Vengeance corrupts like an alter ego





Adorned with pretty words,

An adorable rosy blush

Simply graced with innocence


She hid the rage

That threatened to escape

Bubbling just beneath the surface

Scratching beneath the skin

Like an irritating rash

That she bottled up within


Scorned once, then twice

By those she loved an adored

She sought vengeance

Using bitter words as her sword


Her anger was rather like

That of an alter ego,

For whenever she relinquished control

It was as if she sold her soul


Each and every time she blacked out

It was so sensual, so frighteningly exotic

She never wanted the black to fade out


"Why do you say such mean things?

Do you hate us now?"

Those she thought she once loved would ask

Yet, seduced by the black

And the dark promises it whispered

She was ignorant to the power of her alter ego


She'd pout prettily, and lay on the guilt

Simply questioning them why they believed

She wasn't worth their love, their faith

Delivering her words

Like a good slap in the face


Blacking out,

And releasing control to her alter ego

Happened more frequently as her loved ones began to distance

'You're mean now,' they would whisper,

As if afraid she'd lash out.


Yet the black voice would just laugh and reply

'They are weak, and not worthy of you.

Not nearly as worthy as one such as I

Sell me your soul, and I'll grant you

The wildest of your desires

Just let the black take you,

And vengeance it will reap

Because they are weak

And you are just what I seek.'


Giddy and mad,

No longer right in the mind

She sold her soul to the black

And never looked back


Tick tock, tick tock

The clock keeps spinning

And she's getting so weak

The black overpowers her will to even eat


"You'll die," they cry over her wilted

And prone form

"The vengeance you harbor is eating your soul."


She laughs a bitter laugh,

Because she knows they are right

But it's already too late –

She lost the fight.


Her alter-ego,

The spawn of her hate,

Manifested and grew

Quick to over take.


"I know," she rasps and wheezes,

"But you've come too late."

She feels the black surround her

Because its presence is overbearing

Always there, and almost always suffocating


She hears the smack of its lips,

How it gnashes its teeth,

It has missed her, she can tell,

Because it licks her sweet cheek


Its clutching tendrils skim over her shoulders,

Down her arms

To her waist,

Yanking her with it towards the dark place


"What did we do, to scorn you so?"

Those who love her asked.

Choking a sob, and fighting to breathe

She shook her head and laughed with brief glee,

Only for it to break,

And fade off into a gurgle,

As the infection of her mind

Once again took over.


My first ever attempt at extended metaphors done for my English III honors class.
I have, surprisingly, never heard of such a thing as a conceit before today.
Least to say, it shows I'm picking up on something at school.

Reviews, and constructive criticism, make my day. :]