"You're going to turn me into a frog." Kemas gave her an amused look. "Go ahead."

She worked the spell and frowned when it didn't work. She tried again and finally put her hands on her hips. "What's going on?"

Kemas shrugged. "Rutuni can't have shape-changing spells put on them." He grinned at her. "But you can try something else."

"Wonderful." Smug, sarcastic man! She marched over to the cupboards and pulled out a sack of flour. She flicked her fingers at it and twisted. The flour zoomed over to Kemas and burst above his head.

Jack laughed as flour covered everything. Kemas peeked at her. "You know this is going to be terrible to clean up."

She smirked and circled a finger in the air. The flour disappeared from everywhere except him. "Sarcasm's rewards."

"But you don't keep to it yourself," Kemas said mournfully.

"Of course not. On me, it's not sarcasm. It's a personality quirk." She frowned. "I'll need to pick up another sack of flour."


Beth smiled as Jack handed her the flour that afternoon. "It's not the most romantic present," he said. "But I'm still not sure if you said yes or no."

Beth snorted. "That was a yes."

"Ah." This was going to be an interesting courtship.