Chapter Three

A Sign That Doesn't Say, No Trespassing!

I live where the kids are high and the grades are low,
if you have a secret here everyone knows. - Quote.

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. - Franklin P. Jones

It was early in the morning, and Paige was still awake, sitting up in her new, uncomfortable bed. All night she had been tossing and turning and couldn't find a way to sleep. Every time she tried going to sleep, she kept remembering the images of the two of them in her dorm room together. Touching each other. Kissing. The memory just wouldn't go away. . .

Walking back to her dorm room from a hard lesson, Paige was excited to just go to bed and relax that little brain of hers. Opening the door, she saw Billie, her best friend, on top of someone that looked very familiar. They were all over each other, roaming each other's bodies. It wasn't until her nose caught a hint of that same scent he always wore that she knew it was her boyfriend, Noah.

''I knew it,'' Paige screamed. This got the pair of them looking up. They both looked equally guilty. ''I didn't think I would walk in on the two of you, but I just, I JUST KNEW something was going on here," Paige yelled, so angry at the two people whom she cared about most in the world. She didn't think she would ever have to raise her voice so loudly, especially to them.

''It's not what it looks like, Paige," Noah calmly said.

''Yeah, whatever, so you two just decided to take some drama lessons and act out a little play?'' She tried not to cry in front of them. She wanted them to think she was strong, but she couldn't keep fighting the tears that were beginning to wet her shirt.

''Look, we're sorry. It was just a one time mistake--it won't happen again,'' Noah pleaded her.

''This was not a one time mistake, Noah, and you said it yourself that you wanted to be with me, not her,'' Billie said. Paige shook her head. She knew boyfriends would come and go, and she had heard the saying before. But she didn't think her best friend of seven years would actually do this to her, not with the boy she had grown to love.

''How dare you? How fucking dare you make out with my boyfriend and act innocent about it!'' Paige screamed.

''You never loved him like I did. He deserved so much better than you. He needed an a escape!'' roared Billie.

''You don't know how much I love, or, should I say, loved Noah, and you never will. But guess what? You two deserve each other. I mean, it's only going to be a matter of time before one of you cheats on the other anyway!'' With that, Paige walked straight up to Billie and slapped her hard across the face. ''That's for sleeping with my boyfriend, and for being the worst friend ever! I hope you're both happy with each other.'' Then Paige walked straight out of the door and straight out of both of their lives.

That was the reason why she had left college. Before she discovered them together, she was the nice, clever girl at Georgia College. Always happy and with a smile on her face. Since then, though, she had grown stronger, more stubborn. And she made a promise to herself that she would never let a boy in her heart. Even after Paige had found out about the cheating, Noah still kept on calling for weeks, asking for her forgiveness. Well, that was until the one day she heard Billie's voice on the other end of the phone. That just pushed her buttons too far, to a point where she didn't give a damn about anyone anymore.

Hearing the beep on her alarm clock, Paige noticed it was already seven in the morning, meaning she had only gotten half an hour's sleep. It also meant that Mr. And Mrs. Armanda would be leaving in approximately forty-five minutes. Rushing down the stairs with her pink robe on, she noticed Susan was already by the door with her luggage nowhere in sight.

''You're awake ... at last. I was going to wake you up, to tell you that we were going to be leaving earlier than expected, but then I thought 'what the heck, all girls need their beauty sleep.''' Susan smiled, flashing her bright white teeth.

''Well, I'm awake now. Where are your bags and such?'' Paige asked.

''Oh, they're already in the car. Richard is just starting his car up, and then we'll be off. So, instead of spouting off a whole load of rules, I've just decided to print them all off for you. All you have to do is obey all of those rules, and you're free to do whatever else you want.'' With that said, the car outside beeped. ''Well, that's my signal. Just tell the girls I said goodbye and that I'll call every so often, will you?''

''Sure,'' Paige agreed.

''Well, I better be off now. Don't want to be late. Thank you for agreeing to look after my children. I assure you that they are great girls. Goodbye!''

Once the door was closed, Paige began to explore the house a little more, until she come upon the door that Susan said she wasn't allowed in yesterday. Since no one but the sleeping girls was in the house, she decided to have a peek inside. Opening the door, she found herself in a pale blue and white room. The bed looked like it hadn't been slept in for years, and the room was a little dusty, too. She then noticed the football and basketball trophies on the wall. Paige could tell it was a boy's room just by looking at it. She was about to look in one of the drawers when someone touched her back. Jumping in fright, she turned her back to see one of the twins glaring at her.

''Mommy said no one's allowed in here, meaning you, too,'' she said.

''Well, your mommy's not here, now is she?'' Paige cheekily smiled and stuck her tongue out at her.

''So? You're still not allowed in here,'' the little girl whined and stomped her feet out the door.


It had been two days since Paige's arrival at the Armanda household, and things were going all wrong for her. The twins were the naughtiest and cheekiest girls she had ever met, and she was only on Rule Number 56 of the list Susan had prepared for her. She didn't think the rule list would be so long, but once she opened the booklet up, she saw that there were over three hundred rules to obey. Mr. And Mrs. Armanda sure were organized. The only good thing that had come out of those days was that she knew which twin was which, and that was because Brittany had a beauty spot under her eye, while Bethany didn't have one.

Running out of the bathroom, chasing Brittany around, the child's little body only covered in bubbles, Paige noticed that the girl was quite a fast runner. Either that or Paige was unfit.

''Brittany, get back here, now! Or else-'' Before she got to finish her line, she felt herself slip over the bubbles on the floor, landing flat on her face in the progress. Hearing someone laughing, she looked up to see both Brittany and Bethany giggling away.

''Why you little fuckers,'' Paige growled at them.

''Arr, you said the F word. That's a very bad word,'' Bethany gasped.

''Just get in the bath now, before I get Barney the Dinosaur on you both.'' Since she had found out by one of the rules that they were scared of Barney the Dinosaur, Paige decided to use it as blackmail to make the little girls follow her orders.

''Oh, you wouldn't,'' Brittany cried out.

''Oh, I would, so you two better get your little bottoms in that bathroom right now!'' Paige shouted. And it worked perfectly. The two of them grumpily marched into the bathroom without running away.

Once she had put the twins in bed that night, she found herself tossing and turning in bed again, just like she did the other two nights. If it wasn't in reality, then it was in her bloody dreams that she had to see Billie and Noah's faces. Just when she was dreaming of them sliding each other's tongues into each other's throats, she heard a bang from downstairs. It woke her up immediately. She knew it couldn't have been Ola, because she had the day off. Hearing the noise of smashing windows again, she began to prepare herself to go downstairs to find out what was going on. She quietly made her way down, trying not to make as much noise as she could. Once she got down there, she saw the only thing that she could use to defend herself was a Chanel high heeled shoe. It was better than nothing, she thought. Hearing the noise again in the hallway, she began to walk there, only to notice a dark figure by the now-broken door.

''Who do you think you are, going into people's houses? Take this, you sick bastard!'' Paige shouted, trying to hit the figure with the pointed heel. However, the person dodged the heel, and then grabbed onto her wrist with a strong grip. Paige tried to pull out of their grip, but the person was too strong for her. Then, before she knew it, the person brought their face up closer to Paige.

''This is my home, bitch.'' The male's voice was deep and husky, and all Paige could think of was the scent of his aftershave, that it smelled like Calvin Klein.

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