A Crystal Heart

Chapter 1

When does sincerity become sorrow and despair? When does control become confinement and torture? When does fear become irrational?

These are the questions that were going through my head at the time I was in that room known as cell 24, these are also the questions that define the thin line between dire circumstances and the extreme of everything. This is a story of a secret kept from our family and friends, for their own protection, and our own. One of being not what you are but, hiding it in order to protect those around you. My name is Samantha Landon and I am not who I appear to be.

I was in a way doomed the day I was born really; well here on Earth anyway; I was in fact born 5 universes ago into a blank world where there was nothing only me, and others of my kind. From there came worlds of life, others of only rock and dust, shining stars and collapsing ones. Life was fair then, everyone lying in the balance. For the first 2 universes everyone lived in harmony, they had differences like we did and there were arguments but there was never war. That was one thing they never had, war. We look now and how the universes changed as they became more violent, more offset from the rest of the universe. But never did we think we would be at the heart of one of these conflicts, not once. You may not see it but I certainly do, Earth is a violent planet. It's as simple as that. And it was because of this violence we ended up torn heart from heart.