The Horror Of Domestic Violence

She sat in her armchair in the corner of her room,

She could sense that it was coming, just didn't think so soon.

She was trying to think of rhymes as she chewed on a biro pen,

She was in a band, you know, with her boyfriend, Ben.

She looked out her window and watched the sky turn dark,

She'd spent the afternoon with her sister playing in the park.

Her name was Sophie Byres and she was good at maths

She enjoyed gymnastics and long bubble baths.

Her teachers all loved her - so well mannered and polite,

She had lots of friends at school, all around she was well liked.

She heard the door creak open, felt it pointless to hide,

'Come in, daddy dear,' She called, her voice filled with spite.

She did not turn to look at him, just thought of her escape,

Of the day she'd no longer be a regular victim of rape.

Unfortunately that day would never ever come,

A fact she soon realised when she saw his gun.

He ignored her desperate cries and her yells of 'Please, no!'

And pulled the trigger, ending her sorry tale of woe.

She had a tragic death and a tragic life,

And yet it wasn't half as bad as that of Mr. Byrnes' wife.

But you can stop the horror, you can stop the screams,

And you can ignore this, but can you escape your dreams?