closet…as if it had never been there at all.