"Live Free or Let Me Die" an interesting choice of words combined together to make a song title. I didn't really think anything of it. Just that it was something of an object to listen to, drawing my attention away from the world for just one moment in which I could have my serenity. Then, as I sit here and listen to the words again, a thought blooms like a flower in spring time, the petals falling away from one another with perfect form, a bit of grace, and the sunlight glistening upon the surface. Really, live free or let me die. How odd yet true these words ring aloud in a room of silence, I thought. How very unique the feeling to each person. How…strange the heart beats from depicting our own sense of the phrase.

"Live Free or Let Me Die". What would one such as me or anyone else really think when hearing these words? I cannot say what the thoughts within the minds of others would foretell, but for me, this phrase has a rather strong meaning to it. First off, how does one –truly- live free within a world full of suffering? How does a person feel as though the weight or burden has been lifted from their shoulders? How is it that we, as human beings, think we control every aspect of humanity without also thinking of the punishment for some actions in which we cannot take back? I am starting to ramble on through the form of questions, not getting my point across, or perhaps I am.

"Live Free or Let Me Die". Oh how these words take effect in the corridors of my very being for I am but in a small cage with bars of coldest steal that bite into the skin of my hands. Wings that have decayed overtime are so very heavy against my back. My shoulders ache for some type of release and yet no one hears the cries of this dark angel living in the pit of a dark abyss. Who would care for such a dismal creature? Doth He who reins above all this world have a place in His heart for his daughter who needs him in her time of need? Perhaps so, but even as the cage is removed, the black angel still feels lost within the world. Is there any such home that would shelter such a being? Is there a place for me?

"Live Free or Let Me Die". If you've ever heard this song before, you might know what it is that I'm supposedly speaking of. However, if not, let me fill you in just a bit. The lyrics would god something like this, if I can remember them correctly as to not mislead you of their meaning. "You can't take away my pride. I won't be denied. There's nothing left to fight. Live Free or Let Me Die." Now, what thought instantly flood your mind when you read that? As I said before, I didn't really think about it or the thought didn't hit me until after I listened to the song a few more times. If you ask me, those very words are quiet spot on target. This place we call our home is more or less like hell itself. With each new horrid thing that happens and as the cruelty continues to spread, the artist behind the magic continues to paint the flames around us.

"Live Free or Let Me Die". Of course, I can't forget about the good things that happen every once in a while. That would just be plain foolish of me to do. With that being said, what special times can you –really- remember in your life, even if you're in your teens and haven't really lived that long yet? What fuels your heart to keep beating each day? What gives you that drive to push through stressful times? Hell, what silly, small things can make you laugh at the drop of a hat? Ah yes, memories, memories, memories. Such brilliant, seamless, timeless treasures to hold onto, wouldn't you say? Live Free or Let Me Die. If there is one thing that I might remove or change in the title so that it would better fit this documentation, it would just have to say "Live Free". Live Free in tomorrow's twisting economy. Live Free when it seems that chains bind you. Live free, live free, live free.

"Live Free or Let Me Die". Now, I draw to a conclusion to this. Live Free. Work, push, and strive to live free. Let Me Die. If I cannot somehow survive through it, if I cannot find some way to be free, then I shall leave this world behind and find a better place amongst the stars. That, some would say, is a fools dream. Just like finding fake gold and calling it a fool's treasure. Ah well, I suppose that's just how it is with me. I look for things that sometimes can't be reached or found, but then again, nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it…right? So, yes, live free or let me die.