It was the day after the prom, and it was surely a memorable event: laughs, tears, pictures of all the old friends, and all the people that made our lives a living hell, or gave us a piece of heaven in the shape of a smile, a kiss, a hug or a word. It had it all

Emily would remember that event for the rest of her life; She wasn't exactly what some people may call "Miss Popularity": For most the students, she was a lonely soul, a girl who would prefer daydream than share her time with her classmates, but now, the life will be different, and even her felt nostalgic, sad, and terrible afraid of what the tomorrow will bring.

Yeah, Emily was nervous, but she was not the only one, and even with her earned fame, she was not so lonely after all: She had two good friends, like Amanda, a "crazy" gal who would take all kind of risks for no reason than the risk itself; How a shy quiet girl could be friend of what everybody, students, teachers (even her family) classify as "a nutjob", well, that's one of the mysteries in Hugh Jones High.

And then we had Travis, another loner, but in his "own" style: Emily was shy and under confident, but no Travis: He could be brutally honest, and he was never afraid to say whatever he had in mind. That particularity, of course, made him another outcast, in a greater degree.

The three teenagers were sitting in a bench, in the city park. They didn't need words to express the way they feel, it was obvious the weird blend of emotions: Relief and fear, the hope for the dreams to come, and the need to have someone with a wise word, ready to tell them that everything it's gonna be fine.

-So…What are you doing tomorrow? – Amanda said, trying to break the silence.

-Well, I'm going to check the campus with my mother, you know…- Emily answered

-…And what about you, Trav?-

-I told you: Don't call me like that…-

-I'm sorry, but tell me, any plan for the weekend?-

-I guess I'll have to find a job or something.-

-Are both of you gonna leave me alone?-

-I guess so…- Emily said

-But, well, I don't know, I though we could do a last thing together, since I'm gonna move…-

-Can we change the subject? - Travis interrupted.

-Well, yes, but you don't have to be so rude. - Amanda replied.

-Yes, you're right, it's just…Damn, I can't believe I didn't make it to the college…-

-Calm down Travis, you could try the next semester.- Emily said, trying to make his friend feel a little better.

The time was passing by, and it was getting late; they just contemplated the surrounding area of the park, the playgrounds, and the old games, memories that will last forever, just like the one they were making, just sitting, dreaming and thinking.

The weather was getting colder and colder, something weird for that time of the year: Amanda had to say good bye and go to her uncle's house, since she promised to take care of her cousin. Emily and Travis, on the other hand, just stayed there, enjoying how the stars were appearing, one by one, as a million candles lighting the most perfect picture their young eyes could ever find.

-Emily, are you nervous?-

-A little…-

-What do you think…?

-I don't know Travis, and I'm not sure if I want to know, at least, today…tonight…-

-I guess you're right, but, try to focus in the good stuff…-

-Like what?-

-We are not going to see to all the jerks, morons and idiots that made our life worse day after day.-

-Yeah, that's something, but that could mean, we are going to…-

-Don't think about that Emmie, nothing is forever, and even if you leave…I know we'll meet again…-

-Maybe you're right…-

-I'm not that sure, I just took that phrase from an old song: It's kind of sad.-

-Well, at least you're honest.-

And now, the darkness took over the skies: It was the sign, the time to leave and going back to their homes; Hours and hours of daydreaming, vague talking and just look the stars were over, and it felt like an instant, not just that day, but all the years of friendship.

-I have to go Travis; I'll see you tomorrow or…-

-Emmie, remember: We'll meet again.-


-We'll meet again Emily, don't know where or when, but we'll meet again…-

The end.