"That's an odd name for an autobiography, Morgan Fay," a familiar voice told her, causing her to look up from what she was signing. An attractive young man wearing a considerable amount of black eyeliner stood before her.

"Jesse, you jerk, what took you so long?" she admonished, swatting him on the arm.

"I was in Paris, at art school. I just got back. Is that a Charlie Parker reference?" he asked her, slender fingers trailing across the dustcover of her display copy.

"A Charlie Parker/Derek Rice reference, I guess. I loved him, either way."

"On 'either side of the TV light'. Odd, but poetic. Very like you," Jesse mused. "So who is this Stoneham guy I hear you married? Someone said he's old enough to be your father."

"He was my father," she chuckled, blushing slightly.

"I knew the truth would be stranger than the rumors," Jesse said, grinning. "With you, it always is."

"Alicia, can you watch everything for me?" Morgan said to her assistant. "I haven't seen this boy in so long it hurts." Morgan heaved herself up from her folding chair with some difficulty.

"God, Morgan, when are you due?" Jesse blurted, staring.

"Two months," she replied grinning.

"Boy or girl?"

"Both. Twins."

"You look happy. I mean very happy," he observed. There was a light in her eyes he had never seen before.

"Are you kidding me?" Morgan laughed. "I'm happily married, having twins, graduated early from my dream school, just sold a million copies of my first book, and the President is a Democrat. I'm ecstatic. I mean, with a life like mine, the way it was…"

"You finally took his advice," Jesse said.


"'Just be yourself and you'll do just fine'," he quoted.

Morgan smiled at him with tears in her eyes. He was right.

If Derek Rice had done one good thing in his short, strange life, it was earning the love of Morgan Fay. Charlie Parker, Darrin Reno… It didn't matter what name you called him by. He had been her rock when she needed one, her reason to fight and to survive.

That was what people took from Morgan's story, and what her book was really about. Not the man who'd loved her or the man who'd killed her, but the man who'd inspired her. A man who had not died in vain.

Who had not lived in vain.

A/N: Jesse! I told you they'd meet again. Please don't feel short-changed by their extremely short reunion. I assure you that they remained very good friends. There is/will be some Jesse-related material in "Turning the Page" (the ESotTVL outtakes).

I know there were times when you, Dear Reader, were frustrated with the turns the plot was taking. This story was written in my spare time, and while I was working on other stories, between December of 2004 and November of 2008. I couldn't change the plot because this story had already been written.

I posted Either Side of the TV Light as an experiment, venturing into having my work read, evaluated, and hopefully enjoyed, by strangers. I chose this story because I never intend to market it. There was a long span of time in which I didn't actually intend to finish it. Derek, Morgan, and even Michael, are the sort of characters that have rather loud voices of their own, though, and they insisted on having their say.

The main reason that the Turning the Page (ESotTVL Outtakes) section exists is that I was dissatisfied with the ending back in '08. This is now March of 2010, and in spite of heavily re-working this story, the characters have not been silenced. Even Celeste has, years later, given a glimpse of the inner workings of her mind from beyond the grave.

Unlike ESotTVL, Turning the Page is not finished, which means that I am way, way open to suggestions and inquiries. Have a question about what was going through the mind of a particular character at one time or another during the plot of the main story? Send me a PM about it and I'll write you a little something! Consider it an interactive backstage pass of sorts. This is an experiment that I hope you will take part in, as I think it will be a lot of fun.

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