I'd had a terrible lack of sleep lately. I hadn't been paying attention to anything my mind was focused on my nightmares, they haunted my every waking thought. I'd try to stay awake as much as possible but it really wasn't helping.

I'd decided that they were nothing. My parents had cleared that I deffinately wasn't adopted, I thought they may be lying but I didn't linger on the thought. I'd lived with these people my whole life and I knew it.

So, that night I had another overly vivid dream. I, as my 8 year old self, was standing in a massive circular room. Hundreds of people lined the perimeter. A Tall, elderly man came out of the crowd and stood infront of me.

"Lily, Are you ready for your welcoming ceremony?" the man asked me.

"Yes, Elder." I said with a bow.

"WAIT!" a voice shrieked, I recognized it right away. It was my supposed mother. She fell into the circle. "She is to young for this! She may have mastered the way of the wolf but she should not be a soldier in your wretched games!"

"They are not games!" the Elder snapped. "It's the way of our people and it has been for centuries, you have no say in this matter!"

"But why must we fight the sky?" my mother pleaded.

"You know the stories, they've been passed down for generations." he was not pleased, I just stood with a shocked expresion.

"The council should not have approved!" my mother pointed to a group of people standing directly behind the Elder. It was odd that I hadn't noticed them earlier.

"She is the most powerful wolf we've seen in centuries." one council member spoke forward.

"She has a great gift." another council member seemed to finish the others statement.

"I know but she's my Daughter!" my mother screeched, sobbing a little.

"But, Celeste, she came here on her own free will."

I turned and gave her a sinister smile. My mother started crying, a council member helped her up and took her out.

The Elder was given a sword and he then passed it to me.

"We bless you in the name of the wolf." the Elder said calmly and slowly, like the arguement that happened 10 seconds ago was nonexistant. "You have had the gift of our ancestors bestowed upon you and will protect our clan from any intruder."

"Thank you." I said bowing my head "I will serve by people."

The Elder went to say something, but I woke up before anything happened.

"Well, that was confusing." I said to no one, picking the sheets off the floor. I must have been tossing in my sleep again.

Though, for every fream I had, the 8 year old seemed more and more like me. I checked the time. 3 A.M. I plonked back and tried to get back to sleep.