Mizu sat on the grass running her fingers through her thick, chocolate brown hair. It was exactly 3 years ago today that she had run away from her home. She still had not found a new one but she was dreading returning to her old.

The sun had started to set and the orange sky sparkled in the river. Mizu lie on the grass and slowly fell asleep. That night she dreamed for the first time in almost a year. She dreamed of the exact day she had left home and started to run. She was only 12 at the time and so was her twin brother, Sora. It was midday and there was a knock at the door.

"That must be your father." Mizu's mother, Misa, had said. She stood and opened the door. There stood three tall men armed with guns. Misa stumbled back and pushed herself up against the wall.

"Where are the children?" The tallest of the men said. He was also the leanest. He had black hair and a fair complexion; he almost looked like a zombie.

"Are you going to answer?" another man said. He was slightly shorter than the rest but he was still taller than Misa.

"What do you want them for?" Misa choked out. She was paralyzed. No part of her body wanted to move.

"Let me explain." The tallest said, inviting the others into the house.

"This is Shuhei" he said pointing to his right

Shuhei was the short one, he was very thin and had honey blonde hair. He looked like a calm and kind person but it was obvious he had a bad temper. He took no interest in his introduction.

"And this is Kohei" the man said pointing to his left. Kohei had dark brown hair the same shade as Mizu's and mud brown eyes.

"So, what's your name?" Misa said staring at the man in the middle. Her mouth was dry and she felt almost claustrophobic

"Hiro" he said in a calm and seemingly friendly tone.

No one had noticed Sora and Mizu standing around the corner until Sora suddenly sneezed.

The men stared at them both, they were spotted. Kohei grabbed Sora and Shuhei got Mizu. They both stood back in line with Hiro.

Sora squirmed but was held down by Kohei. Mizu was motionless with her eyes wide. Shuhei's nails dug into her shoulders. Blood seeped out and stained her apple green shirt.

"We know about the children's special gift." Hiro snickered "We've come to take them to a facility, camp if you will, which will nurture there ability." He laughed.

Mizu finally got a hold of the situation.

'They are going to hurt us' she said to herself. She had to protect her family.

She stomped as hard as she could on Shuhei's foot. He stumbled back and tripped on the leg of a chair from the Dining table across from them.

"Ouch." He said trying to stand.

Mizu pulled herself in front of her mother.

"Mom, are you okay?" she asked

"Don't worry about me! Protect your brother!" Misa shrieked.

Mizu had no time to argue, she turned to stare at her brother's wide eyes. There was no fear in them though.

Before she could act, Hiro raised his hand.

"I haven't finished explaining yet." He said, still acting as if this was a casual conversation between two old friends meeting at a café or something.

He pulled out his gun and pointed it to Mizu's head.

"Let us take the children or you all get two bullets in the head" Hiro was no longer calm and understanding.

"Don't harm mother!" Mizu shouted.

"I told you not to worry about me, get your brother safe first." Misa whispered to Mizu.

Mizu held up her hand and small droplets of water formed around her fingers. She stretched them out and the gathered water turned to ice which was razor sharp at it's tips. She flicked her hands forward and the ice shot off her finger and dug into Hiro's chest like little daggers.

Hiro groaned and fell to the floor lying flat on his chest, driving the ice daggers deeper. His blood poured out leaking over the peach carpet. Mizu picked up the gun and pointed it at Kohei.

"Let my brother go!" she screamed.

Kohei laughed. He clicked his fingers and smiled.

"But, sister, I want to go." Sora said robotically.

"Hypnotism." Mizu said to herself.

"Goodbye." Kohei said, he looked at Shuhei and he stood up quickly, like he hadn't been hurt, and they both headed for the door.

"No! Come Back!" Mizu yelled.

She couldn't do anything. She was in a state of shock and almost powerless. She felt tears run down her cheek. She broke, she fell to the ground with her face in her hands. The Gun lay on the floor and her mother still standing behind her. Misa leapt forward in an attempt to stop Kohei, but Hiro was still alive. He grabbed her foot and she fell. Mizu had not realized this.

Hiro managed to grab the gun by Mizu's side and pointed it again at Mizu. This time she was in a state of panic. She could barely lift her head to watch. Misa pulled herself up and kneeled in front on Mizu. Hiro had already pulled the trigger. Misa fell. She bled onto the carpet. It mixed with the blood of Hiro. She laid completely still, no breath, no pulse, eyes wide open. Mizu shrieked.

She stood and stared at Hiro. Overcome by her emotion, her body acted on her own. Completely unaware of her actions, her hands waved over her head and a Dragon of Ice formed over her head. She spun and flung her hands forward the dragon followed her movements and bared it's teeth as they bit into Hiro's shoulder. With the sculpture attached, he fell and like Misa was dead. They both laid motionless on the floor. Kohei and Shuhei had left with Sora and her mother and Hiro were dead.

She didn't know what to do.

She was still crying as she ran out the door. She had no idea where she was running to but she knew it was away from this place.

She woke with a shriek.

She stared at the sky, it was past sunrise.

"Had I really slept that long?" she said,

She stood and walked to the river side, her hands still shaking from the intensity of the nightmare.

She placed her hands over the muddy water and the muddy water came up and hovered above her hands. She moved her hands to both sides and the mud from the river came in one and clean water in the other. She dumped the mud back into the river and let the clean water seep into the flask next to her. She took a drink and sighed.

She thought about her dream and asked herself the same questions she always did when she had the same flashback.

Was her brother still alive? Did they really nurture his gift, or were they torturing him?

Did her father come home to see a man and his wife unconscious on the floor with no sign of his children?

She had no clue what she was to do. It had been three years and all she new was the name of the organization which stole her brother and kept people like her hostage. Thursday. She had been out three years and she had one word to show for it. Thursday.

"Thursday." She said to herself.