his hands are cold against your skin.
you breathe in, relishing his hands—
motions that leave you wanting more.

his breath is warm against your neck.
"i don't want to kiss," he whispers
in your ear. "it leads to other things."
but he lifts your shirt from your body
anyways, and his fingers slowly
find their way to unsnap your bra.

you hold your breath and tell yourself
this must happen in order to win (and
maintain) his feelings as he slides
the bra from your body. his lips play
games against your skin and his
tongue dances across exposed skin.

you don't know what to do.
you should tell him to stop
(but the pleasure outweighs
the guilt you will feel later).

you soon realize all he wanted
was your body and you choke
on his words and an empty heart.

you don't understand why he isn't
speaking to you anymore. and
every time you see him, you feel
the need (/want) to bring long
forgotten silver blades against
your healing scarred skin.

but then you remember the Hope
and Healing of a Savior, who begs
for you to see how beautiful you are.
and He says you don't need a man
to make you any more beautiful
than He knows you are.

you cry, choking on tears of regret
and attempt to brush away bright red
scars of yesterday—and this Savior
wraps you in His arms and whispers
words of grace, mercy, and redemption.

He forgave me two thousand years ago,
and a year and a half ago, i forgave myself.


Author's note: "Let the king be enthralled by your beauty…" Psalm 45:11
The thing is, He's already enthralled by us but we just have open ourselves to Him—we have to let him. I wrote this in second person, in hopes that perhaps you could put yourself in my shoes. I'm not trying to shove my views down your throat, but I want you—all of you—to know that you are dearly loved. And He loves you more passionately than a mere man—any mere human—could possibly love you. If you don't believe in a Redeeming Savior then please know that I love you despite what anyone tells you.

"…[And] let his banner over me be love." Song of Songs 2:4
"…[For] love is as strong as death." Song of Songs 8:6