There's one moment when you realize your feelings for someone. It's the moment when you're like, "Wow, they're amazing." The moment can come at any time, any place, and in any way, shape or form. The time is not partial to whether or not you're ready for it, or whether or not you want it in the first place. But it comes, whether you like it or not.

The moment it happened to Kelly, she was on the soccer field.

It was tryouts. She was a freshman. She was good. She was tough. She was mean. And she wanted to make the team so badly it almost hurt. It didn't matter if she made varsity or not; she just wanted to be on the team. But, alas, it was a very popular sport. And there were plenty of girls that were good. So she just wanted to be on a team.

On the field, she was trashing everybody. She whipped out sliding tackles whenever she could, or whenever she wouldn't get carded for it. Her feet were a blur as she dribbled and kicked the ball across the field, and simply no one could catch her. She was on fire. The black and white ball swished against the expansive net time and time again, and the goalie continuously thudded to the dirt. She was unstoppable.

That was, until someone stopped her.

She was sprinting down the field once again, the goal clearly in her vision. She was going to score for the fifth time that day. The heat that spun down her spine was intoxicating, and she charged the goal like she was going to die in the next few seconds. But something bright and fluorescent caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. And then it shoved her. The ball was gone, and she was on her butt.

Kelly's bright brown eyes followed the girl that sprinted away. It was Reilly Smith, a captain and a senior. She didn't even look down at the girl; she merely snatched the ball away and headed in the other direction.

Well, she's just not getting away with this! Kelly snarled in her head. She didn't care if she was a captain or not; it's not like she was making varsity anyway. She was going down.

Reilly scored the goal, and they started over again. This was when she would die.

The captain got the ball again. Little did she know that she was now a target to the freshman high-tailing it toward her. Kelly's platinum blonde hair whipped against her back, flowing from her ponytail. She felt like a lioness with her tail flicking to and fro. In her element, completely at ease, she was about to take down her prey.

The girl planted her left foot and opened her left shoulder a bit as she tried to turn herself the other way. The moment was right. Now was the time to strike. Kelly's right leg tucked underneath her butt while her other one shot out, aimed directly at her feet. Her cleats found purchase. She could hear the air whistling by the girl as she fell away from the ball.

Unfortunately for Kelly, the captain landed right on top of her. The moment the blonde opened her eyes was the moment her life changed.

Reilly was a beautiful girl, with fiery red hair and full red lips. Her smile was perfect, her skin was pale and freckly, and her bone structure had the distinct aristocratic build, just like Kelly. Her cheekbones were high, her nose was pixie-like, and her chin was round. She also had blue-green eyes like the Caribbean Sea. And right now, she was staring at her with those same stunning orbs.

Kelly couldn't think. She couldn't speak. Her legs went weak, her heart pounded, and her mind blurred. Wherever Reilly's body touched hers was simply fire and spark, heated to no end. Her hips wanted to thrust upward and into the ginger. She never wanted to do anything like that more in her life than at this moment.

Reilly stared at her for a second, blinked, but then shoved herself off of her without a word. The blonde gasped, clutching her chest, finally grabbing her wits and bringing herself back together again. She didn't even bother thinking about how incredible it was that the goddess had been laying atop her. All she could think of was the way she felt when she did. She shouldn't have felt that way. She was straight. She had sex with guys. She liked men. Men were good. Men had penises. She dated a 20 year old. She was obviously hot, and guys obviously loved her.

She was not a lesbian. No way, no how.

But the feeling simply got stronger and stronger. The more she thought about it, the worse it got. Kelly could now tell when Reilly was near because of the low tinkling of her voice. Whenever there was a blotch of red in the hallways, she knew it was Reilly and would nearly wet herself. And her eyes…oh her eyes. She always saw them in her brain, haunting her every moment of the day.

But the two got closer, despite Kelly's attraction to her. The freshman had made varsity, much to everyone's surprise, but this spurred the relationship on. Reilly was extremely nice and smart and incredibly funny. They became rather good friends, or as good as their age difference would allow. The redhead was not one for many words, but could keep up a good conversation and was known for her sarcasm and sass. Kelly adored talking to her and being with her.

It bothered her, really, that she still had these intense feelings for her when they were actually friends. She couldn't do that to her. No matter how many rumors she'd heard about her being lesbian, Reilly had to be straight. She just had to be. Kelly could feel it. And so was she. They were just two straight friends.

Psh. Yeah, okay. Kelly was in absolute love, and she knew it.

And she really, really started to know it the day they were walking out to practice. They had to go up a flight of stairs to leave the locker room and get to the field, and Kelly decided to walk with Jeanette that day. But Reilly was right in front of them, and this led to a terrible and delightful event for Kelly. They began their trudge up the flight of stairs, and when the blonde raised her head, she was met with the delectable sight of Reilly's round, fine ass. She couldn't tear her eyes from it; it was probably the best ass in the world. Though she had to hide it, she still gaped at the shorts-clad asset. The girl had never been more turned on in her life. Her fingers itched to shoot out and grab it. But, alas, she kept her arms plastered to her side, fighting to just settle for the perfect view.

But it was the fateful day when Kelly was invited over Reilly's house that changed it all.

"Kel!" the redhead called. The blonde's eyes found who called her name, and immediately her heart began to race. "Get your fine ass over here!"

Kelly giggled at the last comment, wishing with all her heart to be true, but at the same time reprimanding herself for it. Nevertheless, she sauntered over to her and gave her a big, friendly hug.

"What do you want, ginger?" she asked when she pulled away.

"You want to come over my house after practice?" Reilly said. Kelly's throat knotted up, but she listened intently as she continued to speak. "I can't go today 'cause my dog's sick and I need to stay and watch him while my parents are out of town…which means I'm home alone." The way her firecracker brow twitched up made Kelly almost certain that she knew her secret. She was sure she was taunting her. But because of her shock, her brain became hardwired to her mouth.

"What would we do?" The question dropped from her lips, and instantaneously, she would kill herself to take it back. But Reilly didn't seem phased.

"Throw a super-wild house party!" she exclaimed. Then, she laughed. "I'm kidding. Probably watch some movies or something, if it's not too boring for you. I know a certain someone that's been dying to see Quarantine, and guess who's allowed to rent R-rated movies?" The redhead poked the freshman in the arm. Kelly couldn't thaw completely, but she managed a response that sounded pretty reasonable.

"G—uh, sure, yeah," she mumbled, eyes wide. "Yeah, uh, pick me up?"

"No, I'm gonna make you walk. Yes, I'll pick you up!" And with that, she was walking away.

Practice couldn't end soon enough. It was almost as if Kelly had to endure a slow, painful death. But the end did come, and she was extremely nervous and jumpy. As hard as she tried to suffocate these feelings, there was no way she could; she was going to be alone with Reilly in her house! The wait was driving her mad.

But it wasn't long before Kelly, standing on the sidewalk outside the school dressed in her sweaty soccer practice uniform, was watching the ginger drive up to the curb and throw open the door.

"Get in, freak," she called with a smile. The blonde didn't need to be told twice.

When she slammed the door closed and looked Reilly over, her head spun slightly. She was wearing an extremely tight black satin button-down collared shirt and skin-hugging denim jeans. The urge to lick her up and down boiled in her mouth, but she swallowed it back and grinned weakly at her friend. Then, they were off.

When they arrived at the house, Kelly was amazed. She couldn't form words. The house was massive, painted a light baby blue with a grand and spectacular porch and many bay windows. It was stunning, to say the least. Reilly seized her hand, sending tingles through her veins, and pulled her to the front door.

"Your house is freaking amazing—" Kelly tried to say, but the second the door was shut, her lips were surprisingly busy. Reilly's mouth had captured hers, and something primal was released from within both of them.

"Reilly," she whispered, clutching her face, trying to tell her something that she couldn't really remember. But Reilly wouldn't let her speak. She continuously cut her off with her lips, both allowing tongues to slide into their mouths. It was strange to Kelly, kissing a girl. Her entire life, she'd been completely straight. But something was different about the redhead. She was…perfect.

The kisses were hotter now, as were the girls. Their panting got louder and louder as they refused to remove their faces from the other's. Reilly was experienced, her mouth knowing exactly what to do. Kelly, on the other hand, was more timid and shy and uncertain. Reilly loved it. It was adorable. She couldn't get enough of the way the blonde's hands trailed softly everywhere, trying to learn her body while trying to figure out her emotions at the same time. But Reilly was both insistent and sure of what the other girl wanted. She could feel it in the shivers that surged down her spine every time their lips touched.

The ginger pressed the blonde's hips into her own, and began to walk backward toward the stairs. The younger girl refused to let go, so she followed helplessly. Reilly was enjoying herself in a non-sexual way; being able to command the freshman was too much fun, and being a senior, it was one of the things she really enjoyed at the moment. But this was so different from mere seniority, although she'd use it in this case if she needed to. Not only did she want her body satisfied, but she wanted to do the same for the other girl. Never had she ever thought about giving back, but now she was dying to.

The two stumbled up the stairs, Kelly giggling uncertainly all the way. Reilly would smile in return, but in a more knowing way. It was obvious how nervous the smaller girl was. Her hands were visibly shaking, and the redhead could feel the tremors they endured when they pressed against her clothes. She wished there was some way to give her confidence; the blonde had painfully low self-esteem, but Reilly was certain that she was beautiful. It was plain to anyone with vision. Her hair was thick and fairly wavy, trailing all the way down to her oh-so-nice ass, and she had cheek-length sidebangs to complement her long face. Her features were very aristocratic, with high cheek-bones, plump lips, a pixie-like nose, and perfect brows. But her shimmering brown eyes were what caught Reilly's attention. They were massive and framed by mile-long black lashes. She looked like a doll, and just as flawless.

Little did Reilly know, Kelly thought the same about her.

They'd reached the top floor, and Reilly was getting anxious. Though she wanted to proceed the right way with the freshman, she couldn't deny that her lower half was screaming to be satisfied. But she knew that she would have to be cautious at least. It was clear that, though there was no way she was a virgin, Kelly was new to the affairs of lesbians.

Well, Reilly would just have to show her the ropes, now wouldn't she?

Then, as if on cue, Kelly hissed, "I'm a little new to this," as the two approached Reilly's bedroom. With a grin, the redhead's foot lashed out backward and kicked the door open, revealing her inner sanctum.

"Then let me show you how," she muttered in return, and claimed Kelly's lips once more. They passed through the doorway, unconsciously being pulled toward the bed by some kind of magnetic force. Neither bothered fighting it. In fact, on the contrary; it was their intended destination.

"Just go with your instincts," Reilly told her. She spun a one-eighty so that she was now walking forward instead of backward, and now it was Kelly that would be pressed up against the foot of the bedframe. When her long, tanned legs met the wood, the young girl collapsed, seating herself on the intricate frame. She never allowed herself to be apart from Reilly as her hands still roamed her incredible face. But she decided to be playful for a moment, just to see what she was capable of. So she broke away from the other girl's full red lips and traced her own to her ear.

"My instincts are telling me to do bad things," she whispered breathily, trailing her fingers softly from the ginger's cheek slowly down her neck. When they slid over her collarbone, Reilly allowed herself a small sigh. No, she was definitely no virgin.

"Then you need to listen," she replied, not bothering with being clever. Kelly quickly returned their mouths. After all, who was she to deny the command of her elder?

Kelly wasn't really sure where to go from here, but Reilly was sure and steady as she reached for the hem of the blonde's tight t-shirt. She lifted her arms over her head, and the senior tossed the white fabric away, breaking contact to do so. Before she returned to sucking face, Reilly took a moment to admire her chest. The girl wasn't exceptionally large, but she definitely filled out her plain white sports bra nicely. Even if the fabric was simple and not intentionally sexy, she couldn't help but nearly drool. It was the only thing that sheathed her protruding nipples. The hands that had returned to her waist twitched upward, hoping to get a taste.

"Ah, ah, ah," the freshman mock-scolded, and seized the collar of the redhead's button-down oxford. "You first." Kelly realized happily that she was in the perfect position at the moment, her head equal height with the other girl's chest. Taking advantage of Reilly's surprise at her defiance, she began to undo each button slowly, kissing and licking her way down as she did so. Reilly sighed again, loudly this time, and Kelly grinned at how much control she automatically had over her.

Her mouth continued even when she was done unbuttoning, but she didn't bother to fully remove the shirt yet. Kelly decided to deal with the jeans first. Her fingers sluggishly unfastened the button, dragged the zipper down tauntingly, and then she began to pull them down at an agonizing pace. But Reilly wasn't completely unhappy with this act; the girl persisted in her kissing and licking down her legs, following the pants' descent. As Kelly came back up, she hesitated at her crotch, paying extra attention to her inner thighs for a moment. Reilly groaned softly, and this spurred Kelly to take the first tentative whiff of her musk. Even though she was a newbie, she knew that it smelled absolutely intoxicating.

But the young girl departed from the emerald green thong and returned to her full height. Though equally as tall as Reilly, she felt smaller in many ways. This still didn't stop her from tucking her hands into the shoulders of the open shirt and pushing it back, allowing it to crumple at the floor. Reilly's chest was amazing; her breasts were perfectly round and perky, especially in her surprisingly frilly and girly green bra. Her palms ran lightly over them, definitely appreciative, and she was about to fully sample them when Reilly decided to take charge once more.

The redhead crushed her lips to Kelly's once more, and the younger one was startled. The kiss was different; she couldn't quite explain how much it had evolved, how much more passionate and heated it became. All she could do was feel and respond to it. So she threw her arms around Reilly's neck, desperately holding her as close as possible. The senior adjusted herself a bit so her body was pressed right up against Kelly's, and she intensified the kiss as she undid her black jeans with expertise. Instead of pulling them down right away, she slipped her hands into the miniscule space between the dark denim and the white panties the other girl wore, squeezing and toying with her ass. Kelly sighed and wrapped her arms around her ribcage instead, pushing their breasts harder together.

Reilly couldn't take it anymore. Never had she wanted anything so badly before. Her fingers slid themselves into the hem just above the thigh, and she traveled down, memorizing the curves of her inner thighs. Kelly shuddered and rubbed her hips against Reilly's, causing the two to groan. The redhead quickly broke free from the blonde, ripped the black pants off, and stood back up. But she didn't dive right back into the kiss. Her focus locked on the girl's breasts. Though they were rather small, she'd never seen such a tempting pair. They looked irresistible in the modest white sports bra that she'd worn to soccer practice. Her blue-green eyes flitted up to her face, but Kelly was busy staring at the other's body.

Kelly's brown eyes closed as Reilly's hands began at her lower ribs, but trailed up and over her tits. It was official; she was completely lesbian now. If girls in general knew how to do this like Reilly did, there was no comparison.

It was a relief to both when the senior tore the bra over the freshman's head and gave her breasts full attention. Kelly couldn't help it; she slowly fell back against the bed, giving into her fully. Reilly followed her, continuing to command the situation. She licked and sucked the fleshy lumps, rubbing the one that was not occupied by her mouth. Kelly's hands shakily undid the redhead's bra while her foot slid her thong down, and the two green undergarments were gone in a flash.

"Oh, Reilly," the girl sighed, beginning to lose herself in a haze of pleasure. Reilly was continuously spurred on by the endless stream of low noises that fell from the youth's lips. The way she said her name made her want to fuck her so hard, but she had to be patient. Her nipples were hard as rocks, and she knew she had to deal with them before she could head south.

But Kelly was two steps ahead of her.

"Enough," she said, placing a hand roughly on the side of her head. The ginger looked up from beneath her palm and saw the incredible need on her face. "Please, Reilly, please, give it to me." Her begging was so desperate that she had no choice but to comply.

She bit down slightly on her breast, and then moved her mouth lower and lower, not resting for one moment. Finally, she arrived at the girl's widely spread legs. Her musk was so heady and inviting that Reilly didn't give it a second thought.

She ran her tongue once over her lips, so agonizingly slow it almost pained her. Kelly moaned loudly, twisting in delight. Reilly lifted one finger and lightly traced her entrance repeatedly, all the while licking and kissing just around it. Her finger was already drenched, and she hadn't even started. But Kelly's groaning sent her over the edge. She wouldn't make her wait any longer.

Quickly, she inserted her finger into the girl's pussy. The blonde cried out in ecstasy and bucked against the digit.

"Oh, God, Reilly," she yelled as the finger was pulled out and in. "Oh, God. More. More, Reilly, more!" That was all she needed. Another finger was added, and was greeted by an incredibly warm and moist passage and a louder moan. Reilly pumped hard, but Kelly was insatiable.

"OH, Reilly, oh, please, more!" she shrieked at the top of her voice. Reilly added one more finger and the blonde screamed "YES! Reilly, oh, oh, harder! HARDER!" The redhead complied, shoving her fingers in deeper and deeper, pumping faster and faster. She then rubbed a finger against her clit, quickly flicking the digit against the nub. Kelly's back arched, her body tensed, and with a cry of absolute pleasure, she came. Reilly licked it all up. Her name never sounded so good, so incredible, than when it was howled from between the blonde's lips.

The redhead crawled up the bed and lay next to the sprawled out, panting youth and pulled her close.

"Holy shit," she sighed, staring into the endless depths of the blue-green eyes. "You're amazing." Reilly merely smiled and kissed the girl.

Kelly took a bit to catch her breath, but then murmured, "Can I…" and lightly traced her hands over one of Reilly's breasts. She thought about it for a moment; she was positively aching to be fucked, wet and hot all over. But Kelly was young. It would be clearly taking advantage of her if she conceded.

"I…" the ginger tried to form a coherent response, but it was difficult when the blonde was inching her palms lower down her midriff and gently sucking on her tits. "I…don't think—think so…"

"Why not?" she asked, her hot breath rippling along her skin. It only made the other girl that much harder. "Don't you want me inside you? Don't you want me to relieve you?" As she spoke the last two words, she ran a finger along her cunt's lips, and Reilly was gone. It felt too good. There was no way she could deny the girl. So she clutched her sides, flipped onto her back, and yanked her above her pale form. Excitedly, Kelly moved herself down to the edge of the bed, positioning herself directly in front of her opening, and placed her facial lips against Reilly's southern ones.

"Good girl," she breathed into her, and took a generous lick. Reilly groaned, knees going completely weak. Kelly knew she wasn't ready to eat her, so she used her fingers and began with the clit. She worked it hard and fast, rubbing and flicking and pressing it. The redhead was bucking up and down in seconds, completely at the mercy of the freshman. Not leaving the nub, she used her other hand to add a finger into her pussy.

Reilly was moaning louder and louder, mind going blank with desire. How the younger girl knew just how to finger, she'd never know, but it wasn't like she'd be arguing. It felt simply amazing, and she continuously shoved her hips down harder onto her. Fingers were added quickly, and she shouted "YES! FINALLY!" when the fourth one was inserted. All that was left for Kelly to do was pump hard and fast, which she did on command.

Just before she was certain Reilly was about to come, Kelly pulled her fingers away and shoved her tongue into her passage. Reilly screamed and came hard into the youth's mouth. Kelly swallowed all of the juice happily, ecstatic that she could do that to the girl.

She, like the senior had, crawled up the bed and rested next to her. She was panting as well, though not quite as hard as Kelly had. Immediately, the redhead seized the blonde, suffocated her sweet and wet lips with hers, and held her head to her heaving chest.

"God, I love your instincts," Reilly muttered. Kelly grinned up at her and planted their lips together.