~ Chapter One ~

Once, there was a boy named Michael. He was 17 years old. It was said that Michael lived in a haunted house. He didn't believe the rumor. But Jillian, his little sister, did. So did Jillian's twin brother, Brandon.

Jillian and Brandon were 5 at the time. But this story is about their older brother and his friends, not the twins. The twins are only a small part of this story.

One night, Michael and his two friends, Megan and Matt, were in Jillian and Brandon's bedroom, trying to calm the twins down. There was a thunderstorm outside and the twins were scared, being only 5.

"Mikey, can we do weejey too?" asked Brandon.

"Weejey! Weejey! Weejey!" shouted Jillian. "Wait, how do you spell weejey?"

"O–U–I–J–A." replied Matt.

"But that's ow–eye–juh! Ow–eye–juh is not weejey! Duh!" said Brandon.

"Brandon, will you stop being so loud? We're busy!" said Michael. "We've been trying this thing for an hour. Nothing's happening."

"Maybe it's broken!" exclaimed Jillian.

All of a sudden, there was a clap of thunder followed by a loud hissing noise coming from beneath everyone.

"What's that hissy noise?" asked Jillian.

"It's coming from the basement!" said Matt.

"It sounds like the heater is broken!" exclaimed Michael. "Let's go check. Brandon and Jillian, stay here."

"Why?" asked the twins.

"We don't know what's going on and we don't want you two to get hurt," replied Matt.

Megan, Michael, and Matt were now in Michael's room. They grabbed some flashlights and ran into the basement. They stood in the middle of the basement, turned on the flashlights, and looked around the room.

Out of nowhere, a ghostly train rushed loudly into the room through a wall and out the opposite wall, passing through the trio. While nobody was looking, someone dragged Mike up the stairs.

"Whoa! That was weird!" said Matt.

"Where did Mike go?" asked Megan. She shone her light around the room and saw two boxes in the corner. "Hey, look! What are these?"

"I don't know where Mike is, but I know those things look like a video projector and a similar sound system of some sorts."

He pressed the play button on the sound system. The same hissing noise that they heard upstairs played. At the same time, the basement door creaked closed.

The two went up the basement stairs and into the hall. Lying in the middle of the floor was a body. Matt gasped and Megan let out a tiny squeak. Thunder roared and lightning showed the dead body.

"Oh my gosh! It's Mike!" Matt said quietly.

"But how? We should've heard him leave the basement!"

"I'll bet the train was a distraction!"

Megan shone her flashlight on Mike to get a better look at what had happened. Matt did the same.

Mike was lying in a small pool of blood. He had a knife in his hand.

"Ugh! What kind of freak could've done this?" Megan thought out loud.

Brandon and Jillian ran out of their room, obviously freaked out, too.

"Is Mikey dead?" asked Jillian.

"Ouija said he was going to kill himself for no reason," said Brandon.

"OK… how did it work when we weren't there?" asked Matt.

"I don't know! It just did!" Jillian stated, starting to cry. "I'm really getting scared now!"

Megan tried comforting her. "Don't worry. We'll find out what happened," she said.

"We will?" Matt asked, confused. Megan slapped him. "Uh, oh, yeah! We will!"

"We should also leave this here as a crime scene," Megan said.

"Yeah, and the stuff we found in the basement should be kept as evidence," Matt said, picking up her train of thought.