Chapter 1: Someone New

Cole woke up with a headache. No doubt it was from being thrown into a wall last night in his uncle's drunken rage. He looked around his empty bedroom of only a bed and desk and could clearly see holes in the walls that hadn't been patched up yet. The newest one was right beside his door. 'Great' he thought, 'just another reminder I need to get out of here.' It was seven-fifteen and it was just starting to rain outside when Cole was getting dressed for school. He looked through his uncle's room. Passed out, again. Cole sighed walking downstairs knowing his uncle would be back to the same ways when he got home that night.

Spencer High School was like any other: a building that looked like a prison in the students' eyes and a hell-hole in the teacher's. It was about seven-fifty when Cole reached the front doors. He passed the group of jocks silently and went to his locker. First block was History, an easy class to pass if you took about ten pages of notes each day. Mr. Thompson was an old-school teacher with glasses that were too small for his head and three inches thick. Cole went on to class when everyone else stayed behind for the class precious minutes before the bell rang. He took his seat in the back to wait for everyone else. A girl walked into the room with a piece of paper in her hands. She was obviously new and had no idea where she needed to be. She saw Cole, smiled, and went to his seat.

"Excuse me, is this History with…" she paused to take a better look at her schedule. "Mr. Thompson?"

Cole looked up for the first time since she approached him. "Yeah, it is."

"Ok, then, I'm in the right place." She smiled taking the seat in front of him. "No one sits here right?"

"No, you're good." Cole mumbled.

"Ok," she turned around to face the board. Cole stared at the back of her dirty-blonde head. She was wearing a light blue long-sleeve shirt with a white lacy tank top underneath. He didn't know her name and didn't bother to ask.

Everyone starting coming into the classroom one at a time. Once the bell rang, a short, balding man walked through the door. "Good morning students. Ok I received this message in the office and it says we have a new student with us today." He coughed pulling out a handkerchief from his jacket pocket. "Will a Nadine Betts please stand up?"

The girl in front of Cole stood up. Cole couldn't see her face but she kept looking down. She didn't want anyone to notice her. Mr. Thompson made her look up. "Well, tell us something about yourself."

Nadine paused to look around the room. "Uh, I'm Nadine, I'm about to turn eighteen in three months. I like to read and listen to music." She quickly finished and sat back down.

Cole smirked at her back. She was shy and scared to death of speaking in public. In some ways he thought it was cute but he quickly pushed those thoughts aside. For the rest of the class Cole focused on his notes for the test they were having on Friday. After class Nadine was standing at her locker looking at her schedule again. Her next class was Literature but she had no idea where the room was. Cole noticed how lost she was and felt sorry for her.

"What do you have next?" He said softly. Nadine barely heard him but noticed his dark eyes staring at her.

"Uh, Lit, with Mrs. Jones," she stammered.

"Well, that's right next door to my class. I'll show you where it is." Cole sighed.

"Thanks, uh, I didn't catch your name." Nadine said catching up to him.

"It's Cole, and keep up, I don't want to be late."

Nadine didn't say another word just followed Cole silently to the second floor to her class. When he showed her the door she said a quiet 'thank you' before walking in. Cole nodded his head and went to his science class. Nadine was interesting to say the least but his lifestyle didn't match hers. He wasn't about to let anyone in his life like her. She was too innocent, he would break her.

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