Unveil the mortar and pestle,
Grind these petals to a paste and
Paint your lips, your pupils
So you may taste the beauty in every kiss
You bless me with upon my own,
So you can see how lovely the moon glows
When I stare at you in awe.

Take my hand
(I'll keep you close)

So I might lead you into places
You've only half infiltrated,
Places where your temporary perceptions are as
Permanent as my arms around you.
(For, though it might be selfish,
I want to see your reaction when you
Realize truths I've known all along;
You're strong, you're lovely,
And dear God, you're more than enough.)

(Besides, I could never bring myself to
Leave you alone any longer than necessary.)

I'll be your guide, your everything,
(For that's what you deserve,)

Your seamstress to sew the jagged pieces back together,
Your knight
(And though the armor may not be shining,
My intentions, my heart are pure,)

Arriving by your side when needed to
Confront your darkest demons,
Slay the dragons that haunt you and
Carry you back to sunrise
When you cannot see the light.

Just let me be the lips on eyelids,
On cheeks to absorb the salt that lies there,
Let my kisses paint your retinas and
Allow you to finally see what I see –
For I know no exaggeration or lies when
This tongue contorts,
Forming the breaths that pass through lungs;
I love you, I Need you.

(Now more than ever.)