Rhythmic beating upon soft soil resounding throughout the lush green forest, hues of all colors splashing with each beat. Native birds warbled the song that only seemed to add to the magic already in play, making the forest seem more alive than it had been in many a year. In the center of this enchanted scene, stomping with the tempo, a nymph-like entity moved with complete grace and elegance. The sunlight shined on this rare beauty through the canopy above, making it as though she were naught but a transparent figure. Dancing by the river side, the rushing water going over smooth rocks made it as though chimes were playing. Of course, this was only transpired as such by those with a magic sort of ear.

With hair like the softest silk, the white tresses whipping around the slender face, it would cause one to think of this woman being in liquid glass, the currents playing with each strand of hair. With skin being soft to the finest of touch, eyes of lavender shades that glowed brightly, and a smile that would stop a man's heart, the lips painted with rose petals, this extravagant beauty couldn't possibly exist in the mortal world. Something like this radiant creature could only come alive in dreams….or could it?

But, one thing stood out above all these features that made you realize this graceful woman wasn't a dream nor a crystalline figure as fluid movements, every line and angle, was then seen. Emerald clothing cascaded down her body in an ever flowing gown that showed off her gentle curves as if somebody had drawn her to life. But, they would soon be proven wrong, this goddess-like apparition standing out through the thickness of the trees and underbrush with every breath of air that was taken within her lungs, every sigh that passed through lips that would make any male creature yearn for a kiss, and the flow from one stance to another that made up the elements of this dance. Hands soft and refined with the skin of an infant reached out, body bending to extend this motion, this gesture poised as if she were asking for something. Her arms then folded in half way after that in the form of a hug, her hands coming to rest one over the other, lavender spheres closed, facial features soft.

Now, moving out of this position, a different beat started to drum, the sunset setting the sky aflame, colors portrayed across it as if an artist's had painted them there. This beat that now played went on the lines of a more tribal like pace, the stomping of her feet speeding up, little puffs of dust rising around them with each pound. The emerald dress that hugged the woman's body transformed from this deepened color of green to the fiery blaze of sexy red. This transformation traveled up her entire body, rubies coming to sit on each wrist in a series of twists of cords, all intertwined to make one. Necklace of garnet rested about her chest, weighing nothing. Lips of darkened red became brighter, making a grand match for the woman's tone of skin, earrings the draped nice from her ears, these weighing nothing as well. Two more things happened to manifest themselves onto her person, completing her outfit. One was the bloom of rose petals, stretching out wide until the rose looked more like a jewel than a real flower. Lastly was the flourish of the silk sash, hugging her arms tight, but still had the feel of comfort, the material caressing her skin.

Now, the true dance had suddenly begun. Her body moved in time with the beat of the music that swirled around her, the need to dance rising like mist from the day, the tempo of an unseen drum accelerating. With sash in hands and a sharp turn of the body, this woven masterpiece flew out behind her, coming to arch above the female's head, the sound of this sending a new note to be adding with the song. Coming to rest once again at her back, this sash now became one with her body. She moved her hips from side to side, keeping her feet steady. This made is seem like she was doing a form of belly dancing, locks of hair falling around her face, cupping it gently, giving this child of dance a wild sort of look. But alas, the night came on steadily, the variety of colors darkening, dimming into the mix of nightly dreams, new shades of wonder coming to life in this forest of ever green.

This change in scene, this eclipse of the magical world brought on another shifting of appearance. Festival, fiery red darkened till naught but midnight blue stained the heavenly drapes on her body. Brightened lips of cherry smoothed out into blacked shades of blue berry, rose petals of the flower in her hair folded inward, saying it's goodnight to the enchanted wood, the replacement of a pure white lily coming to say its hello. The tribal beat that started this craze soon died down as well. A song of the lark and the tender melody of the flute intertwined as one, causing the air to be filled with peace and serenity. With the last footfalls from this gorgeous being, a sigh of content escaping from her, this becoming the last breath before the arms of the heavens embraced her tight, stealing her way into the darkened depths of the night.