The Nanny Sitters Club

Chapter One

Goodbye Georgia, Hello Miami

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Paige Darling gets a new job as a nanny for the spoiled and naughty Armanda twins. One of the world's richest families going. Too add to her misery, the bad boy of the family, their brother, whom they haven't seen in years, finally decides to show up again.

Teenagers are at a crazy age. You're too young to vote and too old not to be in love. You live in a house someone else owns but your dreams are already somewhere else.- quote.

''You're moving to Miami?'' shrieked Mrs. Darling. Shaking her short blond hair, she began to wander around the room, trying to deal with the news her daughter had just given her.

''I told you I was moving to Miami ages ago, Mom, and you were fine with it then,'' Paige said.

''Well, I didn't actually think you would go there. I mean, you have a whole life ahead of you here. I mean, what about college? You have only been there a year, and your grades are the best there. Then there are your friends--they are a big part of your life--and then there's me. What about me, Paige? Don't you care about me and my life?'' About two years ago, Paige would have felt sorry at hearing her mother's words and probably would of stayed home, but because she had gotten used to her mother's self-centered ways, she didn't listen to her anymore.

''I've already dropped out of college, so there's no going back to that, and I only have one friend here, who just wanted to use me to get to my ex- boyfriend, which she succeeded in doing. And then there's you, Mom. Don't you think you're old enough to look after yourself? I mean, you followed your dreams, let me follow mine.''

''Dreams? You call being a nanny to some brats a dream?'' Mrs. Darling screamed. Paige could have sworn she heard her Mom swear, and, well, that was one thing about Mrs. Darling: she didn't swear unless she was angry or frustrated.

''I just want to start a new chapter. Do you understand what I mean? It's not like I'm going to be a nanny forever. It's just something different than what I'm used to. I don't want to be stuck in college for another couple of years. I want to explore places, and, well, you know, I've always wanted to go to Miami, and that was the only job I could find on the internet,'' Paige tried to reassure her mom. Of course, her mom didn't absorb any of it.

''You do realize that you're wrecking your life? But, I guess it's your life, not mine. Why should I be worrying? I mean, obviously you're not worrying about me, since your leaving this place for Miami.''

''Not this again, Mom, I've already ready told you that you're old enough to look after yourself. It doesn't mean I won't still worry or care about you.''

At this, Mrs. Darling's facial expression looked a little less pained, and she seemed somewhat relieved. ''Hmph. I'm still not happy about you going, but I guess I'll have to put up with it anyway, because I know whatever I say won't change your mind. So when are you leaving?'' she asked.

''Tomorrow,'' Paige said with a smile, hoping her mom wouldn't carry on with her fits again.

''TOMORROW!? You're going tomorrow? And you only decided to tell me today?''

Paige shook her beautiful auburn hair and rolled her eyes at her mom. It was like the whole conversation was repeating itself from the beginning. ''Again, I told you about three months ago, but you were too busy listening to that new Madonna song to hear me.''

''Oh, yeah. I think I need my tablets, you know, my stress pills. I think this has all gone to my head.'' With that, Mrs. Darling walked away.


The next morning came, and Paige was all set to leave Georgia. Dragging her black suitcases to the car, she noticed her mom waiting next to her dad, who was normally always away on business trips. Since it was the last time he would see his daughter for a while, he decided to get the day off to wave her goodbye.

''I hope you've packed all the important stuff that you'll need, like shampoo and your makeup and some food, just in case they don't eat-''

Mr. Darling cut her off, ''What she really means is that she hopes you've got everything.'' Mr. Darling laughed at his organized wife.

''Yeah, I've got everything I need, except that orange boobtube dress that you said you wanted, Mom. You can have it, if you like.'' She never really even liked it anyway. She'd just bought it so that her mom would quit talking about the dress over and over again.

''Oh, thank you, sweetheart! That's a very nice going away gift. Now I know I'm being too over protective, since you're nineteen and all, but please be safe, and don't get into trouble. Remember, this is Miami you're going to.''

''I won't, Mom. I think I'll be too busy looking after kids all the time,'' Paige said.

''Good. Now you better be off before you see the tears running from my eyes,'' Mrs. Darling said, while she tried to hide the tears that were falling from her face.

''I'll miss you guys so much. I'll try and see you during one of the holiday seasons, so don't miss me too much, like I'll miss you. Bye, guys.''

Once the hugs and goodbyes were over, Paige started her car and rode off towards a blue sky. Miami, here she comes.

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