Super Ego.

Hey, ya, yea, you, feed my ego, right?

Don't tell me you aren't hungry now,
I can see the holes crack in your grave,
everything's so empty that's full of shit.

I'm not telling you're shit
but you could be better,
I'm not telling I'm better than you
but you could be better than me.

Let me tell something really stupid
though I'm not but I am like this!

Sometimes I dream of you in my hells,
sometimes I cut you in pieces, baby,
it's hard to believe what you can't see,
but it could sound more scary to you ear,
my heart's really sweet to taste bad in
your mouth when you aren't too good.

I'm not telling you should treat me better, but
you should before I show you my another face,
I'm not really nice when I start seeing it,
not even your lies could save me anymore.

So feed my ego and I feed your ego,
I promise I'm gonna eat you slowly,
I'd tell you're perfect and lovely,
I'd make you get nervous...