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Then the dream seeped in…

The Blue Hours

3. Memories

As I expected, it was the same dream. Just as terrifying and vivid as last night.

I shot open my eyes, the crusty feeling of sore eyes stung. When my vision fixed though, it was all purple. I felt myself weakly frown, was I still dreaming? I gently raised my hand to check but instead felt soft fabric. I rolled my eyes. I pushed the covers over my head and dumped them on the floor in frustration.

Stupid, stupid dream!

I glanced at my alarm clock. The digital numbers were a 7'o clock green. I raised a brow, my waking up patterns weren't very optimistic. I slipped off the bed and began to plod out of my bedroom until the door made a knocking sound. I breathed out through my nose, insults running through my head to throw at my sister if she was knocking. I swung the door open,

"Get back to bed." I blinked as mum stood there with a bunch of clothes stuffed in her arms. I felt my shoulders sag lower,

"Mum, for god's sake I'm fine…" I couldn't be bothered to shout. Mum gave my a incredulous look,

"You look very pale…" she murmured under breath as she grabbed my chin with her spare hand, observing my complexion. Her hands smelt of washing up liquid, "And cut that language out."

I stepped back after mum let go of my chin,

"Mum, I'm always pale in the morning," I saw her shake her head as she started putting away my clothes, "You told me that."

She shut the dressing table drawers fiercely as her brown eyes met mine,

"Lydia, you are staying at home whether you like it or not," she glanced at my alarm clock, "We're seeing Dr. Wilson at eight-thirty."

I felt breath escape my mouth sharply. I restrained the urge to stamp my feet and shout back but mum was already rushing out the doorway.

I stood in the middle of my room. It felt so empty, so bare, even though there were mountains of clothes and other crap lying around. I felt shivers tingle up my spine as I rubbed my chilled arms briskly. I knew I was thinking too much. Perhaps mum was right. Maybe I should stay at home, but…..I need to know something. I was surprised at myself for wanting to go to school after all that fuss. Getting hypnotized in maths, humiliated by….well, myself and fainting in the middle of a car park. These events should usually happen over a year for a girl, but since I'm not normal, that all happens in the space of one day. I carried on standing in my room, letting my eyes stare into the wall. I didn't want to think of…him. If I did, well, you never know, I might faint again. I shoved the thoughts right to the back of my head and went for my shower.

Yep, having a shower will help things. Killing of the polar bears always sounds good…

Once I had my shower, I dried off and slipped into my fluffy bath robe. I made my way to my room, yawning as I went. I deliberately took ages to get ready. The hairdryer made my hair smell of burnt eggs. I sighed letting my hair down since it was always frizzy, no matter what and pulled on my skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt. I jogged down the stairs and into the living room. As usual, Mollie was sitting watching TV and mum was in the kitchen. I opened the cupboard while glancing at mum. Piles of papers and booklets were beside her, pens scattered across the table. Her head was resting on her hand, her shoulder length hair covering the side of her face like a veil and a blue pen held loosely in her hand, tapping on the table,

"Hey mum, where's Dave?" I called to her, collecting the box of cereal. Mum didn't look up,

"In the garden, fixing the shed…." her voice was monotone and her brow was creased, showing wrinkles on her forehead. I glanced past mum out the window into the garden. Sure enough, Dave was outside in the garden fixing our rickety shed, attacking a large block of wood mercifully with an axe. I poured the cereal into a bowl and completed my breakfast with milk and a ton of sugar. I picked up the bowl with both my hands (incase I spilt it), pushed the door open with my bare toes and sat at the table in the living room, away from Mollie. I scooped and ate the cereal continuously, crunching the flakes in my mouth and swallowing the mush down. I gazed out the window wearily; the sky was a light hue of blue. Cars and trucks rushed past, splashing water onto the pavements. I felt my shoulders slump. I continued eating the cereal and looking out the window, thinking. Would I see them again? They intrigued me so much. Having a group of teenagers living all together in the same household was rare here, very rare. And the way they acted towards each other was so much different to how I act to Mollie….

I glanced towards Mollie. She was still watching TV, a tired look on her young features. I felt a smile tug on my lips. I rose up from my chair noticing my bowl was empty. I made my way back to the kitchen. I opened the door and felt my face tighten. Mum was sitting at the table, a long, thin cigarette in her left hand between her fingers, smoke blowing out her lips. She brought the white stick towards her lips and engulfed a mouthful of smoke; I felt my cereal churn in my stomach,

"Mum, please…" I mumbled, cringing at the whole scene. She glanced towards me with a confused look,

"Please what?" she said back, chuckling. I huffed through my nose,

"Not in the kitchen." I stared at the cigarette. The smoke danced in the air. Mum blow through her nose sharply and stabbed her cigarette into the ashtray. She stood up, the chair squeaking,

"Can't I get any peace around here…" she grumbled. She swung the living room door open and slammed it shut. I blinked stupidly,

You ass! Did you not see her with all those papers! She was probably stressed!

I reached out my hand to the door, deciding to apologize but let it flop lifelessly to my side. I flicked my eyes to the clock in the corner. It was around seven thirty, one more hour. I stood in the kitchen observing the kitchenware, counters and the massive pile of papers on the table. I skimmed my eyes down the some of the pages. A punch of guilt flew through. They were bills, and lots of them. I could even see old photos amongst the flurry of paper, photos of me, mum…and dad. I flopped down at the chair staring at the photo in my hand. It was in London, when I was around five years old. We were standing in the street with the parliament buildings in the background. Dad had is arm wrapped around me, a spontaneous grin across his seemingly young face. Mum was standing on the other side of me, holding my hand and smiling softly. I slid further down the chair, letting myself get lost in the photo.

Bang! Bang!

I flinched violently, dropping the picture and almost falling out my chair. I glared at the window. Dave was holding his axe in a 'scary' fashion making a freaky face. My eyes were wide and confused. Dave roared with laughter. I felt my face twitch into a frown. Dave rolled his eyes and opened the door. He was wearing a large red checkered shirt over some ripped jeans. My brow raised and I creased my lips into a line, trying not to laugh,

"What?" Dave asked, leaning his axe against the wall outside. I shook my head sniggering. I heard Dave huff playfully and make his way towards the living room. Then his footsteps stopped. He strolled over to the table a curious look on his face,

"What's this…?" I heard him mumble. I continued sniggering until I realized what he saw. I dropped my sight towards the photo, it's backing facing me. Dave bent down and picked it up with muddy fingers. I saw his eyes soften as they met the picture. I looked at my hands. He placed the photo carefully back on the table,

"Where's ma?" he asked, smiling although I could plainly see sorry in his eyes,

"Dunno. She walked out." I grumbled, staring at the picture with muddy fingerprints on it. Dave sighed,

"She'd better not of been smokin'…" he growled. I felt a vile smirk twitch,

"Think again." I murmured, looking at him. He closed his eyes breathing out, and then opened them again. He smiled at me sympathetically, glancing at the photo, and then walked out the room.

The drive to Dr. Wilson's was probably the most uncomfortable journey I've ever been on. Mum wasn't speaking to me. Instead, she was more interested in humming along to the old Blondie song that was blaring out the radio. I rested my head against the side of the car. The sky had now become the usual light grey and I could see several teens making there way to school. The pavements still looked damp, matching the people's faces. I slumped back into my chair, twiddling my fingers absentmindedly. I had a large duffel jacket on but I still felt the morning chill against my skin, must be the nerves. Although, I wasn't scared of going to the doctors, I guess I was worried incase he'd send me to a psychiatrist or something.

The radio stopped blasting out Blondie.

"Good Morning! You're listening to and the time is 8 o'clock. Up next we have some T-Rex and other retro greats! But first, we have the weather with Leanne."

The recognizable radio jingle emitted from the car stereo. I stopped listening as I saw the Health Centre on the horizon.

Mum grabbed the clutch and slowed down to an eventual stop. The car wheezed tiredly as I swung the door open. The loud clang of doors made my ears ring. I followed mum into the centre, glancing at the sign outside,

'Welcome to Harvard Creek* Health Centre'

I looked drowsily at the small building. It was one floor building with bits of shrubbery outside blinded windows. I could see several cars parked round the back in private parking spots. I followed mum into the reception, the warmth nipping my cold fingers. It felt stuffy and smelt of chemical cleaning spray. I stood with mum behind the viewing window of the reception. A short, stout lady sat a t a desk behind the window, a pair of small, round glasses perched on her stubby nose,

"Yes?" she asked, her fingers tapping madly on the computer keys,

"I've made an appointment." Mum said, loudly because of the constant ringing telephone.

"Name?" the lady asked, looking up. Her brow rising when seeing me,

"Bennett. Lydia Bennett." The receptionist nodded and tapped keys into the computer. I could see several other ladies in the back of the room, carrying piles of books, rifling through filing cabinets and answering telephones. The receptionist looked up to my mum smiling,

"Please take a seat." Mum nodded and sat down on one of the plush red chairs. I sat down next to her, trying not to inhale the chemical smell. I scanned over the other waiting patients. There was an old man in the seat in front of us. He was coughing harshly into a white handkerchief while an old, gnarled walking stick stood against the leg of the chair. A small, pale looking girl and her mother were sitting nearby, too. The girl was clutching onto her mother while she patted her head, whispering into her hair. I didn't understand why I had to see a doctor. I was sure that all these patients were sicker than me. I watched as one by one, patients stood up and followed their doctors to their rooms. I tapped my fingers against the wooded chair arms. The speakers in the corners of the waiting room were droning out some sort of boring lounge music, the type you'd find in an elevator. There were several posters up on the cream walls advertising health care and help lines.

The ten minutes me and mum waited dragged onwards. Mum kept shuffling about, flicking through magazine pages and picking at her nails. I watched her, knowing that she was dieing for a smoke. Suddenly, Dr. Wilson walked in,

"Lydia Bennett?" he asked. I stood, along with mum, and followed the doctor down the corridor. He opened a door at the bottom of the corridor and let me and mum in, smiling a crooked smile. The room smelt of cologne, freeing my nose from the vile chemical smell from before. There was an office chair behind a desk with a computer. Filing cabinets stood in the corner while a long stretcher-like bed was at the side. Pots of plants were dotted about the room while similar posters from before were plastered across the lilac walls. Dr. Wilson sat down on his office chair, whirling it round to the computer,

"Let's see….," he mumbled, his index finger clicking on the mouse, "I heard you fainted yesterday."

I nodded. He looked towards my direction, a silvery brow rising,

"Have you been taking medication at all." He asked his voice low and serious. I stifled a laugh. Geez, what did I look like, a drugged junkie? I shook my head as he returned to clicking on the mouse,

"Have you been feeling unwell this morning?" he murmured. I shook my head again, already getting tired of the questions. Dr. Wilson glanced at me, his dark grey eyes shimmering curiously,

"Have you been having headaches recently? Feeling sick?" I gave a small nod,

"Well….," I quickly glanced at mum who was looking at me quizzically, "I've been feeling a little weird recently…"

Dr. Wilson nodded, his eyes scanning mine like a hawk. I felt a very uncomfortable feeling grow within me,

"Uh huh, like what?" he asked,

"Eh….like I'm choking on liquid, water or something…." Dr. Wilson raised a grey brow. He turned to the computer and recklessly typed on the keyboard. I took my chance to glance at mum. She was staring at me, confused and sympathetic. Dr. Wilson turned back,

"Have you been throwing up at all?" he asked calmly. I saw mum glance quickly at me, worried. I shook my head furiously. He nodded back while typing again on the computer.

Why was I telling him this? I already know that this all linked with the dream. The water, choking, shouting, yep, it was all linked….I think,

"From what you've told me, she could be suffering of a flu or a bad cold," Mum nodded, her eyes flickering towards every now and then, "I suggest her to take some cold and flu medicine, it may ease the bile or gunge in her throat."

Mum and Dr. Wilson continued talking while I let myself drift away.

Gunge? I had gunge in my throat? I felt my face cringe slightly, no way. It was water I knew it. And I certainly don't feel like I have a cold or flu….

Suddenly Dr. Wilson stood, shaking hands with mum,

"If there are any problems Ruth, then please, tell me." He smiled warmly, his short silvery hair glinting in the gaps of sunlight between the blinds. Ruth? Since when did my doctor call my mum, Ruth?

Ooh, perhaps they're old flames….

The thought made me shudder inside. Ew, that was just wrong. Mum smiled back and said goodbye.

The door clicked shut. Mum and I walked back up the corridor; mum shot her eyes accusingly at me,

"You felt as if you were choking?" she fussed, "Why on earth didn't you tell me?

I rolled my eyes as we came to the reception room,

"Mum, you wouldn't have understood…" I mumbled. Mum huffed through her nose,

"Now look here missy, I might not be a doctor but what I do know about is my own kids. So having you not telling me anything about this was very silly of you." Her tone had turned to a sharp murmur as we made our way past the chairs,

"How exactly was it 'silly'?" I asked, frowning, "I didn't know how to explain it…"

Mum shook her head. She took the note from the receptionist, explaining to me what to do,

"Make sure you hand this in to the school reception. It tells them were you've been." The previous lady smiled sweetly when I nodded and smiled. Mum said goodbye as we made our way to the exit.

I could see our mess of a car out the front. By the looks of things, the pavement had dried up a little and fewer teens were walking about. I opened the car door and stepped inside.

Mum handed me the excuse note and started the engine. I heard it cough slightly and groan to a start. Mum switched on the radio almost immediately, the radio blasting out another retro tune. I felt the car buzz under my seat. So that was it, that was my visit to the doctors,

"How could Dr. Wilson think I have a cold?" I asked mum as the car groaned to a stop at the traffic lights. Mum's eye's narrowed,

"Well, blame it on your explaining;" she drummed her fingers on the leather of the steering wheel quickly, "I don't understand how you could 'choke' on something…"

She shook her head. I rolled my eyes.

There was a short silence. I cleared my throat, catching an inch of mum's attention

"So…am I going to school?" I asked, hopefully and politely as I could. Mum's eyes flickered to me quickly,

"I suppose you could, yes. I don't think you have a cold or flu at all…," She shook her head again. I felt relief wash over me.

"But," she began, "I'm going to give you some medicine when you get home after school and you're gettin' an early night tonight." She glowered at the car, blasting off after the traffic lights changed. The car rumbled onwards through the maze of empty streets, trucks and buses passing by. I could see the buildings of the high school in the distance. I groaned,

"Mum, I'm not five." Mum sighed,

"Well, that's what happens when you're running around with hardly anything on in early winter…." She murmured, I could see a faint smirk on her face. I let my mouth open,

"What?" I shouted, surprised, "What do you mean?"

Mum rolled her eyes,

"Lydia, calm down," Mum said, louder. The smirk broadened, "Anyway, you know what I mean….I've seen you posing around in you're underwear…"

My eyes widened and I felt my mouth drop open. Mum's mouth turned into a thin line, restraining to laugh,

"What!?" I screamed, catching attention of several pedestrians. Mum winced, "I do not!"

Mum gave a quick glare,

"Lydia!" she scolded, although I could still see her smiling, "Don't deny it…."

I opened my mouth to argue back but mum held her hand up, signally me to shut up. I huffed and slouched into my seat. The fence around the school playground and car park zoomed past the windows. The car rolled down to a stop. I opened the door and turned back to mum,

"See you later." I eyed her evilly as she chuckled,

"Bye, Liddie."

I rolled my eyes, grabbed my bag from the back seat and shut the door. I waved back to mum as she reversed out the car park. I watched it roll down the road and out of sight. I could feel my feet settle to the ground in my converses. I made my up to the school reception, feeling the note in my pocket.

The warm breeze of the radiator greeted me as I entered the reception doors. I saw Mrs. Wendell at the reception desk. I walked over and placed the note on the table,

"I was at the doctors." I explained as she glanced upwards. She smiled and took the note,

"Alright then, you just return to class now." I nodded and smiled as she typed something into the computer. I heaved my bag further up my shoulder and set off to class. Strangely, I couldn't shake the feeling of excitement. I'd done this before….

I took my timetable out of my bag. I scanned my eyes along paper, freezing at the subject. English. Didn't I have that yesterday? I sighed heavily and pushed the doors open, out of the reception. I found myself speed walking to the building, my bangs of hair flapping around my face. I saw the pair of doors to the languages building not far away.

"Liddie!" Beatrice shouted, waving her hands wildly, "Over here!"

It was lunchtime and the cafeteria was packed. Several people were shoving past, laughing and chatting. I could see Beatrice and Miranda sitting at a table in the corner, next to one of the large windows. I carried my tray of food over to the table. Beatrice grinned at me while Miranda glanced from her book, gave a smile then returned to reading,

"How was the doctor's?" she asked while I let Beatrice inspect my lunch,

"Meh, alright I guess…," I said, shrugging, "Apparently, I have a cold."

I could saw Miranda give a slight nod. Beatrice cringed,

"Ew, does this mean it's contaijes*?" she asked, tilting her head. Miranda and I burst into giggles,

"That's not how you say contagious, by the way." She said, snorting with laughter. Beatrice huffed and sat back in her seat,

"Whatever…" she mumbled under breath. I could see Miranda shaking her head,

"Anyway," my laughter ceased as I cleared my throat, "It's not like it's a disease or anything, probably a common cold."

Beatrice picked at her food shrugging. She had a ham sandwich. I, on the other hand, had a large plate of pasta, a banana, a bottle of orange juice and a cupcake. Beatrice raised a brow,

"You're gonna eat all that?" she asked, pointing at my tray. I stopped, fork hovering in the air before my mouth,

"Well that's what I was planning to do with it, yeah," I smiled, "What else would I do with it?"

Miranda gave out a short laugh. Beatrice's light hazel eyes narrowed,

"Why is everyone being meanies today?" she mumbled, returning to picking at her sandwich. I rolled my eyes,

"We're only kidding, Bea," I chuckled, "So anyway, what about the party?"

Bea's head shot up,

"Oh yeah, I've got stuff to tell you!" she sang, gleefully. I raised a brow, preparing myself,

"Like what?" I ate my awaiting mouthful of pasta,

"Well, the party's this weekend and everyone in town is coming!" she said, buzzing in her seat. A piece of pasta fell from my fork,

"I thought you said it was in a few weeks?" I asked, frowning. Bea nodded with a sheepish smile,

"Yeah, well, I heard wrong. I think it's on Saturday night so that gives us Friday evening to sort out our outfits." She picked a crumb off her sandwich and ate it, smiling at me. I breathed out,

"Does this mean we have to go shopping, on Friday night?" I groaned. I didn't mind shopping at all, in fact, I like it but shopping with Bea is a whole different situation.

She nodded eagerly,

"Uh huh, Mir's comin' too," she said, simply. Miranda's head slowly rose from the book,

"I am?" she mumbled, her brow raised high. Bea looked at her, bewildered,

"Yes, didn't I tell you? You're coming to the party with me, Liddie and Daniel!" she gave a bright smile while Miranda's face projected of pure horror. I chuckled, flashing an evil look at Miranda,

"Bea, I didn't agree on this and I don't think Daniel will either." Miranda protested, shaking her head. Beatrice raised her nose in the air,

"Tough luck, you guys are comin' whether you like it or not….and anyways, like I said, I need supp-."

"Support, we know." I recited plainly, finishing my pasta.

The rest of lunch went by quite quickly; Bea had been busy blabbering on to a not-so-interested Miranda about a dress she saw up the high street that she just had to buy.

I took this chance to have a look around the cafeteria, in search for them. I scanned across the room, past the tables of boys jumping like monkeys and throwing food at each other, past the table of Ashley and Co. who were busy fixing their hair and past the tables of people studying, laughing and eating hungrily. But, they weren't there. I hadn't seen them at all this morning, even in French. I took a quick glance out the window, where I got a pretty good look of the tables outside. Again, they weren't there. Strange, fancy having all of them off at the same time…

Bunking off probably…

"Lydia, Lydia!" I snapped back around to face Bea,


"Are coming outside or not?" she asked impatiently. I nodded wearily and stood up, feeling blood rush to my legs. I binned my rubbish while, as usual, Bea binned her whole lunch, half-eaten.

I stepped off the bus, my foot landing in a puddle. I cursed softly as I felt water fill my shoes. I heard the doors hiss then shut behind me. I cringed as I started to walk towards the front door, water sinking into my skin through my socks.

As I opened the door I could hear voices inside, real voices. Not the commentary on baseball on the TV. I kicked off my shoes, shrugged out of my coat and dropped my bag on the laminate flooring. I felt my hand grasp around the metal doorknob. I twisted it gently and pushed, a large squeaking noise emitting through the hallway. I blinked at the sight. Mum was perched politely on the sofa, head turned back towards the open kitchen door,

"Oh Lydia, you're back early!" Mum called. I glanced around the room, expecting guests,

"This is our new neighbor. He's moved into Mr. Brook's house." Mum said chirpily. My heart skipped an annoying beat when mum mentioned 'he'. The door opened as a tray with cups entered first. I tracked my memories back to Mr. Brooke's house. I frowned,

"In the woods?" I mumbled to mum, hoping the hidden guest wouldn't hear,

"Certainly is," I felt a small burst of shock inside at the new voice, "Not everyone's cup of tea."

The tray of mugs came into full view followed by a middle-aged man. He was tall, incredibly tall. His hair was a dirty blond and had slight blond stubble on his chin and underneath his nose. His yes were an icy blue, almost white. I tried not to stare,

"Jon Gaiden." He said, swapping the tray so it was balancing perfectly on one hand. He held out his other hand for a shake. I stretched out my hand, gingerly. His hand clasped around mine, his skin almost burned with immense heat. I wanted to pull away but remembering my manners, I didn't. His hand was about twice the size of mine. He let go, a smile spreading on his lips,

"Sorry the others couldn't make it," He wandered past me and sat down on the sofa, laying the tray down onto the coffee table Mum smiled warmly at him, making me feel ever-so uneasy. I stood there, in the doorway, nerves digging deeper,

"So, how long have you been here?" Mum started, pouring coffee into the mugs,

"Well, we moved back here about a month ago. I used to live here when I was young," he smiled distantly, "I remembered running around the woods when I was small, I'll never forget those days…"

He chuckled heartily while Mum giggled. I rolled my eyes briefly. Mum's eyes suddenly shot upwards like a shot gun,

"Lydia, sit down." She said politely, although I could hear venom in her tone. I scanned to the sofa and sat down at the end side.,

"Is there a Mrs. Gaiden?" Mum asked sweetly.

There was a horrible silence.

The TV could only be heard. Jon cleared his throat,

"No, my wife passed away a few years ago…" he tried to smile but exceedingly failing. Mum's lips parted making a small 'o',

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry. I didn't know-,"

"No, no it's alright. That was a few years back." Jon faintly chuckled. Mum's face was very grave and the grip on her cup had tightened. The horrible, silenced aura seemed to diminish.

Mum cleared her throat throwing a sweet smile towards Jon again,

"Do the kids enjoy the school?" Mum asked again, sickly sweet. Jon laughed. I tried not to snort; they were not 'kids'

"I certainly hope so. They're not used to school since they were home-schooled back home." Mum's eyes widened as her lips pursed again. Mum wasn't all for home-schooling. I shuffled uneasily on the sofa, unknowingly confirming my presence. Mum suddenly smiled grandly,

"I'm sure Lydia could show them round if they need help. Lydia's very good with her schoolwork." I felt pure horror drag inside me. Jon nodded but I could see a smile fighting on his lips,

"I'm sure they'll be fine. After all, I'm sure Lydia's got some severe catching-up to do." He turned to me smiling, his eyes sparkling. I stared at the eyes; they were an odd blue, so light it scared me.

I stood up and made a quick excuse; lots of homework. Jon nodded while mum glared accusingly. I slipped away, grabbed my bag and jogged upstairs, hearing Jon and mum's talking disappear out of earshot.

I dumped my bag on my bed and began fishing out my Geography books from my bag. I set them down on my bed and began writing, scanning over the pictures of dusty canyons and fresh, green plains. I suddenly jerked as I felt a buzzing feeling in my jean pocket. I fished out my phone and answered it,

"Hello….?" I murmured, probably sounding depressed,

"HEY!!" I almost fell off my chair. I straightened myself up and closed my eyes, irritated,

"Hey, um, could you not scream every time you call me Bea? You gave me a freakin' heart-attack…," I said back. I heard Bea giggle on the other end,

"Sorry, Hun," she said cheerily, "Anyways, I've got news for Saturday!"

I felt disappointment tug inside me,

"Oh really?" I said back, breathing out, "Like what?"

"Ash's tellin' everyone to spread the news and bring somebody along." She said. I could imagine her suddenly grin, "Hey! You could bring that girl…uh… What's her name, Stacy?"

I rolled my eyes, sighing,

"Tracy. And no, I don't think she'll really like that. She's not even my friend."

"What? You always seem to talk to her. And anyways, it doesn't matter. Remember about Friday, 'kay?" she called, I mumbled a tired 'yeah',

"Good, gotta go now, Jake wants on, byeee!"

I sighed, feeling tired out with misery. I was going to have to ask Tracy to go to a high-class party on-top off the seemingly mountain of things I have to do already. I shrugged; homework first. I continued writing out my homework, thinking about our visitor downstairs. I hadn't seen him around town before, and Harvard Creek was a really small town.

I set my pen down a picked up my mobile. I left my room and jogged downstairs to the hallway. I could hear mum laughing loudly in the living room, I suddenly felt sorry for Jon. I came up to the cupboard under the phone and raked about for the phonebook. Once I found it, I flicked through the pages till they stopped at 'A'. I dialed her number quickly. A timid voice answered,


"Hey Tracy!" I mentally kicked myself. I sounded just like Bea…., "It's Lydia…from school?"

"Oh…hello…." She mumbled back confused. I giggled suddenly,

"I was wondering if you wanted to come to Ashley Beale's party on Saturday. Bea said I should bring somebody and I thought you'd like to come…" I said cheerily. I felt my fingers cross over behind my back.

There was a small silence,

"Um…," I continued waiting, "what time?"

"Probably around…9. I'll pick you up if you want?" I surprised my self by actually offering to pick her up. She didn't even agree to it yet….,

"O-okay, I suppose I could…" she mumbled back, giggling nervously. I laughed with her even though my eyes were wide with shock,

"Okay well, I'll see you tomorrow, bye!" I shouted over. I shut the phone down when I heard her give a small 'bye' back.

That was probably the quickest phone call in my life.

I put the phonebook back in the cupboard and began jogging back upstairs,

"Lydia! Come say goodbye to Jon!" Mum yelled. I felt my face twist into a cringe. I turned and flopped back downstairs.

Jon was standing at the back door, smiling,

"It's been nice meeting you Lydia." He said nodding. I smiled back even though I was confused. Why was he going out the backdoor? He said goodbye to mum and headed off into the back yard waving. I watched mum smile warmly at him,

"Y'know, you're really sending out the wrong message here…." I said, closing the back door. Mum turned to me frowning,

"What does that mean?" she grumbled as she placed the mugs in the sink,

"Oh come on, you were flirting with him!" I felt myself giggle. Mum glared at me,

"Lydia! Having a decent conversation with someone doesn't mean flirting." she shook her head, frowning. I smirked,

"Whatever." I sighed.

I made my way back up the stairs to my room. Once I was in I shut the door and started wandering aimlessly around looking for something to do. Suddenly, something caught my eye. I stopped, crawled onto my bed and looked out the window.

I gazed into the woods, remembering my special spot. My special spot was really called Logger's View but I always went there ever since I was young. But now, I hadn't been there for a while and the thoughts of being on the hill, looking over the town and lake sounded so inviting. I jumped off my bed and headed over to my wardrobe.

It was cold, really cold. The wind lashed about like an animal, tearing my hair from side to side. The sky was a light blue. I checked my watch, just about 4 o'clock. I wrapped my duffel coat around me tighter and started walking. The opening of the woods was just across the road. It was really a gate that said 'Welcome' on it and a few crisp packets and cans of what-seemed-to-be beer. I stepped on the cans and crisp packets. Hearing them crunch and rustle under my hard-soled boots. I looked up and around me, fascinated by the evergreen trees and the last of the birds singing in the air. Some of the trees were bear, there branches looked clear like spears against the light sky while the evergreens were a deep green, their smell filling the air. I took a deep breath, breathing in the smells of bark and evergreen as if it were a drug. I continued walking over sticks, mud and fallen needles off the trees, treasuring their sound in my mind. I kept on walking smiling slightly all the while until I realized something.

The sky was now a dark navy, little spot of white were scattered across the blanket of darkness, a crescent-moon shone brightly on the sky and owls began calling through the silent night. I shuddered and mentally kicked myself, again. Why didn't I notice, lost in the moment I guess…?

I turned around to head back but stopped short. I didn't recognize where I was. I cursed quietly under my breath, little puffs of white exiting my mouth when I breathed. I stood there, nerves creeping up me. What was I supposed to do? Call for help? No, that wouldn't work. No-one would hear me. I tried remembering back when I was young, being taught about the woods by an officer from the local police. What did he say? Keep warm…? I groaned, stamping my foot with impatience.

I eventually decided to walk, slowly, about. I kept telling myself that I'd find an exit and get the hell out of here but I knew this wouldn't work. I touched my empty pocket, should've brought my phone. I continued walking. Fear was slowing slipping in. It was dark now, very dark; I could just make out large branches lying on the wood's grounds and trees standing tall. I ran my hands along the bark trying to lift my mood but it didn't work. Every now and then an owl would hoot, making me jerk in fright. My breath escaped my mouth in thick clouds of white and the crunches of the debris beneath me didn't sooth me anymore. Darkness was descending fast on the wood; I decided to use my torch. I fished it out from my pocket and clicked it on, the large spotlight lighting up a branch beneath me. I walked on, flashing the torch here and there looking for either my house or my neighbor's in the distance, through the trees.

I then came to a large fir tree. I stopped beside it and caught my breath. What was I going to do? I contemplated on how I die out here, eaten by rabbits probably. I then frowned. Wait, rabbits are vegetarian. I shook my head, laughing at my stupidity and paranoia.

I breathed in the air. I then suddenly choked. A horrible stench was filling the air. It was heavy and omissible but I couldn't decipher what it was. I'd never smelt something like this before. Suddenly I spotted something shiny next to me, reflecting the crescent-moon's light. I shone the torch on it, nerves flooding through me. It was a smashed bottle but that's not what sent chills through me.

A hand clutched the bottle, knuckles white.

I swallowed hard.

My breath quickened as did my heart. I slowly stepped around the tree, the smell getting stronger. I then shone the torch reluctantly on the bottom of the tree trunk, hand shaking. My eyes widened.

I screamed.

There you go. Sorry nothing much happened this time, ideas have been coming slowly. I promise the next chapter will be ten times better!!