I suppose you don't notice do you, just how you make me feel

I suppose it isn't obvious enough, the butterflies, the urges, the dreams

I stand by your side, hoping one day you will realize

That when you're standing close to me, there's an uncontrollable eagerness inside

To feel your hot breath on my skin, to feel your hands in mine

To make love to you in the middle of the night…making music with our passionate sighs

Don't you see my face get red hot every time you look at me?

Can you please step away from your oblivious world and realize we are meant to be?

Kiss me already, put your lips on mine, come get the epiphany I've already had

Let's grow old together, have children, for your are my best friend til the end

I love you dearly, and I stand by you because someday you will see

Just how much you I N T O X I C A T E me.