she moves like a giraffe through a river bend knee, life, pose, consider,
I think she must have come out dancing, come out quietly exploding.
the streets ripple under her steps, cement shifting slightly to beg for her footprints.
make an impression on me, the world whispers.
but she's fourteen feet above, neck in the clouds, she's got a tall mind and she's not listening.
I'd like to speak to her, but my mind freezes up, and I have the feeling, she wouldn't like me to call her,
my african even-toed ungulate mammal.
or my lovely largest ruminant.
I may not have a second stomach, but I have a second heart that is just for her.
I ruminate her name, tasting it twice, until I've turned it inside out. I say it backwards but she's not listening.
she's got a tall mind, and she moves like a giraffe thorugh a river, my african even toed ungulate mammal.