Stephanie Taylor

Craft of the writing

Creation Child

Black and white print on a grey book cover, that's all Marilyn noticed. The summer reading had never looked so dull. She sighed, placed the book underneath her desk, and looked out the window. The sky was bright, the grass was just too tempting for the small third grader to handle, and the sunlight sprinkled on the ground like golden nectar.

Marilyn could see, far beyond the playground, a crystal stream flowing into the sky. She glanced at her teacher and then back at the white beckoning sky. She sighed, longing to escape the cramped quarters of the brown and grey room.

As she stared a small light the color of dandelions oozed through the glass of the window. Marilyn perked up never taking her focus of the small light approaching her. When the light was close enough to touch, Marilyn could see that the light wasn't really a light at all; it was a cloud. It was a tiny rainbow cloud. It shimmered and whizzed around her head playfully.

She grabbed at it, but missed. And grabbed again, but missed. She stood and reached out for the cloud again. Her hands clasped around it. It felt like water as it sank through her fingers filling them with a wet chilling sensation. It then began to glow white and morph until it was a pink cherry blossom. It hovered in the air for a second before fluttering to the floor. Marilyn frowned, and the blossom picked itself off the floor and began to fly on an intangible wind through the window.

Marilyn began to chase. She ran as fast as the wind, nobody in the room noticing her. With each step toward the window she began to change. Her arms and legs grew longer, her blonde hair turned black, her face lost all its baby fat, and her torso began to morph till it looked like her mothers. She stretched her elongated hand towards the window. Her fingers pressed against the smooth glass, solid, impenetrable.

She stared out at the living green grass and clouds, her heart pulling towards each speck of sunlight. She pressed against the glass until it melted away like butter, flowing down the wall like a crystal clear river. She climbed out the window into the bright sunlight, onto the soft grass, under the blue sky, and into her world.

As she ran her fingers along the blades of grass cherry blossoms emerged from the grass and swirled around her in a tornado of red petals. Each petal pressed itself against her skin, sewing themselves together until Marilyn was standing in a beautiful red robe.

It fit so lightly it could have been mistaken for air. The fabric was as smooth as silk and smelled faintly of roses. She admired herself in a small pool of water which had formed itself at her feet. Her lips were the same red as her robe. Her hair hung loosely about her cream face. She was a grown up. She wanted a different look though. She snapped her fingers and a golden clip flicked out from one of her fingers. A light wind blew by, pilling her hair in a bun loosely on top of her head. She pressed the clip into her hair holding her hair perfectly. With another snap petals left from the ground and attached themselves to her hair, creating a pink and yellow headdress. She smiled and the mirror pool dissipated.

She strolled amongst the growing saplings. New plants grew from her footprints, and butterflies fluttered about her, while a blue bird sang a song about joy from its blooming perch.

It was all like a dream, as she noticed new objects and places that she had never seen before. She crossed a bridge over a toppling waterfall, and passed many trees which were covered in orange and pink flowers. Butterflies with wings that were colors that Marilyn had never imagined danced around her.

As Marilyn passed a young green sapling, a small emerald green twig of it flicked around like a living creature, like a lizards tail. Marilyn leaned over the tiny twig and stroked it with one finger. Suddenly it sprung to life. The tiny newborn creature backed out of the plant back side first, then claws, then green scaled back, front claws, and broad dragon face. The dragon then looked up at Marilyn with innocent bright golden eyes. She giggled and picked up her dragon, placing him to her heart. The dragon hummed and rubbed against her like a young kitten playing with its mother. Marilyn carried him with her through all the trees and over the vibrant grass, until they reached a small wooden cabin.

As she drew closer to the house, Marilyn could hear the wind creaking through the foundation, so it sounded like a door out of a haunted house. The tiny dragon coward against her, but Marilyn continued into the house anyways, determined not to be scared. The floor boards cracked as she stepped though the door. The inside of the cabin was musty and the floor was grey with dust. The only furnishings were a table and a set of cabinets hanging on the back wall. The cabinets' white paint was peeling and the table was just as bad as the floor. It looked like the whole room had been the site of a dust storm. She could feel her heart shaking like the creature in her arms. As she walked, examining the walls, she heard a large snap beneath her. She looked down at her feet to see a laundry basket full of plain white eggs about the size of footballs. She stared at it for a second wondering where it had come from and then became concerned with the small crack she must have created on the egg underneath her foot. She gently placed her dragon on the floor and ran her finger over the crack.

The crack began to glow with a light which seemed oddly black. Marilyn backed away from the egg, and the small dragon began hissing. Then more cracks formed on the egg, and then more, until the eggs looked like a broken mug which was barely being held together by glue. Then in a burst of light the egg shattered revealing a small white snake. The snake slid out of the basket flicking its grey tongue. It stared straight at Marilyn with grey empty eyes. Marilyn shuddered. Then there was a series of popping sounds. Pieces of egg shells flew in every direction. Marilyn pressed her self against the door frame as she watched snakes, demons, and men with strange faces emerge and grow until they were her size. Marilyn's fingers dug into the door frame, pulling of a small washer which was attached to the very edge of the door. Then she turned and fled.

Her eyes were stained with tears of fear as she stumbled over endless hills of grey stones. In her hand she still firmly clutched the piece of metal broken off the door. She ran through fields of dying brown grass and withering trees. And the sun covered the earth in dull grey light. She crossed the creaking bridge over the dying waterfall, never looking back at the monsters behind her.

Then she could see her classroom and her teacher, still lecturing to the class. Marilyn's robe was now in tatters and began to flake off petal by petal as she neared the classroom. Her hair fell apart and flowed behind her as she ran. Her headdress crackled and fell to the ground as a brown pile. She could feel her legs slowly shrinking and the classroom seemed to draw farther from her reach with each second. Her hair no longer flowed behind her. She reached the window and pressed her fingers against the solid glass. She pressed with all her might, but the window refused to budge. She looked behind her to see the monsters growing closer and made a dash for the classroom door. She opened the door and rushed to her desk, panting. She laid her head down on her desk her breath heaving beneath her. Then a there was a large clap right beside her ear.

"Ms. Johnson… Ms. Johnson" Marilyn looked up at her rubbing her eyes. "I would prefer you would not sleep in my class."

Marlilyn sat up and looked around at her classmates who were all snickering. She clenched her fists and felt a sharp stabbing pain in her palm. She looked around and slowly peaked into her hand to see a small piece of metal.