A Crystal Heart

Chapter 5~ The Guardian of Time

"Sweetdream? Who's Sweetdream?" I yelled at thin air, spinning wildly in all directions to try and find where the voice was coming from.

"Sweetdream is you" the voice replied as out of the mist which had filled the canteen came a boy with short black hair, black T-shirt and trousers and a grey coloured cape. In his right hand was a kind of staff which was glowing brightly; on the top of it was a circle with what looked a bit like a key hole. There was chain coming off of the staff on the chain there was an old fashioned basic looking key. Also on his right wrist there was what looked like a bracelet which was golden and glowing.

"A…are you Myron? I stuttered

"Yes I am but, may I ask how do you know my name?" he replied

"I… I don't know. I think I heard it in a dream once, Myron for sworn to watch over and protect all of time…"

"Yes, I am Myron the Guardian of Time and a member of the brethren of spirits" He said as he glided down to meet me

"Who are the brethren of sprits?"

"The Brethren is a selection of the six most powerful beings among the Wandering Spirits: Me, Alice, Blossom, Zack, Gavon and you…"

"ME!" I yelled "How could I be a member of the Brethren I'm not a Wandering Spirit or what ever! I'm HUMAN!"

"If you were really human then why are you the only other being besides me moving in this room?"

"I DON'T KNOW! Maybe…. Maybe you're making it so I can move!"

"I'm not, but, I can see why you would think I was. I'm sorry but there's no easy way to put this but you're not really human."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN IM NOT HUMAN?! I was born as a human! I'm not a freak no way!"

"Sweetdream I'm sooo sorry about this but, I need your help and if this is the only way to gain it then so be it." Myron said as he raised his arm and opened up his hand to reveal a glowing light.

"STOP CALLING ME SWEETDREAM MY NAME'S SAMANTHA!" I yelled in frustration "Wait, what are you doing?!" as said as I tried to struggle away from the light.

"I'm sorry Princess but, you must awaken our kind needs you." Myron spoke sadly as he placed his hand on my forehead.

"What the…" I began as the light grew brighter until it finally engulfed us and a mark appeared on my forehead; a heart with wings.