The Life That Outlasted Infinity:

I sit above the world,
My legs comfortably crossed,
My arms raised above my head
As if to cup to space above me,
And as I close my eyes to sleep,
I see all.

And lights
And worlds
And entire universes
Far beyond anything that any being
Could only dream of ever reaching
Sit much the same as I;
And untouched by the others.

We do see each other from a distance,
But what is sight to us other than a
Crutch to a man with working legs?

What is the worth of vision?
What would these images of things
We will never understand,
Be to us without life?

I measure "infinite" as
Being unachievable
And incomprehensible through life
Within the allotted time of existence.

Those galaxies far away;
Those worlds we see barely through a telescope;
Those images we think we make out as universe,
Are infinite.

And as well, those heavens far away;
Those angels we barely see through a book;
Those images we think we make out as God,
Are Infinite.

We will never reach any sort of divine understanding.
We will never create or land in Nirvana.
And as for any possible knowledge of what may
Lie beyond these stars we call our daily lives;
I find that it's all equally infinite.

But don't fear if infinity stops.

If death is the one thing
That can transcend all the universe
In one bombing,
In one plane crash,
In one genocide,
One suicide
One atom
One hydrogen
One parts Human
Infinite parts Reality,
Then it's safe to assume
We'll all be floating above those worlds
In space,
Beyond the infinities of God
Or Galaxies.

What's important above all to me
And is outclassed by none
Is life itself.

The one finite that outlasts infinity.

The only reason anybody should think,
Appreciate and be aware of anything is

Live for the sake of living.
Live for tomorrow
And you'll never know who you are;
But live for today
and you'll have fun discovering who'll you'll be.

Only worry about what you're doing,
About the life that you and all other creatures
Call Mother Nature,
And you'll out-last infinity and all you could ever be.
We, the smallest physical things in all of existence,
Wield the power and lasting life to supersede
Infinite space and time and reality.

Doesn't that sound fun?