This plot bunny hit me in study hall the other day. Only managed to write it down today, when I was home alone, on a dreary day, listening to the Harry Potter 6 Soundtrack. n.n

Pure Fluff. Enjoy.

~An Umbrella of Promises by Meet-the-Moon~

The bitter cold of the November rain seeped into her bones as she walked down the streets of the busy city, carefully avoiding the puddles with her umbrella in hand. Even in the gloomy weather, her diamond ring shone like a beacon of hope for weary sailors trying to find their way home.

It was a beacon of hope- not for a sailor, but for a weary looking man that couldn't have been a day over thirty. He was clutching the most recent edition of the newspaper, no longer the source of his attention. He was wearing a white gold band.

"One, long, dreadful month this has been!" he thought sadly. But oh, how wonderful it was to see her again! He had planned on talking to her sooner, but he always lost the courage and decided against it.

"But alas, she's still wearing the ring. The ring you gave her," he thought. He made up his mind.

He ignored that he was soaked to the bone, and tossed the sopping wet newspaper into the closest garbage can. He was going to talk to her. He would beg on his knees if it meant that she would even look at him.

One month. One month had passed since that dreadful fight. Both had said things that neither meant, but weren't willing to take back.

But there he was, standing in the rain, before her. The past month slowly melted away – the cold, lonely bed she dreaded to sleep in, how dreadfully bare and lifeless the flat felt because he wasn't there, the gut feeling that she may be pregnant…

Those all went away. No words were needed – not now, at least. There would be time for words later. She kissed him full on the mouth, mindful of where her umbrella was so she wouldn't hit him.

The couple spoke of promises of the future, relishing the feel of being wrapped in each other's arms, underneath that umbrella of hers.

He held his lovely wife closer and sighed – he had found his way home.

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