And the Raven descended upon the child and stole her away to his castle in the mountains. And she grew to be a lovely woman with beautiful golden hair and pearl white skin. The Raven cherished her and gave her all the jewels and silks that any woman could ever desire, but she was not happy. And he promised her love for all eternity, but she still was not happy. For he kept her as a bird in a cage. A beautiful bird, whom above all else desired to be free. He loved her deeply, but feared that if he let her out of her prison, she would not return. And so, he never let her fly. He tried to comfort her, but nothing he said could cease her tears. One day he went to see his precious lady, but she was not there. In her place was a beautiful dove. She pleaded with the Raven to let his lady be free. The Raven, believing that the dove had stolen his beautiful bride, killed the dove and quickly left the castle to exact his anger out on the village from whence he had stolen his unwilling bride. Upon his return to the castle, he discovered his fair beauty in the cage where she had always been, but something was now different. Snow white wings protruded from her shoulder blades where none had been before. His dagger plunged in her now still chest. He realized the dove that had pleaded for freedom was indeed his only beloved. Distraught with agony he exiled himself to the deepest part of his castle, never to be seen again.