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"Let me go!" Myridian struck out with her right palm, swatting the servant away. The herder pulled his whip and caught her wrists. They linked painfully together under the violet laser wire, the heat irritating her flesh. But it stopped her from moving.

"Damnit, girl! I don't wish to mar you!" The king's personal herder was tall and thin as his laser-whip. His talon-like fingers curled around her chin and forced her to look into his devilish face.

"You are property of the crowned prince of Ur-Atum, girl. You will heed his every whim or die. Do you understand?"

She grit her teeth against the stench of his breath and pulled out of his grasp.

"I am no man's property."

He seemed surprised by her outburst. As if her kind shouldn't know how to speak. Then again, the Aerials didn't think much of Earthlings. What with her planet on its last legs thanks to the Black War. She never bragged either.

Shaking from his astonishment, he sneered, flashing the pointed teeth his people, the Tramyq, were known for. Carnivores.

"You will love and cherish his majesty."

She only scoffed, standing strait. It was hard to look regal in only strings of shimmering stone-stripped cloth, woven into the barest Harem wears.

"Love him? Never. He is a wretch and a brat and a tyrant, and even his people don't want him!" This was far from the truth, but she was angry. "This is enslavement of a human. You can't-"

"We did." He interrupted before pushing her into a grand lounge. The honey-sweet voice within made her tremble with anticipation and fear. Here was her new master.

Gods...she hadn't expecting him to be...well…so human. Like most Earthlings, she was repressed by the ugliest of spaces creatures, and had thought they all looked that way. There were rumors of course; stories of beautiful, alien creatures with compatible anatomy and startling abilities. But none on the plague planet had actually seen these beings. This was…honestly a nice surprise.

He wore a plain, white peasant shirt, though he was anything but. It hung open, exposing a hint of his golden chest. His long legs were stretched out over the gold and burgundy cushions that made up his lounge, and he wore soft, dark leather boots. A small girl dressed as an Egyptian princess stroked his jaw-length dark curls. She fed him grapes and held up a goblet of red wine when he motioned. His eyes flicked up to Myddi before going back to the dozen or so other men also lounging with servant girls.

She was frozen.

His eyes! They were such a vivid blue it was impossible! Like liquid sapphires. The iris swirled and ebbed like water. It was eerie, and impossible, but like every other terrible new addition to her life, right there in full color.

"My lord," the herder whispered, his commanding strength gone. That should have made her feel better, but with the prince's eyes on them again, all she felt was sickness.

"This is Myridian Tamadan, your highness. A girl from the Underlings."

Underlings. She grit her teeth. The pet name given to Earth's defenseless people. Those who depended souly on the power of their failing technology. The starving, leper planet whose inhabitants were good for slave labor and meat. In most cases the latter. She hated what the Aerials had done to a thriving planet in little under a century.

The prince slowly unfolded himself from his doting slave and looked Myridian over. He circled her like a predator before turning back to his man-servant.

"This is all the plague-planet has to offer now? They truly are fading."

The herder's black eyes shot wide open.

"Lord Tarik?" he asked in a pitiful whine.

Tarik, Myddi thought, Egyptian for Warrior.

As it turns out, Ancient Egypt was not the first to be visited, but certainly one of the most influenced. The Ur-Atum, Egyptian for (well, Ur for) Great, left their teachings and created an entire culture. They had instructed the hopelessly barbarian race about religion and ceremony, and taught them to build temples for their gods. They'd told them to build the pyramids as a beacon, or link, back to the Ur once they had left our silly little planet, but when their nation fell and society changed, the Ur-Atum were nowhere to be seen.

The war-prince sighed, bringing her attention back to the matter at hand. "I'll take her now, Aethlisdun. You may leave."

His herder bowed deeply, almost parallel to the glossy, black floor and began to back out. An electronic crack and a flash of white hot pain told her the laser-whip had powered down and released her. She rubbed her wrists, eyes on her reflection and tried not to do something stupidly suicidal, like killing an Aerian Royal.

"Aethlisdun, is she..." The prince tilted his head, eyes roaming downward. Myridian took a frightened step back as the herder nodded vigorously.

"Only the best, and cleanest for his lordship Tarik. She is untouched."

She suddenly saw her way out of this hell hole. "Who lied to you?" her voice echoed throughout the room, drawing all attention. Tarik's mesmerizing eyes flashed to her and narrowed.

"I'm all kinds of touched! I was a breeder."

For a moment, all was still, then, before she could react, the prince had taken her about the waist and pulled them together. His free hand skimmed down her abdomen to disturb the concealing stones over her inner thighs. Her blush blazed across her cheeks and she yelped when they slid under the garment. For only a moment, their eyes met, his swirling like mercury caught inside a glass ball. His lips curled into a slight smile and Myridan let out a cry when she felt his fingers push into her. Just as suddenly, he pulled away.

"She is pure. Send my regards to Raqarik's slavers. Now leave us to get acquainted."

Myddi's breath came in shuddering pulls. He had scared her, touched her. The herder bowed himself out and the echoing sound of the chamber doors closing sent violent chills up her spine. There was nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide that this Aerian couldn't find her in. She was alone, captured unlawfully, and now completely at the mercy of her new "master". Her wary gaze was locked on Tarik as he moved slowly around her.

"You're better than the last they sent." He finally sighed to a murmur of agreement from the others. She opened her mouth to retort, but he pressed a slender finger to her lips. It was strange how quickly she decided to calm herself. Was it mind control, or just self-preservation?

"Dance for me." He smiled, flashing a row or perfect, white teeth. Another murmur swept the room. The heat of lust rose in the air.

"What? No, I-"

He stiffened. "You refuse your lord and master?"

His tone turned her blood to ice. "That's's just that-"

"Kefele, what should we do with this defiant little virgin?"

One of the younger men, around the prince's age, raised his goblet He was dressed much like the royal, but lacking crest or color. "Only one thing I can think of that makes a virgin submissive." His leer set her on edge. Even the harlot clutching him looked wary.

Tarik turned to her, stepping forward, "Well," he forced her back until she toppled over a pile of cushions, "If that's what helps you learn obedience." He moved down with her, graceful as a serpent. His knee moved between her thighs, forcing her legs apart. He took her wrist and rested a forearm across it, pinning it above her head and bringing them inches apart. Myddi whimpered, eyes like dinner plates, and tried to twist away. He simply laced the fingers of her pinned hand with his own and bent them back until she stilled to stop the pain. Fear sped her pulse and sent her into a panic.

"Please!" she whispered, unable to get her voice any higher with the lump in her throat, "Don't do this. I'll dance, I'll do anything, but please-"

Tarik smirked, cutting her off, "Anything?"

The rising chuckle from his friends made her rethink the offer. Slowly, deciding it couldn't get worse, she nodded. More bellowing laughter. (She even caught a few chimes from the female companions.)

"Well then," Tarik pulled back just enough to see her body then widened his grin, "I'll make you a deal, Myridian. You can keep your beloved virginity tonight," his emphasis made her cringe, "If you promise to do a few things for me now."

That didn't sound so bad. Maybe she could get through this. However...

"I can't dance." She murmured unable to meet his dazzling eyes. She'd noticed the iris was rimmed in a silver that flowed with the rest of the colors but somehow never mixed. Were they made of some kind of dense water? His eyes were impossible! She really shouldn't be starring, but if nothing else had told her, his eyes would profess his change in species. He paused a moment and she could feel the heat of his gaze on her face. When he spoke again, it was calm yet authoritative.

"Myridian, when I look at you, I expect to be greeted with the same courtesy...Unless you are commanded otherwise."

She blushed, face down. "I was told never to challenge royalty with my gaze. I am too low to meet your eyes." Normally, this would kill her to say, but now it spared her from the intensity of him.

"That was anorder, Myridian." He lifted her chin with a finger, deepening her blush.

"But why?"

Someone gasped. One of the men clucked his tongue. She cursed herself for questioning her captor, and possibly insulting royalty, the sensitive pricks. Tarik, however, only arched a brow and frowned at her.

"Do not assume you can slip like that again. Some have died for less. You will speak when you are spoken to. What is that Underling proverb? Seen, but never heard?" He ran his thumb across her bottom lip and grinned when her body went rigid. "But if you must know, I enjoy watching you squirm."

Kefele cleared his throat, pulling a slave girl, giggling, across his lap. "What will you have her do, your highness?" he grinned as the slave girl kissed a trail down his chest. (He really was an attractive man, like his lord)

Tarik smirked up at him then turned back to Myddi.

"Arch your back for me."

She blushed and stiffened. What kind of a request was that? He raised his brows disapprovingly when she remained still. "Now Myridian, we had a deal." She bit her lip.

"Unless you would rather I took you right here and-"

"No!" she cried, then, lowering her tone, "I'm sorry. I can do this."

She arched up, which brought their lower bodies together tightly. Her cheeks burned. His almost-charming smile brightened.

"Now open your mouth." She did, slowly. Maybe this wasn't so great. "A little wider...good girl."

His free hand moved to her cheek. Two fingers pressed over her tongue and the others laughed. "Roll them in your mouth a moment. Good. Now I want you to spread your legs for me." She hesitated. He'd promised not to take her virginity, right? Then why-

"I won't ask again."

Slowly, slowly, ever-so-slowly she obliged. His fingers, slick with her saliva, slid from her mouth to rest over the stone covering at her thighs. Her whole body jerked when he brushed them across her virgin flesh.

"Don't do that again, Myridian." He scolded, brushing his fingers over her once more. She felt shamed tears prick her eyes, but blinked them away. It was as if her skin might shrink around the rest of her body. She could feel the eyes of every Voyeur in the room, but they couldn't completely distract her from his invasive touching.

"Now," Tarik's voice was almost insulting in it's patronizing quality. "I promise to stop here, if you do one more thing for me." Myddi nodded quickly.

"Kiss me."

Her heart skipped. She could tell he knew this affected her strongly. It shouldn't, she was not virgin to touching lips! But for some reason, the idea of kissing this prince, in the middle of his friends and servants completely unspeakable. In his eyes, she found an almost sadistic and lustful gleam. If she refused, he would force something hot and unwanted onto her, so she had little choice. Closing her eyes, she leaned up and kissed his cheek ending it almost before she had touched him. There was a roar of laughter and Tarik sighed.

"You must secretly want me inside-"

She cut him off with a peck on his lips. His lecherous grin sent chills down her spine.

"Better," he allowed, then glanced at his pals, "but it's not enough."

When she began to panic, he shook his head.

"I'll help you, little virgin, don't worry. But this will be the last time."

Myridian gave a jerky nod and let him take hold of the back of her neck, forcing her to look up at him. Her lips were frozen as he brushed them with his own. Her eyes squeezed shut and more laughter filled the enormous lounge.

"Open your mouth when I kiss you." He commanded. The second she complied, his lips found hers and his tongue slipped between them. When it brushed hers, she almost pulled away, but his hand securely locked her in place and he nipped her lower lip in warning. Clenching her free fist at her side, she did only the bare minimum of what was expected so that he might finish quickly. His artistically long fingers left the back of her neck to skim down her side. They ran farther and farther down until she jerked away again. Tarik pulled back with a frown, releasing her pinned arm.

"I thought this was a rather generous trade. But if you refused to abided by the rules-"

Myddi kissed him quickly, offering her tongue, but he pulled away, his smile mocking.

"She learns quickly, doesn't she?" the men laughed. "Arch for me again." He said. This time, he wrapped an arm securely around her lower back, holding her still. His kiss was rough. She did her best to kiss him back, just as deep as she could manage. Tarik seemed pleased enough.

Suddenly, she felt warm, like being wrapped in a weightless blanket. She was very aware of everything he did, and her body seemed to thrum with what passed for excitement. It was frightening and enticing all at the same time. The kiss left her dizzy and she let out the tiniest sound. Tarik pulled away and chuckled. She was flushed and breathless, ridiculously eager to please him that way again. What was wrong with her? But even knowing something was wrong didn't kill the almost euphoric sensation thrumming within her.

"Damn boy, you have some kind of magic skin the way your girls turn on for you." The oldest man in the room grinned and others laughed with him. Kefele, running his fingers over his slave in a way that made her gasp with pleasure, joined them. "It's those pheromones he can shoot out. Like a damn aphrodisiac cloud. And his saliva…You should have seen him with Femi. That girl tried to kill him while he slept! Then, one night, he gets her alone and now she's Head Mistress in his harem."

Tarik remained quiet. He'd rolled off of Myddi to lounge in a pile of cushions, idly tracing swirling patterns onto her the skin just below her breast. Her breath hitched when he brushed her nipple through the cloth, and he gave an amused half-smile when she caught his eye.

This was pheromones? Gods, she'd never heard of such a thing, but she couldn't be this keen for him to touch her. It made no sense. She barely knew the bastard and what's more he had just purchased her…like a dog… for questionable intents!

And yet there was that warmth buzzing just beneath her skin.

Tarik watched the others discuss his successes (which seemed impossibly numerous) with a small, knowing smile. His mesmerizing eyes caught her watching him and warmed. He held out a hand (which she accepted on impulse) and let her rest her head against his chest, rhythmically stroking her hair. She felt herself floating, eyes half-closed. Distantly the thought that this feeling was a lie came over her, but she pushed it away. She simply felt too good to worry.

Tarik looked down at her and gave the sweetest smile she'd ever seen. His forefinger titled up her chin, guiding her lips to his in a soft kiss. It made the room melt away and when his velvet tongue found hers, she rewarded him with a soft moan. He pulled away slowly, leaving her aching for more.

"Now you must rest, Myridian. I'll have Femi bring you more comfortable clothing."

"You mean I'm not staying with you?" the words shocked them both and half way through them, her voice wavered. Pheromones were BAD! They confused her. Made her do things. And yet this man was so beautiful, she wanted to remain in his arms all night.

This is a Harem, silly girl. You are one of many. Nothing special.

Even so, after 20 minutes, the thought of leaving him burned her chest. The realization was frightening, but it was the truth. She wanted to learn more of the Ur prince and his infamous talents.

"That is only the Head Wife's job." Tarik's eyes flashed up to this new voice. A tall drop-deep gorgeous woman brought a wicked smile to his perfect lips and Myddi pushed herself away, forgotten. The men in the room whistled when the woman straddled Tarik's thighs and pulled him into an embarrassingly passionate kiss. The heat in the air rose again, letting everyone know that Tarik was pleased and Myddi looked away, blushing. When the kiss ended, the prince watched his harlot with wickedly intense eyes while she glanced back at Myridian and frowned.

"Only the head mistress warms his bed in sleep."

"This is Femi." Tarik said. To him no one else existed in the room. Why did that bother her so much?

Femi's silky black hair fell in luscious waves over her shoulders and brushed his chest. Her dark, almond-shaped eyes flickered to Myddi once, then returned to her lover. She was curvy and exotic. Everything Myddi was not.(She was adequately endowed, but no match for this creature) A sinking feeling hit her as she watched them. Why was she here? What had she done to be cursed into this? The euphoria seemed to dissipate quickly after that, and slowly her mind returned to its former clarity.

Suddenly, Femi turned to her and frowned. "Why are you staring slave? Leave us at once. His first lover cares for him now."

Tarik caught her eyes and her heart dropped again. He wanted her gone, too. Teeth clenched, she stood and moved away. Kefele, startling her, abandoned his entertainment to take her arm and lead her from the chamber. Once the chamber doors shut behind them, she yanked from his grasp. His smile was mocking.

"You seem upset, new girl. Any reason why?"

"Fuck off." She spat. He had hold of her throat and had slammed her back against the wall before she could blink.

"I may not your master, slave, but I still pull rank. You will curb your tongue when you speak to me. I can have you beaten just as quickly as Tarik."

Myridian froze to watch him fearfully. Kefele was built thicker than his lord, meaner. His fingers were rough against her skin, his grip tight. She feared that he could easily snap her neck if the mood struck him.

Kefele pulled back slowly and cracked his knuckles. His smile returned as if it had never left them. "You looked kinda hurt in there. Did you expect him all to yourself?" She didn't reply and his laughter made her anger spike.

"Including you, he has 7 wives. Femi is his first. She controls the other wives. In other words, she could see that you never see him on the off-chance he'll send for you, or she can have you killed with as little reason as she had a feeling. Don't fuck with her. Her name means love, but she can't feel it."

She nodded, confused as to why he was divulging this information, but taking it in as they entered a room at the end of the corridor. Half a dozen women sat on plush cushions or lounged in a giant hot spring that consumed most of the warehouse-sized room. The floor was polished marble. Huge coiled pillars of alabaster-like stone decorated the farthest wall, leading to a balcony. Sheer, white curtains danced fluidly in the soft breeze, shielding the room from the dual suns of this planet. Though, the blue-dwarfs seemed less bright, it made Ur-Atum hotter then Earth's Egypt.

The females squealed when they saw Kefele. Like the candy man had just appeared at their door. (The one with sweets, not knives) He kissed a lithe girl with fiery hair and pointed ears, who threw herself into his arms. She was small, but commanding, with strange green eyes. She brushed herself against him as if they were alone, letting out a soft sound like a purr. Kefele grinned, murmuring something in a language I couldn't translate. The girl's laugh was throaty, and alluring as she pulled away and headed for the hot springs small waterfall.

"That was Ita." Kefele grinned, licking his lips, "The most willing of Tarik's girls. (other than Femi) Feline race with a powerful sex drive. She's a nymphomaniac, so anything with a cock appeals to her." This seemed to amuse him greatly, but it only made Myridian arch a slightly distasteful brow.

"To bad you don't have one." The girl called across the room. Kefele only smirked . Something told Myddi they had a special relationship.

A dark-skinned woman, perched on the stone siding of the spring, looked up before returning to her leather-bound book. Only the most wealthy and privileged could afford books! Myridian could remember the first day she'd found one, buried beneath the wreckage of a city. It was charred, the cover flaking, but she'd taken it home and sucked in every single word she could identify that night. It had been her treasure for many years, neatly hidden in the floorboards of her room. Years later, Raqarik had ordered random searches of all properties for contraband. The soldier who had smashed her room and found it had gleefully set it ablaze, making her watch as the rest of her treasure turned to ash.

It said a lot for Tarik's kingdom that even the slaves had literature.

"That's Mazel." Kefele shook his head with a sigh, motioning to the slave with the book. "She doesn't speak much, so the girls call her Mert. Its Ur for Lover of Silence."

Myddi looked her over. She was as beautiful as Femi, with tight black curls that hugged her skull but looked wonderful. Her eyes were big(though they were completely black, like a shark), her lips full. She reminded Myddi of an African princess from the old paintings she had seen in school. She was even dressed accordingly in bands of gold and bone around her wrists and neck.

"Next, we have Echidna and Oriana. The second and third wives. Both are bitchy and cruel so avoid them if you can. After all, Echi's name means monster..."

"Yet it kills you that you can't touch me." Echidna was another dark-haired beauty. Though her features were sharp. Almost painfully attractive. She reminded Myddi of a bird, her movements quick and constant.

"Ah, Dina, you know you want me." Kefele laughed, she rolled her eyes, but Myddi didn't miss the wicked smirk. It seemed many of Tarik's slaves had found comfort in his friend.

Oriana was blond (like her name proclaimed) and snooty. She inspected her perfect golden legs with a confident smirk. Admittedly they were something to look at. Her skin was flaked with what appeared to be gold scales. Her elegant face was shadowed by then, at the line of her curly hair and down the sides of her throat. They were markings of some kind, but Myddi knew too little about Aerial kind for them to mean anything.

Then Kefele took the arm of a pretty young girl with chestnut-brown curls. She gasped and blushed when she saw him. "And this is Aziza (precious) The 16 year old angel from the Elysian Fields." Myridian vaguly recognized the name as the far planet of endless spring. She'd seem postcards at shuttle docks, depicting cherub-faced women surrounded by flowers and trees. It was the dream planet of philosophers.

"She's almost as inexperienced as you. Only started her trips to the prince last month. It took Tarik 3 weeks to work is charms and get her to stop crying." The thought made my stomach turn and I turned pitying eyes of the girl.

Aziza pulled away from him, eyes down and cleared her slender throat. She was meek and soft in tone. "Has Tehn-ten mentioned me at all?" her voice said it would mean the world if he had. Kefele arched a brow then sighed heavily.

"I will never understand your attraction to that leech." He sneered, "Akhenaten is too busy to think about his brother's connection-lays."

Her pretty, hopeful expression fell and she looked away, wringing her hands. Myddi frowned at his lack of tact. It was never necessary to be cruel. Myridian was interested however in the girl. So one of the slaves had a crush on Kefele's brother? The younger girl blushed deeply when she noticed Myddi starring at her. Kefele looked away, arms crossed, bothered to the point of anger. Aziza cleared her throat timidly and looked up at him through her lashes.

"Please don't beat him for this. He hasn't snuck to see me or anything, its just-"

"And your mentioning it tells me just the opposite." He glared down at her.

So they were denied each other? And had done this before.

"I just miss him so much!" Aziza cried, eyes huge and glassy. She was adorable and made the expression heartbreaking. "Please don't hurt him for my mistakes, Kefie! It won't happen again, I swear." She had taken hold of the front of his shirt and almost broke into tears when he detached her.

"On one condition"

Aziza nodded eagerly, smiling and he bent down to whisper in her ear. Whatever it was made her dark blue eyes pop open and she froze. He only smirked and pulled away, waiting. Her blush was crimson against her pale skin.

"Femi doesn't even let me do that with Tarik. I couldn't-"

"Well, if you'd rather-"

"NO!" she let her eyes fall, defeated, "I will meet you in the usual place."

Kefele chuckled. "He'll be here tomorrow to help with the orders and finances. Be the one to serve him tea and I'm sure he'll slink off with you." After one last nod to Myddi, he left the chamber.

She looked over the tearing girl and frowned. Were all the men on this planet depraved? "Are you ok?"

The girl smiled weakly and wiped away her tears. "I would do anything to protect Tehn-ten. I love him."

"He can't do that can he? Force you into...whatever?"

Aziza looked at her as if she was mental "Kefele is the prince's companion. They've been together since they were boys, forced to be playmates. He owns us as much as Tarik does, though it's not official."

What a horrible place this was!

"I'm Myridian." She said, hoping to change the mood. The girl's smile brightened and she nodded.

"Aziza, but you know that." Her sharp eyes skimmed over Mryidian's covering and she grimaced. "I'm sure you'd like to get rid of those." She waved at the stones, smiling when Myddi nodded. Taking Myddi's hand, she led her across the room and to a set of huge gold-inlayed doors. "Then this way for new clothes."

"Thank you." It was the first kindness she'd seen on Ur-Atum.