Tell me O' Tiger, when you hunt the galloping antelope,
What do you think?
When you spring, the sunlight rolling along your body,
How do you feel?
Tell me, when you lie in the shade of the jungle,
Unafraid, relaxed, powerful.
Do you know,
That you are admired by all?
Or are you ignorant, not knowing how glorious you are?
Tell me O' Tiger, can any other beast be as you?
As graceful, even in death,
As in life. Even when sleeping, your power ripples through your muscles.
Your amber eyes are closed, but their fire shines through your blazing fur.
Your ivory claws bring death, so how can they be so perfect?
Glowing like curved swords.
Tiger, when you dream, do you dream of man,
Or do you dream of yourself, springing high.
Magnificent, and beautiful. A god among cats.