A/N: I had made a promise to myself that if I wrote a vampire story on FictionPress, that it would be original beyond the shadow of a doubt and I think I may have accomplished that with this story or at least I am hoping.

I've done extensive research on what are claimed to be real vampires, so these will not be your neck-biting, horror story types.

For me, this story was incredibly strange to write but it was fun all the same. I hope you all enjoy what I believe to be an original vampire fiction.


Title: Shattered Illusions

Author: Melissa Norvell

Rating: T

WARNINGS: Standard anime violence, dark themes, shounen-ai undertones, cross-dressing, sexual innuendos or scenes, Gender bending, both in male and female sense, cursing

Pairings: Heterosexual parings and shounen-ai undertones

Created on: 8/24/09

Genre: Horror/Romance/Slight humor

Chapters: 53 + Epilogue

Inspirations- I've been asked what my inspirations are for my stories, so I'll state them here. Some are only vague but I'll list everything that inspired me to write this work here.

I actually have very few inspirations for this work.

The older version of this story- created in July. I couldn't make it work so I initially trashed it, but I brought it back 9/20/09.

Trinity Blood

Paradise Kiss- (minor)

Ketsumei Vampire- by Niki Tori- This was one of the few well-written vampuric manga fictions around here, so I have to give it up as my first inspiration, actually.

Various shounen-ai manga and gender bending manga

Badly written and cliché vampire stories, and also, in a strange way -Twilight- Yes, I HATE that series but it inspired me in a negative way to create something off the wall, out of the box and hopefully something that will put overrated books like that to shame. It's about time FP had LESS vampire fiction based off of the crap that ruins the name of both classical horroresque and realistic vampires.

See? Negative inspirations are still inspirations.

Oh and this quote- I think a good many authors and aspiring authors should read it - If you stop to think, there's nothing new. Now, that's the challenge, rewrite what's already been written and do it well.

Summary: The Time of Ending is a treaty of peace, upheld by vampires and humans a like to ensure a system of peace between their races, and when that pact is broken- everything will be given away and the vampires will be forced to submerge from the darkness.

For Copernicus, an Inheritor Vampire of a pure bloodline, the peace of the Time of Ending will prove more important then initially thought when he finds himself falling for a stripper that he meets one night whom he thought to be a pretty, young boy.

MXF, MXM slight undertones. A stripper keeps her gender a secret in order to make herself obscure to a seemingly homosexual vampire who has a crush on her. But what happens when she runs out of masks to wear, and the illusion no longer works as she's drug into a war between vampires?

FictionPress Summary: MXF, MXM slight undertones. A stripper keeps her gender a secret in order to make herself obscure to a vampire who thinks she's a beautiful boy, but what happens when the mask of illusion is wornthin?

Please enjoy!


Shattered Illusions

By: Melissa Norvell



I was never feminine. I never liked wearing dresses or make-up and if I could help it, I tried not to touch the stuff. Unlike most girls, I never cared about having a boyfriend and to be honest, most of the guys who asked me out were gay.

Yep. You got it-gay. They thought that I was a pretty, long-haired boy. I really can't blame them, considering I practically assumed a male identity in school. I even refused to wear a traditional school girl uniform. I acted like a typical male.

"I had a lot of female admirers, but I shuddered at the thought of their girlish crushes on me. I'd rather be fulfilling a gay guy's homosexual fantasy then actuallybegay any day. I guess, in a lot of ways, I'm like a gay guy but I find that most women can't wait to plunge a knife into your back every time you turn around.

I never would have thought that I'd be dancing on a stage, covered in glitter, flowery hair pins and pearls with flashing lights, loud music and air filled with a dense layer of cigarette smoke while all of the boys who thought I was too flat-chested to be their girlfriend ogled at my exposed chest and sparkling bikini bottom.

Ironic, isn't it?

To be frank, I can't wait until I get off stage so I can change back into my street clothes and get this glittery junk out of my hair.

Being a stripper was like being in a Broadway show- you dress up, put on a good performance and then you get on with your life. Hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

I'm not here because I'm paying tuition, or for the attention, or even because I like to take my clothes off. I'm here because I don't want to be homeless and it was easy to get this job.

Little did I know that someone like me would actually catch the fancy of one of the most stunning individuals anyone's ever met.

To Be Continued

A/N: There's my prologue. For some reason, it seemed a lot longer when it was written then from when I typed it out. Maybe when you type 70 wpm, things fly by quickly. I don't know. I hoped that someone liked this. The first chapter will come out soon enough, probably at the end of this week, so please tell me what you think.