It was early. The sun was peeking over the horizon. The night-time dew would so dry from the heat of the sun-rays. And the digital clock's alarm annoyingly rang. It was immediately slammed on snooze. As the young boy groaned and shifted a bit in his large bed. He finally forced himself out of bed. It was the most grueling part of the day—getting out of bed.

He stood up, trying to force himself from falling back into bed. His name was Max Briggs. He kept his dark brown hair short. His eyes were hazel. He was a lightweight, very slender arms, but lean and quick. It was no surprise he was the top scoring forward in his high school. Though because his team lost half of the games they played. His popularity was dim, to say the least. But he didn't care, he just played for the sake of fun, nothing more.

Max soon set his alarm off, to avoid it going off again. His room was furnished with a bed, dresser, computer desk, and a tv stand for his video games he was so fond of. He dug in his dresser for clothes. He was still only in his boxers. He quickly found a pair of socks, jeans, and a t-shirt, simple and comfortable. He glanced at the clock, and saw he had only ten minutes to get dressed and run to bus stop. Every morning, it was rush to get ready and make the bus.

The bus ride was pleasant and relaxing, giving him time to think and let his mind wander while others would gossip and horse around. He would think about old friends, good times with his family and siblings, and his favourite hockey moments with his teammates. It felt him with a good feeling as he stepped off the bus and ready for school.

School was a cake walk for little old Max. He had a good circle of close friends. The teachers liked him, and he found the school work easy enough. To sum it up, he was a good student with a grade B average.

He walked down the cement walkway into the doors of the school. He walked down the halls. He would always watch his step for the hallways were cluttered with other teenagers that all had some place to go. He went straight for his locker and did the combination to unlock it. He opened it to grab his books he'd need for his next class and dropped his bag inside.

He went to the multi-purpose room where he found his friends all on an instrument and playing their cover to Peace Sells But Who's Buying by Megadeth. . Though it was only without the lyrics. They sat on stage and rocked hard. Max stood in the walkways in the stands. Suddenly they stopped as they saw Max. Modest Max shy'd away for he knew what was coming.

"There's our singer!" They all shouted.

So, until the first class started, Max was on vocals for his friends' band. But the bell rang and they had to conclude the jam session abruptly. So Max casually made his way to the classroom. He found his favourite seat, which wasat the far corner in the middle of the row. He sat in his desk and doodling in his notebook as all the students for this class arrived. Before Max knew it, the buzzard rang and class commenced. So Max decided to stop and listen to the teacher.

"Listen up, students, we got a new student here with us today," Mr. Leon announced. "Her name is Alice and she comes from Regina, Saskatchewan. Treat her nice and be kind, alright. Now, who finished module five?"

Mr. Leon kept talking and gave the students the no-high-school-diploma routine. As Max took a glimpse of her. She was simply beautiful, in a shy bookworm kinda way. She had brown reddish hair in a ponytail. Her eyes were kind and soft. She wore blue jeans, skater shoes, and a small purple t-shirt. Max had to admit, she had such a nice body.

Class was long and finally ended. Max headed for his locker and he was trying to put Alice out of his mind, but to no avail. That day went like any other day, full and enjoyable, but this time he was lost in his own thoughts and an undeniable urge became realized.

School ended and he was getting off the bus. Still, thoughts about her continued to flash through his head as he stepped into house and went into his room. There was no homework tonight. So, he spent his evening on his computer, sitting in his comfy chair behind a desk. He basically watched videos on youtube, but he knew he wanted something else. He wanted something more. Something burned inside him, then he knew he wanted Alice, without a doubt.

Even as he played his online First Person Shooters, he lusted over Alice. He planned to have the tomorrow at school, driven by desire. As Ten rolled around, he started getting ready for bed. There he laid, his mind tormented him with unrealistic fantasies about Alice. He knew he needed to find release. He was almost on the verge of releasing hiself, but refused and peacefully fell asleep. He would save it for her.

The next morning, he was so excited. Max got ready quick and was out the door for the bus. He arrived at school. He didn't join his friends, he spent the minutes before class to look for Alice. He found her in the computer room. She sat alone. Perfect, Max thought. So he went to sit next to her. She glanced, but made no comments, just a kind smile. Max smiled likewise.

He login and looked over at her. "Hi, I'm Max," he introduced. "And you're Alice, I've heard so much about you."

His ending remark drew a confused smile. "Hi, Max," she replied. "And what have you heard?"

"Only that almost every boy in this school likes you," he smiled.

She laughed. "Oh, now I know you're lying," said Alice. "Look around, there's ten times hotter girls than me."

"I'll tell you what's not a lie," he went on, "to me, you are so pretty. Beautiful even. No word of a lie."

Alice sat there, shocked. She didn't know how to handle this. Thankfully, the bell rang and she headed to class. A few girls from her class saw her walking out of the computer room and the only one behind her was Max. Hence, they assumed what happened.

Alice parted from Max as each day, morning classes were switched. She had art class with dozen other giggly girls and half of them saw her walking with Max. She stepped inside the art room and took her desk at the first row at the far right corner. After Ms. Raphael gave the class the lesson and left them to work. Alice knew there was no work to get done. Since she saw the girls all talking amongst themselves and staring back at her.

Alice tried to ignore them and do her work. But the attention soon turned on her as four pretty brainless girls surrounded her and all pulled up a seat at her desk.

"Hey Alice, we have English together," one girl begun. "My name is Venica. That's Michelle, Ashley, and Jess."

"So the hockey star, Max has his eye on you, doesn't he?" Michelle smiled deviantly.

Alice stared at them blankly. "Hockey star?"

"Max is the best hockey player on the high school hockey team," Jess retorted.

"He is?"

"You better believeit , that boy is so fast on the ice," Ashley trails off as she fantasies. "And he scores like more than anyone else…"

Soon the subject changed and Alice was happy to be making new friends. But not a shred of work got done as the bell rang. So she went about her day as yesterday, being the quiet new girl and doing her work. But her mind continued to think back to what those girls said about Max.

School was out, everyone rushed to their lockers and headed for the bus, rides, or bikes. Some just simply started walking home and Alice was one of those walkers.

"Hey, Alice!" Came a voice beyond her. She looked back to see it was Max. She quickly became excited and a little frightened. "Mind if I walk with you?"

"Hello Max," she smiled. "Oh, not at all."

She couldn't help enjoy this fine boy was interested in her little old self. She blushed each time Max would look into her eyes. They talked through the walk. Max told a little about himself, about his friend's band, being on the hockey team, and his video games. He then started asking about Alice. She was a little shy and clammed up, but Max kept asking to pry her open.

Max saw a park ahead, so he did his best to lead her down into the park. Alice tried to say steer away, but Max insisted on taking a detour so they could talk more. "I'd hate to end this," he said. Alice was so flattered. She couldn't lie, she found Max very handsome, charming, and—a little sexy. She was even beginning to see him without his clothes.

They walked into the park. They followed a dirt path. The grass was so rich. The trees were tall and thick. It was turning into some sort of meadow. Alice noticed the sky becoming a orange hue, for the sun was setting. Then something stopped her. It was Max then held her. He was staring into her eyes, and she stared back.

Suddenly, he leaned in for a quick, for a deep passionate kiss. The kiss itself, shocked her with surprise, and ashamed to feel excited from it. When the kiss ended, she was feeling hot and a little dissy with the sudden surge of feelings. "Why?" she asked.

"I don't know," he answered.

He leaned in for another kiss and this time Alice leaned in for it too. This one was longer and Max started kissing down her neck. She was feeling strange new feelings. "Stop, we can't do this," she said, but even in her heart, she didn't want to stop.

"Why?" He countered.

"I'm not this type of girl," she said and made little to no effort to stop Max from kissing down her neck. "Stop it, this is wrong." Each kiss, made her legs weak. It felt so sensational and arousing. "More… more," she started saying.

She accepted it, and loved how pleasureful this was. Max pulled her right up against him, pressing their bodies together. She felt something hard, pressing against her lower stomach. It drove her wild. She found her hands her sliding underneath Max's shirt. She felt all the hard tone muscles that was Max's body. It added more wood to the fire.

And she was feeling Max's hands wonder all over. His cold tip of his fingers sent chills up her back, causing her to shiver in pleasure. Soon clothes were coming off. It started shirts. First thing Max noticed, Alice wasn't wearing a bra. Acting purely on instinct, he crouched low and began licking and sucking on her nicely proportioned breasts. The new sensation forced her to take a deep inhale caused by the shock of pleasure.

Her hands had a mind of their own as they ran along Max's dark brown hair. After a few minutes, her hands were forcing Max to go lower and he knew what she wanted. He started undoing her jeans, popping off the button, and slowly unzipping it. Every second of anticipation was so highy arousing. She quickly kicked off her jeans and slowly pulled down her panties. Max blankly stared at the beautiful landing strip she sported.

Without further delay, his tongue went deep. Again came that sudden shock of pleasure, only more blissful than the last. She loved every second of his tongue swirling inside her. Only until, it swirled around her clitoris. "Don't stop…" she said. Her hands continued to run through Max's hair, she found herself pulling on his hair with every surge of pleasure.

A cool breeze that gave her goosebumps made her realized she was a naked in the middle of a park, having her vagina licked by possibly the hottest guy in her high school. And, she didn't want it to stop, she wanted more of him. And she remembered the hard flashlight between his legs. She wanted to see it.

Max was pushed flat on his back, laying on the cold grass. His shirt, boxers, and pants were quickly tossed aside by quick moving hands. Those same hands were running all over his body, but one place in-particular.

"Its so big," she said as she stroked it lovingly. She spate in her hands and continued to stroke Max nicely.

The wet sensation was so new to him. "Oh god," he moaned.

Max couldn't stand it anymore. He pulled her over him and rolled on top. Alice was taken by complete surprise and what she felt next she never expected. She felt something rock hard and burning with heat being jammed inside her. She moaned loudly, but it was cut short as Max covered her mouth.

In the missionary position, he thursted his long hard log deep inside her and kept a fast pace. Each thrust, he felt her wanting to moan for all the world to hear. He soon, replaced his hand with his lips. Alice started to enjoy it and as it was feeling much more sweeter.

What felt like hours of endless was only a good hour of heated passion, pleasure, and deep seeded lust that had been repressed years. They were breathing heavy. Max was thursting endlessly. Alice wrapped her legs tightly around Max's small waist.

"Almost," Alice whispered. A minute, she felt the hot juices inside her. It felt so incredible. It was as though she was injected with a strong dose of bliss. She sensed Max grow relaxed and weak. She just held him close, playing with his hair, and rubbing his back…