I am feeling torn, feeling oh so blue.

But it doesn't compare to the pain I've caused you.

If there was something I could do both night and day,

It would be to take the hurt away.

Saying "I'm sorry" does nothing for this burden.

For scars litter the heart, something not easily forgiven.

Life shall pass on and the emotions you feel

Will soon fade, leaving you to heal.

Still, I am guilty, but what more can I do?

I can no longer try and ease the pain from you.

Forgive me, dear friend. Forgive me, dear heart.

Forgive me for what I have done.

No matter how I try to paint my colors anew…

I'll always remain a shattered, pallid hue.

Hopefully, you will forget if you cannot forgive, what has been done.

But shall not for this is now my sorrow under the sun.