Truth, it's said, is strangest of all.

The strong run and cower but the weak stand tall.

Your perspective inverted by your violent hand,

You mock and deride me but still I will stand

For one ore moment, a minute, an hour

For I'm strong enough to take all of your power.

Your power to hurt, your power to harm,

The light of forgiveness, my strike is my charm.

I can weather the blows, revenge to restrain,

Stand up for what's right, and stand through the pain.

With the sword of the tongue and invisible shied

I harness the power that taught me to yield.

So slander my name and tell me I'm weak

You belong to this world which belongs to the meek!

In haughtiness mock me for being submissive,

But the One who helps me is all but dismissive.

Just open your eyes when you knock me down,

And you'll see with what glory I receive my crown.

It's seen as weak to be strong and forgive

Like the greatest man to ever live.

Kissing the feet of the people that kick me

I can taste my reward to forever be free

You'll find yourself beat when you try to conquer all

And you'll find pride and temper contribute to fall.