Beth Adopts Jack
Chapter 1
by MacKenzie Kennedy

Beth walked down the stairs and straight for the front door.

I am not going to hit the person who keeps knocking, she told herself. Even if it is before six in the morning and I was asleep. I'd feel guilty over it and have to spend the time searching for their teeth. When I want to go back to bed!

She unlocked the door and glared out. Her hair was falling out of her braid, she was in her pajamas, and she hadn t put on any slippers. They could just see her as she was.

"Are you Beth Hasset?" the man said tentatively.

"Yes, I am. Who are you?"

"Mr. Burtons. May I come in?"

She sighed and didn't reply for a long moment. "Make it quick."

Mr. Burtons and the teenaged boy in back of him walked past her into the house. Beth eyed them both. Mr. Burtons looked like a lawyer and the kid just looked scruffy.

Mr. Burtons might have gone on at length about why he was there, but she got the gist of what he was saying. Kid's parents died, relative after relative has taken him in, he's a pain in the ass, and now he's yours. Sign my paperwork, please, and have a nice day.

So she signed the paperwork and left Mr. Burtons on the outside of her door. She gave the kid a look and shook her head, sighing. "Beth Hasset," she said. "Who're you?"

"Jack Millet."

"Well, Jack, you and I are both in a mess. Mr. Burton basically said you're a pain in the neck and I don't know anything about kids or teenagers, depending on which one you are." She shrugged. "But we'll start with finding you somewhere to sleep, the bathroom, and then I'll start breakfast after I get dressed."