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Shattered Illusions

Chapter 19: Between Reason and Motion

By: Melissa Norvell


"Do you have any last words before you die, you little creaton? I'll drain your blood and feed it to King Hide," the psychotic cross-dresser told the beaten tomboy as he prodded the bayonet into her back.

"Well, you're hell bent on this. Too bad you're all morons," Tsubomi shot. Even if they were ahead of Copernicus, she wouldn't dare deem them close to his level of expertise.

"What?" Hizaki outraged. "Kill him no-" The vampire was cut off by the sound of a click.

Tsubomi pointed her own gun to her head. "I'll kill myself before you ever touch me. It's been fun, gentlemen. Too bad none of you realize that I could be of significant help to you," If any of them had twice the brain they did now, then they would have been able to figure that out easily.

"What crap are you spouting?" Hizaki questioned. Obviously, this little moron thought that he was on top of the game, not if he could help it. "Besides, I doubt you'll shoot yourself. It's just a ploy." Few people would go through with such an extensive measure, and those like Tsubomi seemed far from the type who would simply blow their brains out all over the room.

On the flip side, one could never be too sure and the drag-queen would handle the situation with caution, incase his hunch was wrong.

'This is going to shed a few days from work.' Tsubomi thought to herself as she responded to the vampire's words. "Really?" If Hizaki wanted to challenge her, then she would prove his theories wrong. 'Don't think, just do it.' She reassured as she quickly shot herself in the shoulder, blood stained her jacket. The girl tried not to flinch. "Try me," she wanted to let the vampires know that she was just that crazy. 'That's it, I need help…Damn, that hurt…'

Hizaki's eyes widened. He didn't really think that the boy would do it. He had guts. "What the hell? Are you crazy?"

'I'm an idiot. All of these vampires are going to want my blood now. Minor detail, I've got to get myself out of here.' Tsubomi realized that the task at hand might be harder than she first expected with her newly acquired wound. "If you want to know anything about Prince Yale, then you won't let this opportunity pass you by," the woman pointed the gun back to her temple. She wanted to make sure that the threat of her blowing her own brains out remained.

"What?" Hizaki questioned, still in a state of being flabbergasted by the fact that this young man was serious about wanting to put an end to his own life.

"I overheard you talking about how you wanted to assassinate the prince. The only one, aside from Prince Yale himself that knows of his whereabouts is me. I saw him earlier and followed him off. I know his location." Hopefully, with that information out in the open, Hizaki would find her valuable enough to try and keep her alive. That was the very thing that would give her an edge in this situation.

"What? How do I know you're telling the truth?" The cross-dresser seemed skeptical. Even if Tsubomi just tried to kill herself, coming up with such evidence could be a way of getting her out of the grave that she dug for herself. He wasn't quite sure how to address this situation, but he couldn't just let the possible information of Yale's location just slip through his fingers.

It was better to find out if the boy was lying, rather than let him kill himself before anything was known.

"How do you know I'm lying? Can you take a risk?" Tsubomi asked strongly. She seemed composed on the outside, and even a little on the inside but a part of her was afraid of any answer the vampire might throw out.

"Why are you willing to throw your life away for that dog, Copernicus?" Honestly, this young man was a human, and donor or not most people wouldn't go through such great lengths to just keep their position.

"That's none of your concern."

"What do you know then? You'd better not be wrong," Hizaki was skeptical, while at the same time, trying to see if this lowlife would fall for reverse psychology.

"My information is 100% accurate," Tsubomi backed up her prior statement. Even if she had just found out, if she were forced to or possessed into doing it, she could lead the feminine vampire straight to the prince's secret location.

"Then take me where he is."

'It's hard to concentrate…I'm loosing too much blood.' The girl winced from the dull pains that shot through her injured shoulder. "If I take you there, then you must let me go back to Copernicus. We'll be even that way."

It seemed absurd to think that the vampire would keep his word. Who knew? Maybe Hizaki held some inkling of honor. He hadn't tried to over step his boundaries with Hide.

"Tell me all you know," Hizaki demanded coldly as he squinted his eyes.

"Not until my life is guaranteed," Tsubomi wouldn't back down. She wanted to hear him promise her that.

"I've got to hand it to you. You may be just as crazy as I am," Hizaki let out a chuckle of irony at the situation. In a way, he admired that aspect of this reckless young man. He admired many of his qualities.

Too bad they were on different sides, or they could be the best of friends.

'Yeah, tell me about it. I'm so loyal to this guy I scare myself. I guess I've got to lose my sanity to survive this royal, vampuric rat race. I don't even really know what to do from here. I'm just acting on instinct and making it up as I go.' Thinking quickly, Tsubomi threw together an idea of a plan. The tomboy would just have to hope that it worked, or things could end up badly. "I only want you to come, leave your goons here."

The vampire pouted but agreed with a forced 'fine' as he turned to his troops and ordered them back to their posts. 'What's this guy's aim? He knows that one on one he doesn't stand a chance, so what in the hell does he think he'll accomplish by putting himself in the same situation?'

Tsubomi watched the guards walk off down the hall and gave an inward sigh of relief. 'I hope like hell this works.'

'I'll just kill him after I get Prince Yale. This man is as good as dead as soon as he's played his part and if he leads me into a trap, I'll kill him all the sooner. That gaping wound is enough to kill him if I rip it open a little more.' A devious smirk crossed his face at the thought of such a beautiful look of pain riddled across the effeminate boy's features.

"Follow me," She didn't want to know what that look was for. She didn't even want to think about it. She was just going to walk ahead and hoped that as he was following her, he didn't decide to stick that parasol in her back. "Tell me, why do you want to kill Prince Yale?"

Small talk might give her an insight to what Hide's main plans were and why they had such a rivalry. It was also a good way to kill time so that Hizaki didn't think about anything else.

"Prince Yale should have been dead when he was rumored to be. You don't know anything, do you, boy?" Hizaki decided to say a little something. If this boy lived, he'd eventually find out from his master.

Tsubomi glanced over her shoulder at Hizaki for a moment and stopped advancing.

"Your fear and uncertainty towards the situation is remarkable," Hizaki's smirk widened. Even if he showed no fear before, that lost look in his deep blue eyes said it all.

'He's on to me. How does he know what I feel? I'm completely strong and confident. How?' She could feel the tension between the two, and she knew of his psychic abilities. If he was reading her emotions, then it made her even more apprehensive.

"Nervous? It's always interesting to know when your enemy loses their cool," he said it so simply, as if he were completely in control of the situation.

"How can you be certain that's how I feel?" It was nonchalantly enough. She wouldn't let him outwardly know that she was scrounging for straws as they spoke.

"I've drained your mental energy, so it flows through me. I know your every feeling." Could that possibly be true? Tsubomi hadn't thought anything like that through. If he absorbed her energy, then maybe the vampire really could feel her every emotion and act off of her fears.

If that was the case, then he was already several steps ahead of her.

Her eyes narrowed. "You're just trying to fake me out. I'm not falling for your mind traps."

"However, you are shaken. Humans always get so paranoid when they aren't in control."

"If you want this information, then I am just as in control as you are." No one was truly over the other in this situation. They were equals and each desired something from each other. It was only a mutual exchange.

"I suppose we could help each other," Hizaki was beyond amused at how much this boy tried to resist his mental torture. It was interesting to see how he handled himself under pressure. Every façade had a breaking point and if he had anything to do with it, then he would find Tsubomi's before they reached the prince.

"I'm not your ally," her words were frigid as she continued walking.

"Copernicus was right. You are a spiteful, cold, little thing," Hizaki complimented as the two came to an open field with no trees or other types of foliage around. It was completely barren of both land structure and natural structure.

"He's here," Tsubomi spoke up after a few moments of silence between the two.

Hizaki glanced around. No matter where he looked it all seemed the same. Was this some kind of joke? Maybe it was a trick or a set up of some kind.

"I don't see anything," that was the only sentence that Hizaki could manage to utter before blades flew by him at lightening speed, cutting his skin. The force of contact held so much force that it flung him to the ground.

Shock ran across the tomboy's face. She grabbed the gun nearby and swiftly turned around to face her possible assailant. Her gun was pointed at the blue-clad chest of her master, who didn't even flinch at her unexpected movement.


"What the hell are you doing?" The vampire questioned, his expression was serious and cold.

"Is he looking at Hizaki or me like that?" The girl muttered under her breath. She wasn't quite sure where his eyes were directed, since they weren't making eye contact.

"Copernicus! How did you get here?" Hizaki even seemed taken aback that the vampire had appeared out of nowhere in an open field like that.

"I smelled Tsubomi's blood. He's easily tracked," at that point, the girl was reminded of her self-inflicted injury.

"I didn't think about that," however, she was happy that she had done it now.

"Actually, what he did was simply ingenious. I'll have to give him credit for that," the vampire stated as he approached the tom boy. For some reason, he seemed colder than before in presence and emotion. It sent chills up the girl's spine.

"Copernicus…" She trailed in a meeker voice than she had planned on using.

What happened next shocked her beyond belief. She felt it hit her directly in the cheek, like a brick slamming into her face. Tsubomi's body was propelled backwards and collided into the grass, which made the pain in her shoulder register sharply through her senses. Her master had struck her…but why?

The tom boy held her reddened cheek and glared at Copernicus angrily." What the hell was that for? Why did you hit me?"

"Stop being a reckless fool. As a donor you don't shed blood for anyone else but me," she had never heard his voice turn so cold, especially directed at her. Copernicus was undoubtedly angry.

"I shot myself," he saw that she was wounded and hit her anyway. He could have hurt her even more than she already was. What was he thinking?

"Then you deserve to be hit again."

"What? So, I can't get a cut around you? That's ridiculous," it wasn't that extreme of a rule. If it was, she wasn't sure that being a donor was something that she wanted to do anymore. There was no way that she was going to be that careful in life.

"We'll talk about this later," with that tone, she wasn't going to question him any further, and she didn't feel like talking to him later. In fact, she didn't feel like talking to him at all. No matter how angry he was, she didn't deserve to be hit like that. "You wanted this, so know your place."

"You have an attitude problem-" The girl shot back, but didn't get to complete her sentence as she was yanked up by the collar. "You belong to me. You sold your soul to me, so I have a right to punish you."

"I'm not your slave. It's mutual. Just get out of my face. I don't know what's wrong with you but-"

"Go home and stop while you're ahead. I'm not amused," Copernicus cut her off again.

"Some master you are," the girl spat coldly as she was released from his clutches and began to make her way back to his mansion.

"My little Tsubomi, sometimes you have to be cruel," Copernicus said lowly as he turned away from her.

"I'm not your bitch page boy."

"He got away," the vampire said simply as he pulled Tsubomi's uniform over the girl's injured shoulder. She protested as he lowered his head and began to drink the blood that was oozing from her open wound.

"That hurts," Tsubomi hissed in pain. It wasn't like biting her when she had no injuries. Her flesh was raw and tender and his fangs sinking into it was nearly too much to bear, even for someone with a heart as strong as hers.

He pulled away momentarily. "By natire, I'm a dangerous man. I may have been kind to you so far, but now is a different subject. Don't go acting on your own."

"Yes, master," the girl hung her head in defeat. She knew that being rebellious against him would only result in further fighting, and with him being in that mood she didn't want to chance it.

"You risked a lot by doing what you did, even though it was genius of you. Do you always come up with such outlandish plans?" Someone as daring as her was one to be weary of. He'd have to keep an eye on this one before she was the death of the both of them.

"I was thinking about surviving, nothing else. I wasn't really going to tell them where Prince Yale was. I was just going to blast his face off, but I had to make it took convincing," Tsubomi stated. She did manage to pull together a plan, but thanks to Copernicus the vampire fled before she could get the chance to make him proud.

"You're just as crazy as I am, but don't do that again." It was too much of a risk for the both of them. Tsubomi didn't realize everything that was riding on her shoulders at that moment in time. When he had told her that his fate rode on her living, he wasn't lying to her.

"I'm going home. I need rest," the injured donor replied as she pulled away and walked ahead of him. He couldn't tell if her voice was sad or just tired but she was greatly affected by everything.

"I'll see you around, my little Tsubomi," he bid his farewell and the girl turned back around and pulled out her handkerchief, cleaning his mouth of her blood.

"I'm still your donor, and I still care about you. Sorry I spilled my blood but I had to get out of there. I wanted to see you again. If that's such a horrible crime, than I'm sorry," she apologized lowly and walked away.

"You must trust me, no matter what the situation. This is who I am. I am a wanted man. I am a killer. This is the real me. I'm unbridled and somewhat iron-fisted," he made her aware of the side of him that she had yet to see. A small glimpse of it had made it's way to the surface today, but she would see more of that part of him. He wasn't just some nice guy she met out of the blue one day. He was a vampire, a dark creature of the night and should be treated as one.

"I'm still loyal to you," she replied as her form disappeared from sight.

"Do you really know of Prince Yale's whereabouts?" Copernicus asked, but the girl was too far away to hear his words.


"Did you find him?" Millie asked as Copernicus sat at the kitchen table with one leg folded over another. He rested the side of his face in his hand and remained silent.

"Man, it dropped ten degrees in here. Did you two have a fight?" She continued cautiously. She could tell that the vampire was moody today.

"What was he thinking?" Copernicus answered her question with an inquiry of his own.

"I don't know. What did he do?" It wasn't the answer she wanted, but at least he was talking now.

"He risked my location, possible information I trusted him with, the location of Prince Yale, my blood source and his life. Don't let his demeanor fool you, he's psychotic," when he thought about it, the whole situation just made him all the more angry. His voice had still held it's previous tone, and Millie thought that she may have been talking to the most unemotional being in the world at that very moment.

"Why would Tsubomi-kun do that?" She had only been trying to find the answer to this question for the last five minutes of their conversation. The school girl really wished that Copernicus would stop beating around the bush and just tell her what was going on.

"I don't know but he acted out of line."

"Is he alright?" If something happened, then that would be the reason that Tsubomi didn't come back to the mansion and just went home. If they had a fight, then they'd be too angry to hang around each other.

"He shot himself," Copernicus said simply, as if it wasn't a big deal at all.

Millie was shocked at the information, even more so that it was delivered in such a nonchalant way. "How can you say that? I'm really worried about him! I hope he's okay! Oh my gosh! I wish I knew where he lived!"

"He'll be fine. Let him cool down and level out."

"You know…I bet that he did it for you," The school girl didn't want to think that Tsubomi was purposely trying to defy his master. It didn't seem like him at all.

"I don't care. He almost threw everything away that I now exist for," that in itself made him feel bitter towards the tom boy. He hoped like hell that she understood why he felt the way he did.

"He probably did it for you. He's always wanted you to be proud of him. Did any information get out?" Millie wondered. If Copernicus was this angry, then Tsubomi might have screwed up big time.

"No, I stopped the situation before it could progress any further."

"Do you think Tsubomi-kun would have told them?" She didn't want to think that anything got out, or even that Tsubomi would have let anything leak out, but she wanted to be sure of everything before she formed an opinion.

"No, but they could have easily killed him. Hizaki could have also possessed him and made him kill himself. He doesn't think about this kind of stuff," Tsubomi had been dealing with a Psi-vamp and Psi-vamps only had to be in your presence to make your life a living hell. All it took for Tsubomi to fall victim to Hizaki was for her to be in close proximity to him.

"I bet he feels really bad about what he did. You know, I meant what I said earlier, I do think he loves you. People do crazy things when they love someone. He's loyal to a fault to you," even if she didn't understand completely, she knew that Tsubomi just wanted to make her master happy. If she were trying to prove something to Prince Yale, Millie was sure that she would have done the same thing.

"I realize that, but he needs to think things through," Copernicus replied. It wasn't something that was easily forgiven for the sake of love. It was very important that Tsubomi not act like that when he was alone.

"Maybe he knew exactly what he was going to do. Honestly, Tsubomi-kun is super smart. He's a lot like you when it comes to battle stuff. He doesn't seem like someone who'd just jump into something without thinking it through. The last thing he wants is to give you away, Copernicus," Millie tried to reason with the cold man.

"I don't want him putting himself in danger. Do you think that I like him going out on a limb for me in such an outlandish way?" Most people would have been flattered that Tsubomi had went through so much just to be by their side, but Copernicus viewed the situation in a different way. He didn't want a repeat of the past.

"You can't stop him from doing that, and you can't control him because you're his master," that was an abuse of power. It was like throwing his position around just to intimidate him into doing what he said. That was wrong.

"He got the hint."

Millie sighed in exasperation. "You men and your dominance issues, I swear. I'm sure Tsubomi-kun knows he's the submissive one. That is what he agreed to when he decided to be your donor. I just hope that he didn't run off."

"Coscatta never did this."

"Who's Coscatta?" Millie had never heard him talk about this girl before. At least, she assumed it was a girl.

"She is my other donor. She stays in her place and obeys me faithfully," he had more than one donor? This was news to her. Then again, Millie did remember him saying something about it a long time ago.

"Girls and guys are different," she explained, "girls will follow you around if they're old fashioned but guys like to defend what's theirs. I'm sure Tsubomi-kun is just as territorial of you as you are of him. Man, you guys are so pissy."

"Vampires are possessive of their donors."

"Why can't donors be possessive of their masters? Don't you want to belong to him too?" Mutual agreements were the best kind, and if this was a mutual agreement then he should have been fine with it too.

There was a flicker of emotion within those deep blue eyes. Millie knew she had hit some kind of chord of kindness in the man. She was happy about it. Copernicus was being far too cold for her comfort.


A bloody napkin, bullet and tweezers lay on the table in the small house that the tom boy lived in. Tsubomi rested on the couch. Her injury was bandaged and the shirtless girl was covered in a layer of sweat with a damp, cold rag over her eyes.

"What in the hell was that for? Why did you hit me?" She recalled her last meeting the Copernicus.

"Stop being a reckless fool. As a donor, you don't shed blood for anyone but me." His commanding voice ran through her head. "My little Tsubomi, sometimes you have to be cruel." His last statement had managed to burn it's way into her conscious mind. It actually made her feel guilty for her own actions.

"Copernicus…I failed you…You said that you'd be gentle, you liar…"

To Be Continued

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