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My dear friends clearly felt bad about their part in my "accident". They were being so tentative that it felt like my two friends were replaced by nursemaids from the Queen's palace. Even though the doctor said that it was alright for me to walk, Sam and Leah insisted on doing everything for me. They were so sweet; helping to deliver my medical certificate to my professors and collecting my schoolwork for me. I was ordered to be off my feet (by Sam and Leah, and not by the doctor) as much as possible.

At first it was fun.

With my pajamas as uniform, I made my fortress on the sofa and surrounded myself with books, the TV remote and the laptop. Everything else, like food and water, were within grabbing distance. People come and go, visiting me in my pillow fortress, checking up on me once in a while but mostly I was left on my own. During my alone time, I managed to catch up on my reading, finish my assignments and watch TV.

As more time passes by and I only had myself for company, I found myself feeling bored more often. My roommates were busy running their own errands and the concerned friends were all done visiting. The more time I spent alone, the more eccentric I became. A week later, I somehow managed to invent a whole complete set of single-player games. These games were usually played in secret when no one was around since most of it involved me getting drunk first.

My favorite one is called "Word Shots" where I write down a list of words, turn on The Bachelor and take a shot every time any of the words on the list was used. After one hour of taking shots (sometimes two when they're having marathons), I would change the channel to MTV and play the next game. This one was much easier and a lot more flexible. I just had to sing into my hairbrush and try to get the lyrics as close as possible. Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly hilarious, I would sing in funny accents.

One particular day, after a great game at The Bachelor, I was feeling exceptionally high since my poison of choice was a bottle of whiskey that I found around the house. My singing (which was already enthusiastic in the first place) became somewhat incoherent. I also started dancing, though I was still firmly seated on my throne in my fortress. Of course, this presented a skewered version of what I did when I'm by myself. Lucky for me, I was scheduled for alone time until dinner when Sam and Leah comes home.

So there I was singing and dancing to Justin Timberlake and Timberland, having the time of my life and feeling oh so very high, when I thought I heard the door. Someone was knocking on the door. Feeling unsure whether I was dreaming or not, I decided to ignore it and continue on with my one woman party. The song slowly came to a conclusion and I found myself feeling exhausted and very sleepy. I contemplated going to bed to take a nap when I was interrupted by the knocking on the door again. Finally deciding that I wasn't dreaming, I stumbled to the door and opened it slowly.

"Yes?" I inquired suspiciously. I looked at the cause of the disturbance.

Oh. It's Him.

"What do you want?" I asked him rudely.

He smirked, taking in my bed hair that hasn't been combed properly in days, my SpongeBob pajamas and the hairbrush that I was still clutching in my hand. "Is that the proper way to greet a friend at the door?" He asked condescendingly.

I slam the door shut, refusing to deal with his crap today. What I didn't notice was that he managed to block the door with his foot and as I stumbled my way back to the sofa, he was silently following behind. I finally noticed him when I was already comfortable back in my fortress.

Damn him.

He looked rather surprised when he saw my pillow fortress. He smiled as if amused and sat down just outside of my pillows. I returned his smile briefly, happy that he didn't breach the boundary. I caught myself smiling at the enemy and silently berated myself in the head. Being drunk around him was clearly not good for my image.

"Anyway, was that you singing? I actually thought the cats were having an orgy in your apartment with Justin Timberlake as background music." He remarked casually as he observed the environment that I've decided to make my nest in.

Ah. There's the asshole I know and hate. I chucked my hairbrush at his head and missed by miles, my hand and eye coordination skills clearly impaired by the alcohol. Jake laughed at my pathetic attempt at throwing and began watching the TV, like it was so damn normal for us to be on my couch watching TV together. I could only stare at him blankly as I tried to form proper sentences in my head. I really shouldn't be drunk around him. I need all my wits and brain power whenever I'm around him.

"So, no mass cat orgy then?"

I glared at him. "I was playing a game, you ass. What are you doing here?" and I glared some more as I silently congratulated myself for sounding almost normal.

"What game requires you to screech like a hyena? Is it some new Wii game about wild cats?" He asked curiously. My face began burning red. I did not sound that bad when I sing! "It was painful. My ears are still ringing."

I wanted to pummel his face but in my current state, I might end up wrestling the coffee table. I decided on the second best thing, making him leave.

"What are you doing here?"

He ran his hand through his hair. It looks really soft. "I'm here to keep you company and to make sure that you don't accidentally kill yourself or someone else." I stared at him incredulously. "Sam and Leah said that you were going weird on them and they wanted someone to supervise the injured weirdo."

"And they called you to supervise me?"

"I'm considering it my civic duty to the society. You're a hazard sometimes."

I pouted. He's making me feel bad. Feeling bad is making me feel sad. Tears began gathering in my eyes and soon, I was crying. Jake for once was at a loss for words. I continued sobbing until I felt quite tired and sleepy. I forgot that Jake was there since he was so silent.

"What is wrong with you?" He whispered. "Are you high?"

I nodded and pointed to the bottle of half empty whiskey underneath the table. He grabbed the bottle and glared at me angrily. "You drank this? You know you're not supposed to mix alcohol with your medication right?"

"Yupp" I replied sleepily.

"Are you still on medication?"


"What the hell are you doing Jade? Are you trying to kill yourself?" He said rather harshly. "God, no wonder you needed supervision. What the hell is wrong with you?"

I wanted to cry again.

Instead, I got really mad. How dare he treat me like I'm a naughty child! I'm an adult and I can do whatever the hell I want. "Relax Grandpa," I rolled my eyes and told him sarcastically, "It's not like I'm going to drive a car or handle fire in the next few hours."

He still did not look pleased.

"Besides, it's not as if you care if I died or anything. You'll probably dance and sing on my grave 'cause you're an asshole." I snuggled deeper into my pillow. The softness of the goose feathers were slowly lulling me to sleep.

"I forgot how annoying you can be sometimes."

I reached over and patted his face lightly. "That's okay because I still remember how irritating you are." I closed my eyes and started dozing off. I was jerked awake mere seconds later when Jake started shaking my body. "What the hell are you doing?" I snarled.

He looked equally annoyed. "You're all drugged up and you're drunk, and you want to sleep? You're never going to wake up, you idiot!" He began disassembling my fortress and removing all my pillows and my blankets. After he was done, and I was left on the bare couch, he sat right next to me.

"I'll ask you again. What the hell are you doing?"

He looked proud of himself. "I'm making you as uncomfortable as possible, so you won't fall asleep." He wrapped his arm around me.

I pushed his arm away. "I won't sleep. You can leave now."

He ignored me and put his arm around me again. His persistence was annoying the hell out of me. He's like a mosquito that I could never kill. Sometimes I would believe that I've managed to smack it to death, but when I open my palm, nothing. And the annoying mosquito would still be flying around my body, sucking my blood.

"I'm not leaving."

"I hate you."

"I don't care."

I sighed, rubbing my eyes, still feeling very sleepy and tired. "I promise I won't fall asleep if you leave."

"Shut up Jade and watch the TV."

"Pinky swear?" He did nothing except holding me closer, trumping my escape.

I gave up. I clearly lack the energy to accomplish any escape plan and my buzz is wearing off. I decided for once to concede defeat and watch TV. Unfortunately, the documentary that Jake was watching, I had already seen a few days ago. I tried pretending to be interested but the documentary was still very fresh in my mind. Instead, I started to notice that Jake was holding me by my waist, his hand resting on my hip. It was actually quite comfortable.

I stopped myself. That was the wrong road to go down. I was never going down that road. Ever.


"Jake, I'm bored." What better way than to annoy him?

He ignored me.

"Jake. I'm bored!"

He continued watching the baby seals as if I wasn't there.

"Jake, do you realize that you and I have very similar names?" I asked very sweetly. I noticed the similarity earlier in our acquaintance and never did I think I would ever be bringing it up to him. Unfortunately, still nothing from the great rock that is JAKE.

"Yours have a K. Mine has a D."


"Do you sometimes wish you have a D though?"


"Then you can be JakeD. Like past tense Jake. Like dead Jake!" I laughed, my buzz still not gone completely. I started imagining my life if Jake was dead. Would I be sad? I wasn't sure. Would I be happy? Probably. There wouldn't be anyone around to annoy me and make me feel stupid. But then, there wouldn't be any Jake and that thought suddenly made me sad.

"If you're dead, I'd be sad." I said softly to myself, reeling from that realization.

Finally, he turned his head away from the TV and looked at me. "Why?" He asked.

Already thinking of something else, I was caught off guard by his question. "Why what?"

"Why would you be sad if I died?" he replied, patiently this time.

I knew why; because somehow between the pranking, the angry words, the hospitals and the accidental sex, Jake the Asshole had managed to worm his way into my life. We share many friends and we even lived in the same building. I was never going to get rid of him, was I?

I shrugged. "I don't know."

The weird tension in the air grew thicker and I became aware once again of his arm around me.

"Jake?" I called softly.


"I'm bored."

Jake sighed exasperatedly. He got up and rummaged through his bag that I only just realized was there. "Thankfully I came prepared." He took out a DVD. "Barbie; A Christmas Carol. Don't ask me where I got it from. I'm even ashamed to hold it right now. Take it before someone sees."

"OH MY GAWWDDDD! YOU DID NOT!" I shrieked like a 12 year old that I sometimes am.

I was a secret Barbie fan. I just love the Barbie movies even though they are incredibly cliché and I could practically tell the ending from the beginning. I really like how it reminded me of home and the toys I used to have. I grabbed the DVD and grinned. I've wanted to watch this particular movie for ages and I was having a hard time trying to find it online.

"How did you know?" I asked in awe.


I was going to give that girl a hug later. I love watching Barbie movies; being drunk was going to help me enjoy it a lot more. Feeling so incredibly touched and throwing caution to the wind, I threw my arms around him and hugged him tight. I could feel him returning the hug and momentarily, I felt safe.

"Let's watch it now!" I smiled happily, no longer sleepy. I watched as he placed the DVD into the player, snuggling up to him when he came to sit next to me and wrapped his arm around me again.

I decided that my rather friendly behavior towards the enemy was definitely caused by all the drugs and alcohol coursing through my body. I'm never drinking when I'm on medication ever again.

We stayed that way throughout the movie. He would ask questions and I would shush him up, which only made him asked a lot more question. He finally did shut up when I threatened bodily harm. I cried at the ending when Barbie was reunited with her best friend. Jake on the other hand sighed in relieved, muttering something about the longest two hours of his life.

"That. Was. Awesome." I remarked as I clean my face of tears.

"How can you enjoy that?" He asked incredulously.

"Barbie teaches me good morals."

"You learn your morals from Barbie movies?" I nodded. "That explains a lot."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh shut up. Didn't you at least enjoy it a little bit?"


"I promise I won't tell anyone if you did." I grinned.

"Shut up Jade."

I laughed.

He grabbed the DVD from the player and hid it in his bag with a disgusted look on his face. I was about to tell him that I had enjoyed myself when the front door opened and Sam walked in. She smiled at us. "Hey guys. Everything okay?"

Jake and I both nodded.

"Alright, I'm going to go get started on dinner now." She left us in the living room, making her way to the kitchen with the groceries.

Suddenly, I felt awkward. I was pretty sure Jake was feeling the same way. I cleared my throat. "Do you want to stay for dinner?" I asked politely.

He smiled. "Thanks, but I have to get going."

"Sure." I showed him to the door, being the polite gracious host that I was. "Hey, Jake? Thank you." I smiled shyly.

"No problem."

I closed the door behind him and was greeted with Sam's smug face. "So you two were friendly."

"We had a temporary truce, I think."

Her smug grin grew wider. "I hope it's a forever truce! It's about time you guys became friends," she paused thoughtfully, "though it was weird to see the two of you so polite and peaceful with each other. It was like the Twilight Zone."

"Oh shut up." I rolled my eyes playfully. Gathering my discarded pillows and blankets, I began reassembling my fortress.

In the middle of building, I heard Sam's voice. "JADE! DID YOU DRINK THE WHISKEY?" On second thought, a fortress in my bed seemed like a better idea.

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