Adders undulate contortionist nests of
Nitric acid pore seepage,
Sizzling oil spills slick, gnaw like
Grandpa over his French lover from the war.
Your otter fur writhes like gymnastics,
Spikes into lobes, and you're
Finding your
Name spilt into the sky as last night's breakfast
After one too many shots of moonshine.

Ultraviolet wavelengths scribed on mouths and
Dipping their ladles down this throat;
Your litmus buds dousing, collecting,
Sampling the waters,
Breaking like chipped ceramic through fine grease tensions laid
Bare like souls,
Bare as houses,
Bare as your peace offering, as your
Skin on my floor.

Caught as minnows in your riptide;
Up as left in parallel arteries
Pulsing alongside the grains of your shores,
Needling into our palms and
Washed up like
Infected sea foam cradling your breakwater like lullabies.
Shhh, baby,
It's fine, baby,
Everything's going to be just fine, baby, and the
Hush of your ocean almost stifles the gulls,
Shrieking metal calls birthing
Infinite loops that
Bleed along your beaches,
Spearing lust against your tide walls.

Parried brushes along these irises,
Pooling your colors atop my retinas like a
Week's worth of too many beers and poor aim;
Scented like cliché and burning
Low like seawater
Soaked into lungs.