A/N: So first of all, everyone needs to go to www dot oneword dot com. It's a writing prompt website where every day it gives you one word and you have 60 seconds to write about it. I figured it couldn't hurt to post what I jotted down here.

Ignore grammar errors and such. Everything is exactly as I wrote it.


September 21st, 2009
Prompt: Mercury

I've always wanted to go to a different planet. Maybe mercury, the closest to the sun. I would take you with me and we would burn, burn, burn, the way I do when I'm so close to you.

September 22nd, 2009
Prompt: Early

It's early in the morning and my mind is in that state where I'm halfway between the world of dreaming and that madness called reality. In the half-dreaming there is warmth next to me, lips pressed against my neck. I sigh softly, happily. This is perfection.
The light drags me from that half-dream and when I finally wake, it's cold, and there is no one there after all.

September 23rd, 2009
Prompt: Check

sunglasses: check
clothes: check
toiletries: check
suitcase: check
plane ticket: check
camera: check
notebook: check
you: ...

(I have no idea where this one came from.)